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Magic item compendium part 1: Belts, Body, Chest, Eyes and Feet

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Great Adventurer
Great Adventurer
Welp, it's been a while since I've been on me old forums, and since I'm not running anything here at the moment, might as well keep using it as a kind of blog thing. Even if it's kind of for my own reference.

This time, I'm going to go through the various magic item slots, as currently listed on the archives of nethys, particularly the lesser used ones, and take note of what's good. I'll use my standard system of Great okay boring, with an additional Best in class.


Belt of Tumbling - A cheap +4 to acrobatics for its primary function of moving through threatened areas.

Beneficial Bandolier - Primary function is swift action reloading of firearms, which is worth considering at low levels. It's cheap enough to be useful in the timeframe where it's useful.

Meridian Belt - Lets you wear 4 rings, although can only have 2 active at once. This depends largely on the rings you have available, but I imagine it could potentially be useful for use activated rings.

Belt of Superior Manoeuvres - 3 times per day, +1 enhancement bonus to a combat manoeuvre, and an extra use of Brawler's martial flexibility. For the sheer price of this, it should really be always on, especially since it doesn't stack with weapons.

Bladed Belt - It's any masterwork piercing or slashing weapon, and can be upgraded as such. Love this as a hidden weapon and the flavour.

Channel-thieving belt - If there's channel energy being thrown around to hurt things, heal a tiny amount if the channeled energy could heal you. As in, 1 per 1d6. I can't ever see this being used, particularly since you can't have this happen with your own channels. Greater version heals for half damage dealt, which makes it possibly, maybe worthwhile in certain campaigns, depending on you other party members. AKA still awful.

Heavyload Belt - Permanent Ant Haul aka carry capacity x8. It's not bad per say, it's just that scrolls are cheaper and still last ages, it's best on fighters who tend to like other belts more, and it's the same price as the rather better handy haversack.

Dawnflower Sash - If you worship Sarenrae, this is actually surprisingly good. If you don't, it's just endure elements vs warm only and a 1/day feather fall, which is fairly boring. If you do, it's also a permanent light source and an immediate action cure light wounds for 1d8+5. If you'd only be taking a con belt otherwise, this is actually a better option for quite some time if you can get that bonus.

Aquatic Cummerbund - +4 swim and can always take 10. Circumstantial at best, although it's really good when it's relevant.

Belt of the Snake King - +1 enhancement to natural armour, and if you worship some unheard of snake god, magic fang 1/day. Skip it.

Scarf of the suggestive dance - +5 perform dance and +1 DC to bards fascinate and suggestion performances. This is really a bard item, although unfortunately dance isn't a fabulous versatile performance choice and fascinate/suggestion aren't the most commonly used performances.

Equestrian Belt - Basically prevent the need for ride checks. Suppose it's worthwhile if you need to make a lot and for whatever reason don't want to invest ranks in ride.

Belt of Giant Strength/Incredible Dexterity/Mighty Constitution - Classics for a reason. Cheap as stat boosters get, and are generally the most practical option for the slot.

Belt of Teeth - When you get an AoO, can use a bite with a +4 bonus instead. Interesting, especially if you don't use a two-handed weapon.

Tightfit belt - for 10 rounds/day, +5 escape artist and squeeze, and move action reduce person for one round. Seems fairly circumstantial. Try the body slot Corset of the Vishkanya instead.

Broken Chain of the Beast - Summon monster 1 once/day. And it might attack you. Worship Rovagug and you also get 5 rounds of rage, as the spell, but as a free action (speaking his name). Maybe worth it for evil barbarians who worship him, but otherwise actively a bad item.

Gutbite Belt - A +2 con belt which for a modest price also bites people when they grapples you. Or it can eat things for you, so long as it's meat. Creepy. But not a bad thing for an extra 500gp if you can't get other armour.

Blinkback Belt - This is a necessary item if you ever want to throw weapons.

Diminishing Sash - Double price material components unless you make it yourself? More useful is its potential to be a caster level boost.

Infernal Chord - Evil only. A +2 (or +4) con belt that also heals you slowly when you suffer a critical hit for a token price increase of 1000 for the cheap one or 15000 for the expensive one (which is fast healing 4 for 1 minute)

Victor's Belt - What the belt of superior manoeuvres should be. +2 to CMB and CMD, morale bonus, and can rage as an immediate action. A little more niche, but still nice for its spot. Also still cheaper and better than the +2 belt of superior manoeuvres.

War Saddle - Now you can mount anything easily, with a +5 bonus, and it combat trains it. This is pretty good mostly because you're not the one wearing it, and particularly on animal companions can be an excellent trick and time saver.

Plague Rat Belt - A +2 con belt that also gives 3 immediate action rerolls vs disease and poison. And you will be diseased or poisoned. Only 1200 more, too, so worth snapping up. Greater version that also does Dex for the same relative price increase.

Belt of Foraging - Don't starve in the wilderness. Circumstantial at best.

Windwave Kilt - +3 swim and float more easily if light. If you worship Gozreh, gaseous form 1/day and you can move through water without needing to breathe while in it. Also can drink salt water. Even with the better bonuses, it's not worth the effort.

Serpent Belt - Untyped bonuses vs poison (+4) and Escape Artist (+2) which also transforms into a snake for an hour. The snake is awful. Greater version also gives +2 str and dex and gives the snake a +1 template. The snake is still awful because now it's a CR 3 monster for 20k and it's denying you your str and dex bonus.

Monkey Belt - +2 dex belt that makes it easier and safer to climb and gives you a monkey tail for 5 minutes a day, easily activated. Circumstantial benefits, and you're probably better off with the vanilla one. greater version also gives strength bonus and extra bonus to climb.

Belt of the Weasel - +2 dex belt that lets you actually move when prone and remove prone penalties. And compression for good measure. Well worth considering.

Belt of Thunderous Charging - +2 str belt that also gives +2 bull rush and overrun, and melee attacks on a charge deal damage as if one size category larger. It's pretty nice, especially if you have pounce, but it's unfortunately probably not worth the price tag compared to saving a little more for the +4 belt (or a dual purpose one)

Canopic Wrap - +4 resistance vs disease and 25% crit/sneak attack resistance. Can't help but feel like this is rarely worth it.

Minotaur Belt - +2 str belt and ignore difficult terrain when charging. Unfortunately, not worth it.

Belt of Equilibrium - Ignore fatigue, shaken and sickened so long as you don't move. But you're still under the effects. Depending on how often these come up and how much they affect you this might be a reasonable alternative to a stat belt for casters sometimes.

Feller's Belt - Almost sounds like a joke. IFF you use an axe, or fight lots of fey or plants, this is perhaps an okay item, particularly as your weapon begins getting more an more expensive... (or you know, get improved critical)

Security Belt - I like this as another smuggler item. It's really difficult to steal from you and find things on you, and you can shrink stuff to hide in the belt. Also, the belt doesn't detect as magic.

War-kilt of Sarenrae - Ah, legacy and badly done items for waist slots. Still. +2 actual natural armour and 1/day step up. While it's getting pricey enough to make the +4 dex belt still the better choice in general, the step up tips the balance nicely.

Belt of Mighty Hurling - +2 str belt, and use Str instead of Dex for thrown weapons. Also +10 range increment on thrown weapons. I respect the quality of this niche, particularly when paired with a sling, but it's a shame it's not a blinkback belt as well. The greater version gives +4 str and gives your ranged weapons returning, but is sadly too expensive to really consider.

Belt of Dwarvenkind - Interesting multipurpose. For the most part -2 charisma skills penalty, +2 resistance bonus, +2 con, darkvision and dwarf stonecunning. Depends how much you need darkvision or the admittedly nifty stonecunning. Mostly garbage though.

Cord of Stubborn Resolve - +2 con belt, fatigue effects instead cause 1d6 nonlethal. Amazing for rage-cycling chained barbarians. Boring for anyone else. Especially since it's nearly the price of a +4 belt.

Belt of impossible action - No combat manoeuvre size restriction and ignore difficult terrain. At this price? Niche at the very best.

Anaconda's Coils - +2 str belt with extra +2 competence to grapple and constrict. This is probably your go-to for a grappler, but now it's more expensive than a +4 str belt, probably not useful beyond this niche.

Ghoulbane Belt - Untyped +2 bonus vs disease paralysis and poison, or +4 vs slimes. Also 1/day purely mental remove paralysis on self or neutralise poison or remove disease. The remove paralysis is nice, but hardly worth it for the price and circumstantial nature of it.

Serpentform Belt - +4 grapple and constrict for 10 minutes in one go. Feel like Anaconda's coils is the better option on the whole.

Belt of Fallen Heroes - 1/day spiritual ally, and while active, +1 insight on saves. shame it's only 7 rounds, because it could work well. Try a wand instead though: more uses, only slightly harder to activate, and the +1 insight on saves is hardly worth it.

Gorgon Belt - +4 str, and ignore difficult terrain when charging. 1/day DC18 breath weapon for 1d4 round paralysis. Unfortunately, like many things with a cool effect like this, DC 18 isn't particularly threatening, and it's because it's on an item. And it boost the price a lot. Probably don't pay the extra 7k for this over the base belt.

Elemental Earth Belt - +4 con belt, immune to effects that move you (except teleports). Also, you can be a large earth elemental for 11 consecutive minutes. Completely worth the extra 8k over the normal belt: this is a 6th level spell and rather cheaper than it ought to be by creation guidelines.

Mountainshaper's girdle - +4 str belt. You can spend ki to cast stone shape, which can also hit metal. Definitely not worth the price, even for a monk.

Sash of Flowing Water - Immediate action attempt to negate a melee hit with an unarmed strike, but -4 to attack for next round. This feels kind of expensive, all things considered. However, with some amusement, there's almost specifically no range limit. Regardless, probably don't bother.

Silver Soul Cord - Empathic link with animal companion. Standard action to transfer hp to companion. Very circumstantial but usually rubbish.

Merform Belt - Become a merfolk for up to 12 hours/day, with +2 nat armour, 30 ft swim speed and water breathing. It's not bad, but it's kind of expensive for what it's offering, considering a wand of ride the waves will get your whole party for 2/3 of the cost for the length of the underwater bit.

Mirroring belt - +2 dex belt with mirror image 3/day. Except any ranged attack that pops an image rebounds and hits the attacker instead. Also has some nifty mythic effects. This is the same price as a +6 belt, but if you're looking for defence, this is completely worth the effort, particularly if you can't normally get mirror image. Probably a little expensive though.

Anchoring belt - A mythic item. +5 vs things that move you, and if you're mythic, you can choose if you want to be teleported. Can spend mythic power to dimensionally anchor creatures. Even if this weren't mythic, this would still be kind of rubbish, especially for 60,000.

Belt of Stoneskin - DR 10/Adamantine, 100 points of absorbed damage per day. This will absorb more damage than your big con belt will give you (at best 60)... but then, you can't heal it back up. Still worth considering.

Coven Charm - Monster item, or else requires you to do the challenging thing of being in a Hag's Coven. Lets you use coven spells without the others coven members being there. Expensive, and difficult to imagine ever being used.

Shadowform belt - +6 dex belt, and you can be incorporeal for 10 rounds per day as a swift action. A very solid defensive item for a late game possible upgrade to a plain dex belt. Although nearly the same price as a +6 everything belt.


Glorious Tabard - Okay, this is stunning, except for the requirements for its use (being part of an obscure group and worship Iomedae). +2 sacred bonus to AC and saves for 10 minutes vs evil creatures. Also, it's insanely cheap at a mere 400! The greater one gets two uses and allows nearby longswords to bypass all DR of evil creatures... for 3 rounds. Just buy more lesser ones! They're stupidly good! Even if you have to UMD it.

Robe of infinite twine - makes... infinite twine or rope. Sometimes useful, I suppose?

Robe of needles - get 6 needles/day you can throw as ranged touch attacks that deal 1 damage and 1 bleed. Takes a full round action to stop the bleed by removing the needle. Pity bleed damage doesn't stack, or this could be useful.

Vest of Endure Elements - For 1000, constant endure elements. Boring, and a wand will probably work just as well or better.

Coldfire Wrappings - Immediate action cold version of fire shield at CL10, but disposable. Excellent for its utility, and taking half damage from fire effects as an immediate action is amazing.

Robe of the Master of Masters - It changes colour slightly and gives +2 dance. If you worship irori, you get 1 round of haste for free once per day, and can do a healing dance for 5 minutes to heal people 1 hp. Seems... garbage, even with the good effects.

Pauper's robes - Makes it difficult to remember details about you and hide your valuables. Not bad as a disguise or information gathering whatsit.

Robe of Bones - A pocketful of undead monstrosities. And not very strong monstrosities, either. Also they're not under your control. Guess it could be fun if you were invisible or something. It's not bad if you need to smuggle things in?

Traveler's wet suit - +2 swim, protection from natural cold and keep your stuff magically dry. The best bit about this is the idea of people walking around places in a wet suit. Very circumstantial.

Bodywrap of Mighty Strikes - Enhance natural attacks/unarmed strikes a number of times per round depending on your BAB. It stacks with an Amulet of Mighty Fists, or at worst, makes a substitute for it. 50% more expensive than a normal weapon though.

Corset of the Vishkanya - free action squeeze and +5 to escape artists for 10 rounds/day. Relatively cheap, and a good caster's item for getting out of grapples.

Hag's Shabble - Worship Gyronna for +2 diplomacy, intimidate and 1/day detect thoughts. I can't see this being used except maybe by npcs, since it's Gyronna.

Druid's Vestment - 1 extra use of druid's wild shape. Not bad at low levels, although the Bodywrap is ultimately better.

Pressure Suit - It's a space suit. Circumstantial. Does protect from inhaled stuff, which could be nice.

Liar's Robe - Very obviously obscures your identity for an hour. That is, it's obvious you're disguised, but have to use magic to find out who you really are.

Cassock of the Clergy - Divine focus, +3 charisma skills for your own alignment or your gods, and divine casters can prepare an extra 0th level spell. Also 1/day bless and sanctuary. It's kind of worth considering as a cleric.

Living Garments - Clothes that can change their form, repair themselves, clean themselves, and give +5 diplomacy. Flavourful and useful.

Mnemonic Vestment - Spontaneous casters can cast spells from scrolls as if they knew the spell without expending the scroll. Practically obligatory for spontaneous casters.

Robe of components - 50gp of material components every day. So you need 50 days of doing that if you make it or 100 if you buy it. Unlikely to be worth it unless you can save them up.

Sorcerer's Robe - Sorcerers can use 1st level bloodline power as swift action when casting a spell. About the only way to make these useful. Works nicely with Eldritch Heritage.

Dhoti of Style Mastery - Gain temporary hp when you enter a style once per day. This is an excellent monk item.

False Flag Tabard - 1/day nearby worshipers of your deity gain +2 sacred bonus to AC and CMD for 5 minutes. Unfortunately, the Glorious Tabard beats this easily, even if it's cheesier.

Crusader's Tabard - 1/day charge as a standard action. Actually not bad for unchained barbarians.

Eidolon Anchoring Harness - Good in that you don't wear it - your eidolon does. Expend a use of summon monster to keep it on the plane for a round. Saves it popping if you or it goes down.

Lupine Robe - 4/day add 1d6 to dex/int/cha skill check, or if you're a kitsune, spend 2 uses for 1d10 instead. Probably the best item for this slot in general use.

Hyperboreal Robe - +2 resistance bonus to all saves, plus 1d6 cold damage to things that touch you. Consider it if there's a nice shoulder slot item you want instead.

Robe of Useful Things - Great to find, less good to buy. For the most part, why bother even wearing it?

Pathfinder greatcoat - like the robe of useful things, but with more useful things. For adventurers, anyway. It's mostly better to just buy the things and keep them in your bag of holding.

Robe of blending - 1/day alter self for 1 hour, and you speak the languages of the form. Can't help but feel this is a little expensive. Consider also the constant effect Greater Hat of Disguise, which for an extra 3,600 is permanent, which is great for stat boosts. Languages tend to be less of an issue.

Blazing Robe - Fire resistance 5, +1 CL for fire spells and 1/day tiny fire damage in area around you. It's a fairly decent caster's item.

Shocking Robe - Like the blazing robe, but lightning. Less good mostly because fire is more common and easier to work with.

Voidfrost Robe - as Shocking robe, but cold. Cold's relatively common or easy to use.

Harness of hovering - It, ah, makes you hang in the air. I'm not sure what the point of this is unless you're awful at flying and can't reliably hover.

Shozoku of the Night Wind - +2 armour bonus, +5 competence on stealth. Can use invisibility when in low light. Seems kind of not that wonderful for its 12k pricetag.

Monk's Robe - +1 AC and CMD, and increase your unarmed strike damage by 2 steps. Or if you're a monk, maybe +2 AC and maybe 1 damage step increase. It is typeless, but at 13k it's probably going to be a while before this is the best AC increaser.

Habit of the Winter Explorer - Get along in the cold more easily. Can also see through fog/snow/&c, which makes this a possible alternative for the cheaper Fog-cutters lenses or Goz Mask.

Hamatulatsu Robe - Like the monk's robe, but you need to be EVIIIIL! Also gives you hamatulatsu, or if you already have it, doubles the sicken length. It's not actually a bad feat, if difficult to pull off, but the evil requirement and larger price makes the monk's robe normally better.

Scintilating Garment - with an easy to make will save, increase attitude change with diplomacy an extra step. Garbage at this price and this DC.

Vestments of War - 1 extra channel or 2 extra lay on hands/fervour per day. Doesn't inspire me, but could see it being one of the best body slot divine items.

Slayer's Robe - +5 stealth or hide a weapon, +1 resistance to saves. 5 minutes of gaseous form, during which stealth bonus increases to +10. Slayers who study target use their bonus there instead on saves. Unfortunately, at 15k, a +3 cloak and shadow armour will do just as well for cheaper most of the time.

Anaphexis Robe - All the flavour, none of the usefulness. Talk mentally to nearby other wearers of these robes or with unholy symbols of Norgorber, disguise yourself as a pharasmin and hide weapons easily. Assassins also take 1 round fewer to make a death attack 1/day. This is a definite NPC item, unfortunately.

Robe of Arcane Heritage: Boost sorcerer level by 4 for bloodline powers and effects. The early access here can be pretty significant, and if it works with VMC/Eldritch Heritage it can be ridiculous.

Untouchable Jacket - SR 20... until something fails to beat it... if done within 3 rounds of activating it. Can use CL9 dispel magic first time each day a spell has no effect on you. It was sounding really good until those dots... Not even worth it for an NPC gimmick, really when it's 20k.

Xorn Robe - +5 untyped perception bonus, 20 ft. of earth glide per day and can eat money. It has a little potential, depending on your campaign, but seems better as NPC gear.

Corset of Dire Witchcraft - +4 Armour bonus and boost a hex's CL by 2 (Presumably also increasing its DC by 1). Saves you needing to cast mage armour, and that's its main price component. Could be worthwhile.

Shimmering Kilt - If you're an aquatic creature, walk on land. Seems expensive for what it does, and NPC material.

Robe of Scintillating Colours - After the standard action to activate, DC16 gaze attack or dazed for 1d4+1 round, and each round of use gives cumulative 10% miss chance (until 50% at total concealment). Only 10 rounds of use, and the DC's low, but I guess with a strong effect like that... Well, nat 1s happen. Just a shame about the activation time.

Vestments of False Faith - Fairly reasonable for pretending realistically that you're a priest of a certain religion. Very circumstantial.

Cassock of the Black Monk - +4 luck to touch AC (but not full AC?), and oracles can treat it as a 1 use/day greater ectoplasmic rod. If it was full AC this'd be great, but basically useless otherwise.

Witching Gown - Witch only item, sadly, but an excellent candidate for UMD. +4 resistance to saves, +4 diplomacy/bluff/intimidate, untyped +10 disguise bonus that needs true seeing to pierce and free spite 1/day. Which is moderately expensive, normally.

Gunman's Duster - +4 AC, +2 luck vs firearms. Extra grit point that doesn't increase max. Skip.

Harness of Grabbing Vines - Your wings can hold things or be otherwise used as arms, when you're not flying. No extra attacks though. Also at will anchored step. Seems mostly kind of pointless.

Robe of Runes - +4 enhancement to Int, free action recall up to 4 levels of spells per day. Recalling spells gives +2 enhancement bonus to DCs. There's a good chance the +6 headband is better, since it's cheaper and likely gives more spell levels, and it's only 1 different to DCs, although the DCs are consistently higher. Nice if you're not int based though.

Smuggler's Collapsible robe - hide in a "nonmagical" storage space, disguised as mundane clothes, complete with your maximum load of stuff. Good at its job, but expensive for something so circumstantial.

Summoner's robe - When you summon something, until you take enough damage or spell duration runs out, gain some very limited benefits of various polymorph spells. It's just too restrictive and short duration to work well. for its price, unless you can find something with particularly good defensives.

Robe of Stars - 6 +5 shuriken /month, at will plane shift to Astral Plane and back, +1 luck to all saves. I honestly don't see much reason to ever get this.

Robe of Gates - 3/day summon maximum possible creatures. Summoners can call eidolon as a standard action. Seems quite strong for summoners.

Otherworldly Kimmono +4 caster level checks and resistance bonus to saves. 1/day maze, no save, and bonuses increase by 2 while in the maze. Nice since it's no save, and CL checks help you beat the omnipresent threat of SR. The extra save bonus is nice as well.

Seamless skin - Very potent disguise for being one specific person, with the possibility of forever. Who's dead. Circumstantial.

Resplendent Robe of the Thespian - Bard only. SR 18, +4 resist to saves and +2 CL to beat SR. The overworldly kimono is better (since the SR associated with the price tag is fairly awful) and 8k cheaper.

Robe of the Archmagi - Arcane caster only. As above, but also 5 Armour bonus and alignment restriction. Same price. Definitely better, although debatable with the otherworldly kimono.

Robe of the Overmind - Psychic caster only. DR 2/-, SR 18, +4 resist to saves and DC of mind affecting spells +1. Also alignment restriction. Archmagi is better, frankly, or better yet, Otherworldly Kimmono.

Starfaring Robes - Can always breathe safely and fly. Also can travel between other planets really quickly. With this price tag, hard to see it being used, ever.

Pentient's Robes - Mythic only, so who cares.

Robe of Magma - Fire resist 20 and Lava is basically water. 1/day summon actual lava for ridiculous 20d6 (R22 halves) for 1d3 rounds. Price tag makes it restrictive, but for once the active is useful, and the fire resist is nice.

Robe of Eyes - 120 ft. darkvision, constant see invisibility, can't be flat footed or flanked, +10 perception. Perhaps more useful is that it can bypass nondetection. It's pretty good, really, but is hindered by its 120k pricetag.

Robes of Xin-Shalast - Plot item. +6 armour, SR 24, 2 handy haversacks and +1 CL. Frankly too expensive to really be worth considering.



Bandages of Rapid Recovery - +4 effective level when resting for healing hp. Disposable. Despite their cheap price, not worth it.

Quick Runner's Shirt - 1/day swift action becomes move action to move, and lose remaining actions. Unfortunately weakened from prior version, and now no longer very useful. Still has some use though.

Endless Bandolier - For carrying lots of guns and ammo easily. Circumstantial.

All-Tool's Vest - Makes tools relevant to one craft check/day. Circumstantial.

Corset of Delicate Moves - 1/day turn a move action into a swift action, but can't use it to use spells. Sometimes super useful though.

Versatile Vest - stores light items easily. Handy haversack is strictly better and the same price.

Vest of the deep - Immunity to pressure from environment. Circumstantial.

Coat of pockets - +5 sleight of hand to hide things, but standard to retrieve them. Fairly standard bonus item.

Vest of Surgery - Infinite healer's kit. 1/day cure 1d4 stat damage instead of hp damage. Takes a good while to make up for its price, but better than a lesser restoration? Circumstantial.

Sash of the War Champion - If you're a fighter, Armour training/Bravery up by 4 levels. That is, both up by 1. Kind of worth considering if you're dipping 3 levels so you can heavy armour without speed lot, but it's highly uninspiring unless your dex is actually becoming a problem.

Vest of Shed Servitude - 1/day when you are hit by crit/sneak, immediate action make a homunculus for 7 rounds. At best worth maybe considering at low levels when the homunclus is slightly relevant.

Silent Blade Vest - Odd flavour. +5 sleight of hand; +5 stealth when near stealthing ally. Not particularly useful skills, especially with the stealth condition.

Sipping Jacket - Pour an instantaneous or rounds/level potion in and activate it as a swift action, triggering it a round at a time. Among other effects, toggleable invisibility with Vanish, 50% miss chance with displacement or instant healing. Also works amazingly with Brewmaster Prestige.

Tunic of Careful Casting - +2 concentration. Not as good as the same price gloves of elvenkind, but they do apply everywhere, which can be important.

Vest of Escape - +4 disable Device, +6 escape artist. Boring but functional.

Cackling Hag's Blouse - Witch Item. Gain the excellent Cackle Hex, or if you have it, cackle 2/day as a swift action. At 6k, cheap enough to consider not getting the hex itself.

Deadshot's Vest - Make deadeye deed slightly cheaper and Deathknell when you shoot something to death. As a gunslinger, death knell's not very useful, and I personally haven't seen deadeye ever used with 3 gunslingers. Skip.

Prophet's Pectoral - When you use a percentage based divination, make it 1d6% better, and get an extra question with commune. Those tend to be expensive or uncomfortably inaccurate, so if you use them it's probably worth picking up the item.

Tunic of Deadly Might - +2 CMD vs sunder and disarm. If you're a samurai, +1d8 sonic on a crit as a swift action 2/day. Sounds like it's not worth the effort.

Vest of the Vengeful Tracker - +1 morale attack and damage vs things you've tracked, or +2 if they're flat footed. Technically anyone can use it, but mostly seems circumstantial.

Resplendent Uniform Coat - 1 extra use of tactician per day and range increases by 30 ft. Could be worth it depending on your group.

Coat of the Undercity - Be a giant cockroach for 5 minutes per day. Main value here is the mobility and possibly stealth options you get, because they're not stunning combat creatures.
     Greater version makes you a really big cockroach for 9 minutes per day, or you can be an awful swarm. I'm really disappointed being a swarm is so bad. You're still not even immune to weapons. The classic one is much better.

Blouse of the Boastful Bastard - Gain 1 panache if you take a crit. Swashbucklers tend to use a lot of panache, so could be useful. If painful.

Shirt of Immolation - 1d6+10 fire to anyone grappling you for 10 rounds/day. Better to get the Vest of Escape for defensive purposes, but it's pretty good if you're on the offensive. If you're really cheesy, give it to something with lots of attacks and grab.

Shirt of Inconspicuousness - Like constant invisibility but DC 11 will save negates. For 8k that save isn't remotely worthwhile.

Snakeskin Tunic - +1 armour, +2 dex and +2 resist vs poison. Your cloak will probably make this redundant, and bracers of armour and the belt are cheaper. That said, if you're after the con belt first it's not a bad stepping stone.

Bane Baldric - Give a weapon Bane for 5 rounds/day as a swift action. Stacks with inquisitor bane. Even though it's 10k, there's a lot of flexibility here, and it's easy to activate.

Mantle of the Faithful Vessel - When you channel, +1 morale on attack rolls on people you healed for a minute (or DC11 negates -1 attack penalty on things you harm). For 10k? Nah.

Swordmaster's Shirt - Lunge feat 5/day. If you have it, don't take an AC penalty. Feasible to see it used.

Unfettered Shirt - Freedom of movement for 10 consecutive rounds. It's okay, but would be nice if it was swift (or free) to activate and usable in round increments.

Lesser Poisoner's Jacket - 3/day make a 300gp poison that expires in an hour. The most useful ones for combat are Giant Wasp (DC 18 1d2 Dex 6 rounds), Shadow Essence (DC17 1 str drain/1d2 str 6 rounds), and Large Scorpion (DC 17 1d2 str 6 rounds). Drow poison (DC13, unconscious 1 minute) and Blue Whinnis (DC14, 1 con/unconscious 1d3 hrs) are nice for their knockout capabilities, but the DC is low. At 12k, if you use it, this can fairly quickly pay for itself, and the DCs are actually fairly respectable for the price. Diplopic Serum (From Potions and Poisons. DC15 1d2 wis & 50% miss chance) if you're able to bypass core poisons.

Shadowbond Tunic - Attune to an ally. When you're next to them and they take damage, can take up to 10 damage of it yourself. Requires positioning to use, but very good.

Manteau of the Mouse - Increasing penalties to things trying to spot you, depending on how much bigger they are than you. Also Beast Shape III to be a mouse 1/day, which, for a medium creature vs medium creatures, is effectively a +16 bonus to stealth. It's a very effective sneaky item for 12.5k.

Pickpocket's Bandolier - When you steal stuff, immediately disguise it as a dagger on your person so it doesn't look suspicious. Seems circumstantial.

Baldric of Magical Stability - Uses the optional primal magic rules.

Death Warden's Bandolier - Has heightened and excellent mythic effects, but usable by mere mortals. Death Ward (CL11) on all friends or standard action undead repellent (Will 16 to approach) and anti-heroism on them for 5 rounds or extra 2 damage per channel dice when harming undead (which isn't saveable) or make incorporeal undead semi-physical for 5 rounds. The mass Deathward is where it's at, but with no save on the weakening aspect of the undead repellent it's fairly useful otherwise as well.

Saddle of the Sky-River - Your aquatic friend can now swim through the air. Wow.

Vest of the Cockroach - Rogues gain the resiliency talent, or double its effectiveness if they have it. That is, if you'd be knocked out, gain your level in temp hp as an immediate action. I suppose it's worth it for rogues, iff they have the talent, because a +2 con belt is strictly better and cheaper. Becomes more worthwhile late game once your Con and Dex belts are maxed.

Shadow jumper's tunic - If you're a shadowdancer level 4, add 40 feet to your jump range. Shame it's mostly garbage that class.

Vest of Stable Mutation - Don't take mental penalties when you use a mutagen. Depends a lot on how you use your mutagen, but probably consider this if you're getting greater mutagen.

Jinx-eater's Shirt - Tengu Only. Immediate action redirect a harmful reroll effect to you and gain some temp hp. This is kind of rare, and really not that great.

Drazmorg's Stasis Crucible - Well, this is stupid. Remove your legs for a 30ft. fly speed (perfect) and +4 armour bonus. Also you die having it put on. That said, it's cheap for its price. Except for the dying bit.

Mantle of Lordly command - +5 diplomacy and 1/day shout + greater command in one action. DC 16 or 20 if hit by the shout. Surprisingly, a reasonable save on an item. Maybe not worth it yourself, but definitely for NPCs.

Spectral Shroud - Constant See invisibility and incorporeal for 10 rounds/day. This is very practical on a number of levels.

Mantle of Immortality - Ignore aging penalties. Circumstantial, but if you need it, probably the best thing on this list if you're venerable.

Greater Poisoner's Jacket - Like the other one, but up 1/day a 4k poison. Shame it's just increasing the cap to 4k though, since it's a 58k item. Dragon Bile (DC26, 1d3 str, 6 rounds and no cure), Deathblade (DC20, 1d3 con, 6 rounds and 2 saves), and Nightmare vapour (DC20, 1 wis and confused 1 round, 6 rounds, 2 saves) are the stand outs, with honourable mentions for Burnt Othur Fumes and Ungol Dust for stat drain and Azure Lilly Poison for status effects, even if the DCs are a little low for this point.
Like the classic version, if you're using it, it's quite worthwhile, but at this price you probably don't want to go out of your way.

Merciful Baldric - Get 3 extra paladin mercies, and curing a condition with a mercy actually cures it instead of just suppressing it. Can be nice for getting rid of horrible effects if you don't have a way of curing them directly yet, or things that have hard prereqs. Not sure it's worth the 60k price tag though.

Praenomen - 1/day geas, +4 diplomacy and intimidate, +2 deflection and 3/day give people loyal to a certain person CL11 heroism. The mass heroism, to be fair, is kind of worth it, but not much else about this is that good.

Scaled Sash - 3/day Convert weapon damage to an energy type, doable before you roll damage. This would be barely worth it at a tenth of the price, let alone 73k.

Mantle of Faith - DR5/Evil. Solid DR, but DR is kind of overpriced, and evil particularly isn't that stunning for PCs. Usually.

Mantle of Spell Resistance - SR 21. Another overpriced item, considering by the time you get it it'll take a 5 or something to bypass it. Also it's the same value as a min caster level scroll of it, and you can buy 80 of those for the same price.

Mantle of the Crusader Host - DR5/evil, but - against demons or you're a smiting paladin. This makes it rather better than the original. And also 19k more expensive, but this does mean it mostly works.


Patternward spectacles - Immune to a single pattern spell of 3rd level or lower, and blinded until you take them off as a swift action. So that's colour spray. Cheap, but still basically one-off immunity to a single spell.

Antiquarian's Monocle - Read magic 3/day, and 1/day auto use a 1st level scroll. Circumstantial. Would personally prefer to just have at will read magic.

Deathwatch Eyes - Constant Deathwatch. This is cool, but deathwatch, as written, isn't that useful beyond 1st level. If you're houseruling Deathwatch to be worthwhile this is at least good.

Eyes of the Eagle - +5 Perception. Boring but exceptional.

Goggles of Minute Seeing - +5 disable device. Boring but functional.

Pirate's Eye patch - +2 swim and climb, and 1/day CL2 touch of the sea or expeditious retreat. Skills aren't fabulous, but the spell-likes are useable. Probably good on a ship.

Spectacles of Lip Reading - You can read lips with a DC 0 perception check so long as it's a language you understand. Circumstantial. Consider taking lip reading as a language with a single rank in linguistics.

Spectacles of Understanding - +5 linguistics to identify forgeries and can do it untrained. Skip.

Lenses of Detection - +5 perception, +5 survival to track. slightly better than eyes of the eagle for dealing with invisible things.

Gossip Glass - +4 "Perception" (3.5) and can understand all languages when reading lips. Basically eyes of the eagle with comprehend languages for good measure. Nifty.

Eyes of the Owl - Gain Low-light vision. Circumstantial.

Physician's Spectacles - Constant diagnose disease and detect poison. 1/day delay poison. Much more relevant than you might expect.

Eldritch Scholar's Monocle - Constant Read magic, and get rerolls on saves vs reading based traps. Which, unfortunately, is fairly circumstantial, and the popular explosive runes won't give you a save.

Lenses of Situational Sight - Disposable, 10 minutes (in minute increments) each of darkvision, detect magic (no need to concentrate) and see invisibility. Which, to be fair, might be all you need for see invisibility and darkvision, but the disposable nature of this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Marker's Monocle - An odd item that lets you tell how much money someone has on them, plus how many valuable items they have. Can touch someone to let up to 3 friends to track them as if they had scent. Feels like an NPC item, but the tracking is potentially useful.

Eyes of Keen Sight - +2 perception and low light. If you already have low light, double distance. Low light is fairly rubbish, so hard pass in favour of eyes of the eagle.

Storm Goggles - Ignore atmospheric perception penalties and 1/round reroll miss chance from atmospheric effects (such as fog). So I assume you don't just ignore the fog and stuff, just remove the penalties, which makes this garbage. Still need to be able to see more than 10 ft. Save a little more for a Goz Mask or Fogcutter's lenses.

Spendthrift Goggles - Actually cursed.

Treasure hunter's goggles - At will detect secret doors, 1/day locate nearest collection of 100 coins, 3/day identify. The detect secret doors is the huge thing here, but the others never hurt. Cursed items happen.

Inquisitor's Monocle - +5 sense motive and 2/day zone of truth. I hate low level items with bad saves, but at least it's not completely useless, just circumstantial.

Kinsight Goggles - split them in two and you can see what the other person is seeing. Nifty.

Lenses of the Predator's Gaze - +1 untyped attack/damage/various skills vs one target for 1 minute as standard. Slayers can use it to enhance studied target. Blah ACG classes, but that's the only way it's even slightly relevant.

Goggles of Elvenkind - +5 spellcraft to identify and get low-light. Low-light's not fabulous, and Treasure Hunters gives a better bonus.

Pirate Lord's Patch - +2 appraise/intimidate, 1/day see invisibility 5 minutes, 1/day see through walls with xray vision for 1 minute. Cool.

Monocle of Flawlessness - +5 competence craft (if trained in it)/perception to see disguises/linguistics spot forgeries/+2 to disbelieve. Craft masterworks in half the time. NPC or circumstantial.

Goggles of Brilliant Light - +2 resistance vs visual, 2/day F13 save vs blind 1 hour in 30 ft. cone. Nice blind, bad DC. Resistance is probably useless by now with a 8.8k price.

Culling Goggles - Deathwatch constant, plus 3/day death knell (DC min) when touching a creature. Probably as standard. Like the Deathwatch Eyes above, useful only if deathwatch is houseruled to be useful. Death knell is possibly useful, but the save's low.

Eye Patch of Infamy - Intimidate to make people do stuff lasts longer, +5 intimidate to make money/get aid, half-orc's intimidate range increases by 30 ft. This is sweet with dazzling display... which isn't a great feat. Skip.

Eyes of Mind Reading - At will detect thoughts on one target; androids skip to 3 rounds concentration (so better UMD it). Nifty, although DC 13 stops it.

Summoner Slayer eyes - despite the name, do not actually help much. Can tell the difference between summoned and called things visually, 1/day DC16 banish when hitting a valid candidate. Circumstantial.

Vitreous Goggles - see living things underground so long as you saw them above ground in the last minute. Also very quickly makes you blind, so trash.

Blind man's fold - Blind, but get improved blind fight. Nifty if you have tremorsense/blindsight, but an alternative if casters get mirror images.

Goggles of Night - Darkvision 60. passable for those instances light won't help.

Lenses of Darkness - Protect from light sensitivity and light blindness. Monster material.

Lenses of figment piercing - Automatic saves vs illusions, or if you fail the first one, +4 compentence bonus when you interact with it.

Mariner's Eye-patch - 1/day each cl5 comprehend languages, see invisibility and scorching ray. Pirate lord's is a better patch that's similar.

Lenses of the Bully - +2 intimidate, constant undetectable alignment. They're sunglasses, not spectacles, by the way. Feels like an NPC item.

Monocle of Unveiled Auras - Detect Chaos/Evil/Good/Law/Magic at will (not all at the same time), +5 to overcome (presumably) protection from divination and you can use this item's CL (5) or your own HD for the checks. Also some mythic stuff you don't care about. This is great if it applies to other divinations you do, otherwise it's still okay.

Discerning Goggles - Instant detect good and evil simultaneously, but you need to be able to see them. Arguably better than above since it's just constant without need to concentrate.

Arachnid Goggles - All Round Vision. Aka immune to flanking. Simple but good.

Eyes of the Damned - 3/day gaze attack for 1 round: Will 14, shaken and -2 vs fear 5 minutes. Hits a nice area, but it's arguably on one target only, and the DC's rubbish anyway for a standard activation.

Life-reading eyes - See emotion and health auras constantly. Kind of cool? You can probably argue it gives a reasonable idea of hp (or at least quarters)

Triple Eyes of Vivid Auras - Makes it easier to see hidden magical auras, see through obnoxious spells like Magic Aura even with detect magic, 3/day greater detect magic. Magic aura can be a huge pain, but it is relatively uncommon and I am fully aware that I'm rating this okay purely because I've lost a load of money when a troll GM used magic aura before there was a way to overcome it.

Eyes of Embersight - See in darkness 9 minutes/day. Circumstantial.

Eyes of the Liar - +5 bluff, immune to detect thoughts. Circumstantial.

Saboteur's Goggles - 3/day murderous command as a gaze attack (DC16). Nice and silent, but the DC is still garbage for a 16k item.

Darklands Goggles - Darkvision 120ft., +4 perception and tracking underground. 60 ft. is usually enough, so consider goggles of night instead and save 8k. The perception bonus might make this more worthwhile.

Mask of Stolen Identities - 2/day steal someone's identity with +10 untyped disguise bonus, also can get answer to a question (DC17 negates). Circumstantial, but a better NPC item in general.

Sniper Goggles - sneak attack from any range, and +2 damage/sneak attack dice on ranged sneaks within 30 ft. Greater version gives the damage bonus at any range. Basically obligatory for ranged rouges, but ranged sneak attacks are still awful to pull off.

Eyes of Charming - Automatic charm person 1/round (DC 16) to people whose eyes you meet. Expensive, but since you don't necessarily realise you're making will saves from items, the DC's irrelevant in an extended conversation.

Monocle of the Investigator - 1/day look at an area and see (but not hear) exactly what happened during the last 24 hours. Really expensive, but circumstantially good.

Sea Tyrant's Patch - Swim speed 30ft., water breathing, 1/day mass charm monster (which at min DC is a reasonable 22). Cool, but again circumstantial.

Swordmaster's Blindfold - Blinded, but blindsight with range of melee weapon, and constant locate weakness for your melee attacks (roll crit damage twice and take best). Going to say circumstantial, although certain builds might make good use of it.

Mindmaster's Eyes - 1/day dominate person (DC20) or at will charm monster (DC19). Oddly, I feel like the Sea Tyrant's patch is slightly better at this for 25k cheaper.

Eyes of the Dragon - Darkvision 120ft., Blindsense 60ft., 2x power lowlight vision and whatever it's supposed to mean by seeing twice as well as a human in normal light. Now, if it was blindsight this would be great. But for 110k? Disappointing.

Truesight Goggles - Constant True Seeing, 1/day analyse Dweomer. Super expensive, but super good. Completely worth its price tag.


Boots of the Cat - Take minimum falling damage and always on your feet. Falling will happen, and this is cheap enough to be worth it. Consider a ring of feather falling for an extra 1.2k if you don't want any damage at all.

Boots of the soft step - Makes it hard for things with tremorsense to spot you if you move slowly. Circumstantial.

Slippers of Scampering - 20 ft. climb speed, hands are free, even on the ceiling, but wet surfaces make them useless. 10 rounds/day. Not bad for 1.2k, but consider for 4.8k you can have 10x longer with slippers of spider climb.

Daredevil Boots - +5 acrobatics to move around creatures 10 rounds/day. On a successful check like this, +1 attack vs that enemy until end of your turn. Feasible 10 round is all you'd need.

Daredevil Softpaws - As above, but +2 attack and catfolk only. No UMDing this, they're physically for paws.

Boots of the Enduring March - Take extended marches better, which is circumstantial.

Bondbreaker's Boots - Swift action immediate freedom from non-magical restraints... but not manacles or chains. Niftily, works on things like tanglefoot bags or webs, so it's not even like a purely NPC item.

Battle Strider's Boots 3/day Swift action don't provoke when moving out of a threatened square. Sometimes you can't 5-foot, and withdrawing is a pain.

Boots of Gusto - 3/day add 1d6 to most non-sneaky physical skill checks. Unusual to be particularly relevant.

Cat Burglar's Boots - +2 Acrobatics, climb, stealth. 1/day immediate reroll a failed check if it's one of those skills. Stealth particularly could be useful, but otherwise circumstantial or NPC.

Feather Step Slippers - 1/day 10 minute ignore difficult terrain. These were unfairly weakened in a recent errata from constant. Not so fabulous now from their previous great status.

Fungal Slippers - 3/day swift action make difficult terrain in squares you walk this turn. Useful to not be pursued? NPC probably.

Stagger-proof boots - Oh yeah. Stand up without provoking, +4 CMD vs trip and bull rush and 1/day immediate move 30 ft. Ultra good. Only 2.4k, too.

Boots of Friendly Terrain - Each attuned to a certain terrain: gives you favoured terrain there. That is, +2 perception, initiative, stealth as the important things.

Boots of Elvenkind - +5 acrobatics. Since this is mostly for dodging enemies, consider daredevil boots for cheaper, even if they're not always on.

Boots of the Winterlands - Ignore snow and ice difficult terrain, endure elements for cold. Circumstantial.

Horseshoes of great burden - Double an animal's carry capacity. Try a heavyload belt on your horse for 8x instead.

Acrobat Slippers - Not denied dexterity when climbing/running/balancing, +2 vs trip and reflex saves to not fall. Very circumstantial.

Dunestrider Boots - Ignore difficult terrain from sand. Very circumstantial.

Horseshoes of speed - +30 ft. speed for your mount. Solid mount item at 3k.

Boots of the Mire - ignore difficult terrain in swamps and "shallow" (5ft.) water, also leave no tracks in it. +2 resistance vs disease and poison. Circumstantial, if comic since you walk on that "Shallow water" that's 1.5 metres deep.

Boots of Vaulting - +10 acrobatics involving jumping. Very circumstances.

Stonemeld Boots - +4 CDM vs moving effects, swift action 10ft climb speed on natural stone for 30 minutes. The easy climb is fairly nifty.

Ghungroos of Entrancement - Bard item. +5 Dance, -2 stealth, +1 fascinate DC, can countersong with dance. Not very remarkable.

Horseshoes of Crushing Blows - Amulet of mighty fists for horses. Depends what you're doing with your mount, because this is expensive.

Boots of the eternal Rose - +2 dance/stealth, ignore difficult terrain from flowers. Worship shelyn for 1/day daze monster and make flowers at will. Seems kind of rubbish.

Burglar Boots - +5 perception vs traps on the floor. Also +5 AC and reflex vs traps. That probably covers a lot of traps, and that's a big bonus. The greater version increases this to a ridiculous +10 and gives 1/day find traps for 48k as opposed to the standard 4k. The first one is probably sufficient, but I suppose if you're getting loads of traps...

Sandals of Quick Reaction - During Surprise round, take full suite of actions. Depends a lot on your group.

Snowshoes of Northern Pursuit - Reduce difficult terrain from snow, 10ft. movement in snow 10 rounds/day, remove all snow tracks in 60 ft. 1/day. Circumstantial, and boots of the winterlands do a slightly better job of the main bits for cheaper.

Slippers of Cloudwalking - Air walk 10 minutes/day, but only on clouds. Which makes it kind of useless, mostly.

Slippers of Spider Climbing - See slippers of scampering above. They're these, but 10x better for 4x the price.

Boots of the Earth - take a move action for fast healing 1 and +4 cmb vs movement. Lose the effects if you're moved at all or unconscious. Stupidly good for out of combat healing.

Sandals of the lightest step - Air walk swift action 5/day... but it's only one round... and you need to move 10 feet already before activating... and only 1/minute. sometimes maybe useful.

Boots of the vengeful Behir - 3/day bull rush as being 1 size category larger without provoking AoOs. Or 2 if it's a dragon. Very circumstantial.

Boots of Striding and Springing - +5 jump, +10 enhancement to speed. Nifty.

Subtle Slippers - +5 stealth, can give it to pals too for an hour. Actually kind of cool.

Ankle Chains of Walking - Good manacles that half move speeds.

Clandestine Horseshoes - +10 stealth for mount and you, 1/day invisibility for you both. I love the idea of a stealthy horse, but seems oddly not that useful. Except for maybe small cavaliers and dogs.

Gladiator's Sandals - +4 CMB in surprise round, and if it works, free performance combat check with +10. very circumstantial.

Horseshoes of a Zephyr - Mount walks just above the ground. I'm sure it's maybe okay for something?

Jungle Boots - Woodland Stride. Circumstantial. Is constant though, which puts it a step above others.

Haunted Shoes - 2/day 1d4 unseen servants 3 hours, 1/day blur 3 minutes. I like the flavour, and it's okay.

Jaunt Boots - 3/day move action "move" 15 feet without provoking. I think it might mean teleport? Regardless, this is nifty and probably the best thus far for avoiding AoOs from movement.

Boots of Levitation - Levitate at will on self. I'm... really not quite sure how good levitate actually is, since it's mostly up or down flight. Suppose it works okay for casters who don't attack.

Boots of swift rage - +10 speed. while raging, +4 deflection vs AoOs from moving or casting. It's a big deflection bonus, but the conditions don't seem especially optimal for use. The 2k cheaper boots of striding and springing are probably better, or possibly the more flexible Jaunt Boots.

Boots of Escape - 1/day teleport 30 ft. when grappled/pinned/entangled, or 400 ft. if you're a gnome. Either is fairly functional, and it's a sure-fire escape from grapples.

Earth Root Boots - +1 CMD/round you don't move, max 10. Gets to be a big bonus, but in practice it's going to be rare you stand still long enough for it to work more than 2-3 rounds.

Sandals of interception - 3/day immediate action 5.ft.step into a ranged attack to make it target you instead. Rare to be useful, but can be nifty.

Soles of the Silent Stride - +5 stealth, can stealth while running at -20. Circumstantial; try the cheaper and better subtle slippers.

Nightmare Boots - Concealment when running or charging, 3/day swift action 20% miss chance 1 round, 1/day 2d6 fire in 5ft. radius around you (R13 half) when hit in melee. Not very good, but concealment is okay, and the fire can always do a small something.

Rat-tread boots - Bizarre. 10 minutes/day, walk on rats, either over water at 15 ft or on land to ignore 15 ft of difficult terrain. It does normal rat swarm things, but you're immune to it, and it doesn't go beyond your space. It also moves you away from enemies if you go down. Better than the errata'd feather step slippers, maybe. The lack of area is sad though.

Crashing boots - +2 enhancement attack when charging, 1/day when hitting a large or smaller creature, it gets thrown back 10 ft, taking 1d6 damage and falling prone if it hits something. The enhancement is likely useless by this point, but the throw with no save is quite good. Excellent, even

Nightmare Horseshoes - 10 rounds/day hooves deal 1d4 extra fire damage and gives mount a nightmare's smoke ability (which isn't that bad, considering it allows the DC to scale). Shame it's still a standard action for the rider, 'cause that makes it only okay

Bogstrider Boots - Ignore difficult terrain in bogs. 3/day +60 feet when charging or withdrawing. That speed boost is ridiculous.

Caltrop Boots - 10/day swift make squares you pass through full of caltrops. Caltrops are better than you think... but still not that good. Feel like the fungal slippers are better.

Quick action slippers - Stand up as a free action (although provokes as normal). Nifty, although the amazing stagger-proof boots are likely better.

Tremor Boots - Tremorsense 5ft. Too short range to be useful.

Bastion Boots - Boots that are also immovable rods. +4 CMD vs movement even when not on. You can probably walk or climb through the air with these. Cool.

Boots of the Mastodon - -2 stealth, +2 enhancement on overrun, +2 AC while overrunning, 1/day trample for 2d8+18 (DC29 (!?) halves) Awesome DC, and Overrun is hard to enhance.

Shoes of Lightning Leaping - 1/day move 50 ft with no AoOs and 6d6 to anything in path. Cool.

Uplifting boots - sacrifice channel/Lay on hands/fervour for 1 minute air walk. Best for channels, but skip.

Bog Boots - 3/day make difficult terrain bog in 9 squares. 1/day dimension door between made bog squares. Interesting but poor.

Boots of Speed - 10 rounds/day haste as free action, divisible in rounds. Excellent for all martials.

Verdant Boots - 3/day make food bearing plants in your square, giving you cover and providing food for 2 medium people. And make them basically anywhere. There's a certain degree of comic stealth here, but as a standard action it's not really a combat item. The food's circumstantial.

Sandstorm Sandals - No tracks in desert, if you flurry of blows, 20% miss chance and 1 nonlethal to things near you. It's actually a fairly nifty monk item.

Daring Dancers - +5 dance, can 5 ft. in difficult terrain, 1/day dimension door if you have 5 ranks in dance. Has some nifty things, but kind of balking at the 16k price tag.

Winged Boots - 3/day fly with a +4 bonus for 5 mins. Handy.

Combat Sandals - Charge through friends' squares and ignore cover from adjacent allies. Okay, this is nice, but given that much of the time people (technically incorrectly) don't make allies give cover, it's made largely redundant or can be done with a little bit of forward-thinking formation forming.

Boots of Earth and Wind - Winged boots (above) but also +5 CMD vs bull rush/reposition/overrun. Mythic people get it while flying too. However. That's kind of garbage and the plain ones are just better since they're cheaper.

Boots of the Winter Jarl - Boots of the winterlands (way up; circumstantial for cold), plus 1/day 10 minutes giant form 1 as frost giant (Large, +6 str, +4 con, -2 dex, +4 nat AC, resist cold 20, rock catch/throw and fire vulnerable). I'm inclined to say if you want this kind of effect you're better off with an elemental earth belt which is rather less circumstantial and a mere 4k more. The main problem here is entirely that fire is a very common element type, but if there's no fire, go nuts!

Horseshoes of Sacred Silver - Holy on tramples and DC+2, hit an evil thing with both hooves to stagger 1 round (F16 negates), +2 sacred on bull rush/drag/overrun. The, ah, 20k pricetag on a mount item probably means the save is too low, but if you can use trample this is pretty sweet.

Shoes of the Firewalker - Fire resist 10 and can walk on top of lava as water walk. Hate to say it, but resist 10 isn't going to do nothing against the 20d6 damage from lava. At least the fire resist is okay.

Dryad Sandals - No track or scent in forest, woodland stride, 1/day tree stride but only one teleport (That is, hide in a tree for ages and longish range dimension door to a similar tree. Circumstantial.

Slippers of the Primordial Wilds - Deodorant. Gathlains can plane shift to material plane or first world 2/day. Apparently it's supposed to be really hard to get to the first world, but now it's rather easier. Also really circumstantial.

Horseshoes of Mist - gaseous form 10 mins/day for horse and rider. Not completely sure that this is worth the 27k price tag.

Rime-stride boots - Ignore ice penalties, move faster on ice and +2 CMB/D on ice. 1/day make it icy around you for 10 rounds. The icy penalties are tiny, but at least it means this isn't utterly circumstantial and niche. It's nice for rogues in that anything that moves loses dex to AC. Actually becomes maybe kind of cool if the ice follows you around.

Boots of the Battle Herald - 1/day move action greater heroism (that is, +4 morale attack/saves/skills, immunity to fear, 11 temp hp). The move action particularly makes this kind of nice, and duration is long enough to last a good chunk of dungeon crawl.

Getaway Boots - 1/day full round unlimited distance perfectly accurate teleport on yourself only, but it's to a pre-defined place. Nonetheless, still useful.

Horseshoes of glory - 1/day either increase mount's size by 1 (max huge) or make it a magical beast for 11 minutes. Also one of DR/5 chaos, Evil, law, good for the duration. Cool, but like many things, mounts are kind of circumstantial.

Boots of fiendish escape - Swift action fog cloud 1/day. If you're a tiefling, simultaneously dimension door 1000 ft. Really cool, but with a 45k price tag, only worthwhile if you can reliably use it (That is, the DC 25 UMD to fake being a tiefling)

Boots of Teleportation - teleport 3/day. Best if you can take someone with you, but it's unclear if you can't. You probably actually need the three uses, given how often my players mishap.

Slippers of the Triton - breathe underwater and gain 30 ft. swim speed. Or if you have one of those, +10 faster. Somehow I feel like there are probably much cheaper ways of getting this, but maybe not. Regardless, this is quite circumstantial.

Earthquake Boots - Tremorsense 60 ft., 1/day full round action Earthquake. Earthquake's strong, but circumstantial, but the tremorsense is sweet.

Seven-league boots - Only ever worth spending money on if you're mythic.

Horseshoes of Desert Fury - +1 flaming for 80 min/day (10 min increments), 3/day solid fog, but doesn't work until you leave the area and sickens things in there (F16 negates). How is this even slightly worth the 88k price this has?

Apparently there's a post size limit, so I'm breaking this up! Onwards to part 2!

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