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Magic item compendium part 3: Neck

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Great Adventurer
Great Adventurer
Continuation of magical item compendium. Part 1 does Belts, Body, Chest, Eyes and Feet. Part 2 does Hands, Head and Headband. I'm using an expanded version of my system with Best in Class, Great okay boring.

Apparently there are so many neck items they get a page of their own.


Talismans - Collection of single use items which have benefits which trigger under certain conditions. Greater versions exist for 1/day use and cost 10x. Can wear up to three at once. Mostly just okay
*   Beneficial winds: Feather fall when you fall. The basic one is a mere 50, so you could and should have one on you very early.
*   Akoben: Reroll save vs sleep if you fail the last one; deafened and immune to sleep for 1 minute if you make the save. Now a little expensive for its primary usefulness area, but still okay for a bit. Better safe than sorry?
*   Sealed Summons: after being hit by evil summons, protection from evil. Unusual enough to see used I wouldn't bother.
*   Warrior's Courage: Gain shaken instead of frightened or panicked. Not common, but conditions are still around even late game and annoying.
*   Arrow Protection: Hit by 2 or more ranged attacks in one round, protection from arrows. This actually kind of sucks for both trigger condition and that protection from arrows is a fairly bad spell anyway.
*   Pentacle: Glows when evil things try to mind control you and gives a second save against them. Just the knowledge is kind of useful, especially if they succeed.
*   Scarab: Fail vs swarm's poison or distaction, get another save. Succeed on the second for 5 round swarm poison and distraction immunity. Briefly relevant.
*   Triskelion: Fail vs paralyse/entangle/slow for reroll; success gives longstrider 5 rounds. More circumstantial.
*   Danger Sense: +5 initiative when you next roll. Very solid, but less useful once-off.
*   Freedom: When grappled/entangled/Paralysed, freedom of movement 3 rounds. This will happen, and often repeatedly. Get a 1/day one.
*   Anhk: Get saves vs energy drain, even if not normally allowed. Force punch if second save is successful. Good and cool, if circumstantial.
*   Protection from flames: After taking 5 fire damage in a round, protection from energy. Unfortunately it doesn't work against the triggering effect, which makes this rather less good.
*   Good Fortune: Roll a natural 1 to get an automatic reroll. This is probably one of the ones that works best with a 1/day usage and taking 10 outside of combat.
*   Healing Power: Drop below half hp for 4d8+7 healing. These are pretty useful, and it's worth saving up for a 1/day version.
*   Hamsa: Fail a save vs a curse to reroll; success reflects the curse on its user. Cool, but circumstantial.
*   Talisman of Life's Breath: When you die, CL9 breath of life. You should always have one of these because they are much cheaper than resurrection magic. Unless you have a druid and no one who can make these. You don't necessarily need a 1/day one.

Maiden's Promise - Come in pairs. +1 morale will saves vs things that make you hurt each other, +1 morale attack when something threatens the other's helpless body. Crushing despair on self if other one dies. Love the flavour, hate the uselessness of it.

Bloodstone Collar - Put it on your familiar. 3 times when it's reduced to 0 or lower, stabilises at -1 and remaining damage is dealt to you. Can reject the damage and kill your familiar instead. This is more of a thing if you remember the familiar is there. It's 900gp and doesn't use your slot, so it's worthwhile close to level 5ish if it happens. For witches, better safe than sorry.

Dust of Envy - Actually a consumable you don't need to wear. A 30ft. burst of CL6 dispel magic that attempts to get rid of all evocation and necromancy effects. This is actually completely ridiculous, except for the part where there aren't that many of either effect that are ongoing. Supposedly there are versions that hit other schools though, notably Wrath for Abjuration and Conjuration or Gluttony for Abjuration and Enchantment. Keep in mind the CL is low though, but it is only 900.

Hand of the Mage - At will mage hand, with creepy flavour. Fairly useful.

Death's Head Talisman - Command already created undead. Probably what necromancers use to let other people use them? Probably doesn't count against any other totals. Not a PC item.

Dire Collar - Animal item. 1/day enlarge person on them for 1 minute. It's actually surprising there's not a similar spell to do this at a relevant level. I can imagine this is probably alright for some animal companions. Greater version properly uses animal growth, but still only 1 minute, which is kind of dumb considering the price of it.

Drowning Medallion - Makes it much harder to die from drowning, but no easier to stay conscious. I don't think it's even circumstantial.

Hivebrain Symbiote - Consumable. Once equipped immediate action rerolls for concentration/Int based checks. Lasts Int Mod hours. It has a lot of use for things like contact other plane, and knowledge checks if you know you'll be making them, but they're expensive enough to not use frivolously.

Pendant of the Blood Scarab - 1/day auto confirm crit and take 1d6 damage. Really good with a high crit multiplier weapon.

Fetish of Natural armour - Increases AC, but you can't take it off without suffering a permanent negative level. Oh no. It's very slightly cheaper than a full amulet of natural armour but bonuses don't go so high. By the time you're ready to upgrade you can just cast the remove curse to do so safely.

Aegis of Recovery - +2 resistance vs ongoing effects. Drop below 0 hp for one time 2d8+3 heal. Slightly cheaper and more life saving than the talisman of healing power with some extra stuff for good measure.

Amulet of Bullet Protection - +1 luck AC vs firearm touch attacks. Circumstantial.

Brooch of Shielding - Absorb 101 damage from magic missiles. Turns up surprisingly often.

Necklace of Fireballs - Consumable. It's a bunch of fireballs. It blows up sometimes if exposed to fire. There's no reason to actually wear this other than easy access. It's unremarkable other than its potential as a "bomb" by throwing the necklace and setting fire to it.

Stench Spray Amulet - Suppresses your own stench ability and you instead can use it as a "breath weapon" once per hour.

Necklace of Fangs - Increases DC for Vampires to overcome revulsion of Holy Symbols &c by 2. Circumstantial.

Purification Talisman - +2 resistance vs poison/disease, 1/day purify food and drink. Not awful, not remarkable, but definitely quickly outdated.

Torc of Innocuous gems - Hide ioun stones and they give no benefit. Circumstantial.

Amulet of natural armour - Increases regular AC. It's what you get if you don't know what to get.

Brooch of Blending - Half-elf/orc item. +20 disguise as human/elf (or orc for half orcs). Circumstantial.

Charlatan's Symbol - Pretend to be a cleric, when it's actually a wand. Circumstantial.

Collar of Sacrifice - Put on your familiar. If you die, it dies instead and you come back on 1 hp. Your familiar becomes sulky about this for some reason.

Choker of Body Alteration - Change your body is a fairly cosmetic kind of way. Only +2 disguise. I'm not sure why you wouldn't just get a cheaper hat of disguise beyond physically changing.

Soulspeaker - It's basically a half price permanent magic mouth, except it's 1/day and creepy. I'm not sure why you might want one.

Armillary Amulet - +5 spellcraft and spoilers for some minor module or something. Still priced for just the spellcraft though. Practical, if boring.

Golembane Scarab - Ignore golems' DR, detect golems as standard. Circumstantial, but cheap enough to have one just in case at higher levels.

Gossamer Amberstone - 1/day cure light wounds. Worship Chulander for Summon Swarm 1/day. Alright, but not good.

Hero's Release Pendant - Coup de Grace doesn't provoke, +2 resistance on will. Consider it if you have a witch?

Barbed Pentacle of Asmodeus - +1 deflection. Worship Asmodeus for 1/day charm person and use blood as permanent ink (increasing writing based spell DCs by 1). Surprisingly, this is actually a fairly valid niche.

Fortunate Charm - 1/day reroll skill/concentration check, even after you know its result. Quite solid.

Hand of the Honest Man - Curses and hexes shunted to the hand. -2 Bluff. Not bad. Somehow the best reusable item of this kind despite much competition.

Key of the Second Vault - 1/day shield of faith CL5th. Worship Abadar for 1/day summon monster. *raspberry noises*

Pantheistic Clasp - +2 sacred vs alignment effects. Very few relevant effects, but not bad.

Swarmbane Clasp - Deal full damage to swarms with weapons, immune swarm distraction. Circumstantial.

Azlant Pendant - +5 one knowledge. Worship Aroden for 1/day +10 insight any skill. This is quite unusual since Aroden is (usually) dead, making the excellent benefit of this difficult to use. Still, UMD is a wonderful thing. This is great, but depending on your GM this may be merely okay.

Spidersilk Medallion - Occultist implement. Use it as a conjuration implement to use the web spell as a focus power. This is one of the better spell mimic items around, and as normal for occultist implements, you don't need to be wearing it, just holding it.

Nightstone of Sorrow - Fire resist 1, +1 resistance vs fear. Worship Dahak for 1/day shatter. Way to try to be the world's best dragon hunter/groupie.

Pallid Crystal - Eat literal garbage, and it's a magic spice shaker. Worship Urgathoa for 1/day death knell and heal from both cure and inflict spells. It's entertaining but disturbing imagining some horrific chef using this. That aside, it's best as an NPC item unless you're stuck with channel negative or something so can't actually heal yourself.

Periapt of Devotion - Apparently, permanent charm person when you give it to someone if they fail an easy DC 11 will save. Fun, but it's a super easy save. There's the Periapt of Utter devotion as an upgrade for 10x cost which is charm monster and DC 16 instead. Also 1/day triggered suggestion on the thing you gave it to, but might break the charm.

Vurra of the Maker - +2 untyped Craft Sculpture, 1/day magic stone on even big rocks. Worship Minderhal for 1/day owl's wisdom. Who? Not that great.

Medal of the Hero's Heart - +4 sacred to overcome negative levels, consume as immediate to avoid a permanent negative level. Oddly, there's a certain practicality to this if you need to recover from negative levels from raise dead quickly.

Mind-sentinel's Medallion - +2 resistance vs mind affecting. Reroll failed dominate/confuse saves; success destroys the amulet. Not bad, although the save bonus is quickly obsolete.

Mummer's Ruff - +10 bluff for someone else's voice, 1/day ventriloquism 5 minutes. Fun but circumstantial.

Necklace of Stolen Breath - Collect sacrifices via ritual drowning and bind their souls for at will sound mimicry of a soul you've taken. "Destroy" a soul to apparently permanently summon a water elemental that's technically undead or 1/day when reduced to 0 immediate heal a bit. This is interesting and cool, but more NPCish.

Sihedron Medallion - Plot Device. +1 resistance all saves, 1/day CL5 false life as a free action, constant gentle Repose. Free action is pretty solid heal, and you don't even need to keep wearing it.

Hearth Mantle - +2 competence vs fire saves, turns into a campfire 8 hours/day and heal naturally at double speed. Circumstantial, although the save vs fire is nifty.

Periapt of Placebos - +2 morale vs disease and poison. It's kind of funny that it might not work if you know what it is.

Orb of the Waybringer - 1/day CL3 burning hands. Worship Apsu for 1/day CL3 eagle's splendour and at will light. Unremarkable.

Amulet of Mighty Fists - Enhancement bonuses to unarmed/natural attacks. It's quite potent for most monsters and monks &c.

Amulet of Elemental Strife - resist 5 vs closest elemental's energy type. Cirumstantial.

Pendant of the Souk - +5 appraise, 1/day identify, +2 insight vs existing illusions. Quite on theme, although not especially remarkable.

Righteous Fist Amulet - When smiting/using divine judgement of some kind, gain improved unarmed strike. It's actually kind of rare to get this kind of effect.

Tailisman of Beast training - Turn up to 10 failed handle animal to train animals into successes. Not bad if you need it.

Shad'Gorum Nugget - Resist fire 1, +1 resistance on will saves, 1/day chill metal, at will mending. Blah.

Stinging Stiletto - +3 perception (slotless), at will ghost sound. Worship Calistria for 1/day Fox's cunning and standard action +1 competence on one attack vs one creature for 1 minute. Slotless perception is about all that's okay about this.

Amulet of Dragon's Breath - 3 uses ever 8d6 breath weapon based of Chrome/Metallic dragons (keyed on creation). It's relatively decent considering it's a slotted spell-replica consumable, although that doesn't make it any better for actually buying.

Bloodlink - 1/day dancing lights/darkness/Faerie Fire. Speak undercommon, proficient hand crossbow/rapier/shortsword. Counts as focus for Recorporeal Transformation. Seems unremarkable, although could be useful.

Thundering Collar - 3/day Growl to stop nearby creatures attacking for 3 rounds like sanctuary (W12), sanctuary on one friend nearby. Interesting, but low save.

Amulet of Uncanny Defence - Improve Uncanny dodge or improved uncanny dodge. Has its uses.

Best Friend Pendant - Put a willing animal up to small size in status, although it provides no bonuses when it does so. I suppose it could be useful if you're concerned about your familiar dying? The greater version  works on up to large animals or small magical beasts/outsiders, which means it can actually work for animal companions if you can't take them with you somewhere and becomes a worthwhile item.

Charm of Fate - First time each day you fail a save by 5 or less, you instead succeed. I quite like this.

Collar of Obedience - Put it on something to give it a penalty vs your mind affecting effects and a resistance bonus vs anyone else's. Can put it on something with a full round grapple check. Interesting for your thralls.

Deathbalm Talisman - +5 resistance vs disease/poison. Put on to immediately get a save vs disease or poison without that bonus. Stops working for a day if you succeed a save vs disease or poison. Heal 1d4 ability damage to one ability score every day. It's probably worth keeping one around, because that's both a good bonus, and rerolls are nice. Ability damage happens, too.

Ghoul Stone - Be a regular cannibal for +2 enhancement to strength, with negative consequences for skipping meals, including ultimately death and becoming undead. It's more expensive than a +2 strength belt, but it saves when if you have a split belt?

Stormlure - 1/day 1 minute 50% miss chance vs all ranged including spells, once during duration swift 4d6 electric to adjacent (R14 half). The duration's too short for my taste, considering the standard activation.

Sun Falcon Pectoral - 1/day "Call lightning" except it's light and blind people OR 1/day daylight 2 hours. Unconvincing.

Talisman of Soul Eating - 1/day Cacodaemon's Soul Lock, can eat soul gems for fast healing. NPC, obviously.

Amulet of Courage - 1/day remove fear when scared magically. Bravery increases by 1. Fear isn't a tactic I often see used much, but I can see this being okay. See also the Headband of Unshakable Resolve.

Burrower's Bridle - Not a personal item. Ride a burrowing creature (although you can't necessarily breathe underground), +4 handle animal/ride, can train any burrowing creature with int <3 with handle animal. This is pretty interesting, but I'm not sure there are actually that many valid creatures.

Necklace of Beast's Might - Come in a variety of flavours and keyed to a creature type, although all automatically detect that creature type to medium range. Effects are all keyed to creature type, and range from DR2/- vs natural attacks, +2 morale attack, +5 insight to identify, +2 track and scent (creature type only), +2 CMB/D, +2 insight AC and +2 damage. A number of these are fairly useful, but you'd better make sure you see a good few of the appropriate creature type.

Feychild Necklace - +4 cha checks vs gnomes or +2 vs fey or -2 vs anyone else. Learn gnome, get low-light and the gnome spell-likes. This is pretty circumstantial, and mostly the circlet of persuasion is better and cheaper.

Pain ward of the Ostiarius - +4 profane vs pain, 1/day awful negative energy ray. Lose 1 hp permanently on equipping. Avoid.

Torc of the Primal Song - Diehard when benefiting from raging song and an extra (non-stacking) round after it finishes. Pretty good for chained barbarians/skalds.

True Love Locket - Paired item, given to a good friend/family member &c, 1/day borrow skill on the other, increase aid another bonus given by 1, constant status on the other. The aid another bonus particularly is good.

Amulet of the True Form - +2 resistance vs polymorph and +4 resistant vs unwilling werewolf transform. Since the +2 cloak is cheaper than this, just get the cloak. I hope the other bonus is never relevant.

Oaksteward's favour -  +4 handle animal, +2 enchantment DCs vs Animal. Eat it for porridge for up to 8 people to remove sicken/nausea/poison/disease and +2 luck vs fear. Seems unremarkable.

Carcanet of Detention - 1/day 10 minute entangle and anchor nearby target (R15 negates). Full round for another save or swift from wearer to remove. It's unclear whether you really need to wear this. Regardless, despite this being a fairly nice debuff, as always, the DC is low considering when you're likely to be able to afford this 7200gp item.

Medalion of Sar-Gorog - Immunity to disease so long as you eat 500g of humanoid flesh every week. For the same price, you can get a periapt of health that does the same thing minus the cannibalism.

Periapt of Health - Immune to disease. Disease, unfortunately, is one of those things that's rarely a problem due to its slow acting nature and consequent availability of taking measures to remove it. Prevention's better than cure though.

Spell-sharing collar - Other people can share spells with an animal companion/familiar/phantom/eidolon. This can actually be incredible if your pet is your primary frontliner, so your wizard can mirror image, shield false life and stuff. You only need it on when casting, too, so you can swap. It's not clear whether the price given is just one or the minimum required of two.

Amulet of Proof against Petrification - You can't be turned to stone, but if you fail saves you're staggered briefly instead. Petrification isn't common, but it's difficult to fix. It's something to consider if you've got money to burn.

Nursing Necklace - +10 heal and a variety of improved uses for the heal skill. Which frankly they ought to have just included in the skill, 'cause it's unfortunately useless. Still, it's functional, and even without anything else, it still does a good job of removing poisons as necessary or making sure you don't bleed out.

Azata's Whimsy - Do stuff that's much less horrible when confused. This is a debuff that's particularly bad for everyone, and it's a common spell, so it's probably worth picking up. Certain Archetypes, such as Brute Vigilante or Wild Rager Barbarian particularly like this.

Blessed Keepsake - Detect one alignment at will, 3/day protection from that alignment and alignment channel for that alignment. There's a weak argument for it being able to potentially do all 4 (and 3/day protection for each). It'd be okay if it did work for all 4, but is situational as the more likely interpretation.

Choker of the Siphoning Scorpion - 1/day immediate immunity to poison and capture the poison, so long as no poison stored. Full round to attach to melee weapon, and can use the stored poison on any one hit. It's a fair bet that you'll be poisoned at some stage, so this is definitely worth nabbing. Getting potential access to some fairly expensive poisons is very nice as well.

Everwake Amulet - Don't need to sleep for a week, then exhausted for a day (you really can't bypass this easily). Although you still need to rest to prepare spells and stuff for normal duration. With the implication that you basically spend a full day asleep, you're actually only saving 32 hours per 8 days, or 4/day. Try a ring of sustenance instead for 5.5k cheaper and a consistent 6/day time saving. Still, this is occasionally better.

Gravewatch Pendant - +2 AC vs undead, or +4 vs incorporeal undead. You're usually better off with the natural armour amulet for a +2 bonus, but this does protect you from a good chunk of very nasty touch attacks.

Hand of Glory - Extra ring slot. 1/day see invisibility/daylight. Obviously this depends on the rings you have available.

Amulet of the spirits - A variety of short duration swift action buffs/debuffs, depending on the flavour of the amulet. If you have a mystery that matches the amulet you use your mystery stuff at 2 levels higher instead.
Battle: 1/day make things bleed more and heal less, 1/day rapidly decreasing deflection AC; Rubbish.
Bones: 1/day +2 deflection 8 rounds, 1/day make creature frightened 1 round (W13). Get a ring of deflection instead for 4k less.
Flame: 2/day next attacker takes 1d6+4 fire (1 min duration). 2/day make creature vulnerable to fire until end of your turn. Yep, that's a swift action with no save, and 10k for all your blasting needs.
Heavens: Can't get lost at night, add wis to Cha checks and skills at night, At will standard make a creature treat light as 2 steps lower (W13). It's the wis to cha that's particularly unusual.
Life: Heal 1d6 more from cure spells, 1/day standard cut off creature from magical healing (w13). Heal is maybe okay, but you need a lot of CLW to make up for the cost of this.
Stone: 1/day DR5/adamantine vs next 2 melee attacks (or 1 min duration), 1/day 2 rounds creature takes -4 AC vs metal weapons. This is arguably better than the cheaper sidhedron medallion, particularly for martials, but is 6.5k more.
Waves: 1/day blur for 2 misses or 1 minute. Make creature entangled 1 round by cold damage it takes 1 minute 1/day. Unremarkable, but still okay.
Wind: 1/day 20% miss chance vs most range 1 minute. 1/day 4 rounds Make creature visible and metal melee weapons hitting it do +5 electricity. It's a huge damage boost for 8k, although it'll be eaten up by any resistance whatsoever. It's still amazing for a two weapon fighter.

Periapt of the temporary familiar - 3/day familiar as a 5th level wizard for 5 minutes, if you don't have a familiar. Some of these are obviously great, since they range from +4 initiative to large perception boosts.

Propitious Metumbe - +2 luck on saves vs hexes/curses/bad rerolls. 1/day make a will save against those effects that don't normally allow a save. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything off the top of my head besides pugwampis or ill omen that applies for, which is a shame.

Scale of the Mariner - +1 enhance natural AC, fire resist 5, take 10 on swim checks always. Quite reasonable, since fire resist is nifty, although the swim bit is a little circumstantial. Still relatively cheap in the scheme of things; a ring of minor energy resistance is 12k for fire resist 10.

Torc of Bloody Rage - 1/day free action rage on self 6 rounds; 3 extra rage rounds if you have rage already. It's probably not bad if you run low on rage rounds or don't want to actually dip barbarian. You're probably not playing the AC game anyway here.

Torc of Lionheart Fury - +2 morale vs fear. Barbarian 12 immune to frightened and shaken, possibly also immune to panic and regain rage if potentially panicked. Most likely, you'd only use this if you were a lower level barbarian who somehow had decent UMD. The base save bit is rubbish. It's actually okay, just really hard to use.

Amulet of hidden light - Light on command, but creatures can't see the light if they aren't near you. This seems quite cool for a weird sort of communal darkvision.

Amulet of Hidden Strength - 1/day swift make extra melee or ranged attack at full BAB OR 1/day full round regain 2 ki. Obviously martials love this, and monks can just have a bunch of them as necessary for all sorts of things.

Darksire Amulet - Tieflings boost natural energy resistances by 5, +4 insight diplomacy vs evil outsiders. Shame it doesn't really work for UMD, but it's well worth grabbing if you're a tiefling.

Doomsday Key - +4 resistance vs curses, 3/day 4 nearby creatures shaken 1 min (W14), 1/day bestow curse (W14). You're probably practically better off with the propituous metumbe above, which has the advantage of not overlapping with your cloak.

Necklace of Adaptation - Immune to inhaled stuff and breathe underwater or anywhere else. Easily the cheapest effect that lets you breathe underwater (even if you can't necessarily swim) and removes some fairly nasty debuffs.

Scarf of Glorious Histories - +5 intimidate/dance. If you're Varisian and own basically your family scarf, +5 history, and can use history untrained. Every single one of these are unremarkable skills, although it's very flavourful.

Shark Tooth Amulet - Mostly use weapons underwater normally. Ironic it has the same slot as the necklace of adaptation. Circumstantial, but worth noting that this effect constantly is somewhat harder to get than long lasting swim and water breathing.

Torc of Enmity - Come in favoured enemy flavours. Confirm crit for cumulative +1 morale attack vs creature type (Max 4) and 1d8 temp hp (Max 20) for 5 rounds. Alternatively, Inquisitors can get extra round of bane, Barbarians can refresh 1/rage or 1/day rage powers; both of these need to be used in an hour. There's also a weak argument it applies bane to your weapons. Extra bane rounds or use of top-class rage powers like unexpected strike are completely worth it, although it's not bad for other people too. In the event your crit doesn't kill something, extra attack or hp will always be useful.

Amulet of Eldest's Blessing - Gnomes aren't extraplanar on the first world, fast healing 0.1 until healed your HD each day, +4 insight vs bleaching. The heal isn't remotely worthwhile, and it's unlikely either of the other two will be mentioned, let alone come up.

Amulet of Spell Cunning - Make this wizard bonded object for 3 more spell levels of spells per day. A 3rd level pearl of power is arguably as good and 1k cheaper, if slightly less flexible.

Amulet of wind defiance - immune to wind effects, as freedom of movement. Rare to be relevant.

Collar of the True Companion - +2 int for dumb animals, wear it for a week for awakening. Not for non-animal use. If you want it awakened, pay for it. Otherwise a plain headband is cheaper. Both are cheaper, actually.

Amulet of the Blooded - Sorcerer bloodline esque powers, in a variety of flavours. If you already have the bloodline, level +2 for powers. Technically works with eldritch heritage, although doesn't stack with robes of arcane heritage. Also the robes of arcane heritage are better if you want bloodline progression anyway.
Aberrant: light fortification, melee touch range +5ft. decent defense.
Abyssal: electric resist 5, +2 vs poison, 2 claw attacks. Another excellent martial item. The only thing stopping this being best in class is that you use your hands for other things, like weapons, and this doesn't stack with an amulet of mighty fists.
Accursed: +2 saves vs charm/cold/fire/sleep/fear, 3/day stagger 4 rounds (W18). Saves are surprisingly useful, and for once the save DC isn't useless.
Celestial: Cold/acid resist 5, 3/day useless ray attack that either heals a tiny amount or hurt a tiny amount. Use impaired.
Destined: +2 luck saves/AC in surprise, 1/day reroll. Rerolls are nice, but the rest of it is uninspiring.
Draconic: +1 actual nat armour, some resist energy 5, awful breath weapon 1/day. Unfortunately, despite actual nat armour being very rare, on a necklace that kind of defeats the point. Try the sightly cheaper Scale of the Mariner.
Elemental: Resist energy 5, weak energy explosion that gives vulnerability to your element (R14). Shame the save is garbage. Consider the Amulet of the Spirits (flames) for something similar.
Fey: 9 rounds/day greater invisibility (non-consecutive), 3/day "nausea" on melee touch 1 round. This is one of the cheaper ones at 10k. Even as a standard activation, this'll last at least 2 fights, maybe 3, and will be a great rogue item.
Infernal: fire resist 5, +2 vs poison, 3/day shaken on melee touch 4 rounds (multiple touches extend duration). Doesn't inspire compared to the better draconic.
Undead: Cold resist 5, DR5/- vs nonlethal, 3/day shaken on melee touch 4 rounds (frightens 1 round if weak and already shaken). Somehow even worse than infernal.

Eye of the overwatched - Occultist abjuration implement. 1 focus as swift to make new save vs ongoing spell effect at +2. Like all implements, you don't actually need to wear it, so might as well grab this if you can use it. It's good anyway.

Frost Fist Amulet - +1d6 cold on all natural weapons/unarmed strikes, count as cold iron. The damage you can do for 6k less on a basic amulet of mighty fists, although cold iron is more of a lure. Of course, most dedicated punchers can overcome cold iron by level 7 or 9ish, which is likely around the time you'd be looking at this kind of thing.

Golden Holy Symbol - Use as a divine focus to heal hp equal to the spell's level. Also ridiculous infinite healing for mythic characters. It sounds good, but I'm not actually sure how useful it would be. Lots of casting happens pre-battle, and even for a 7th level cleric, it's maybe 11ish at best in a fight of potential healing? Admittedly that's about one hit's worth, but you'd have to be hit first, which might not happen.

Hexing Runes - Increase one hex DC by 1, 1/day CL8 hex ward. The hex DC is what you're really after here.

Locket of False and True Friends - 1/day find out who was last person to help you or lie to you (at most 1 day ago, W17). Half elves gain +2 insight AC/saves/sense motives vs friends/false friends/ex-friends. This is sad sort of flavour, and you'd like to hope this is never useful.

Missive Stone - 3 mile walkie-talkie. Distance is either excessive or useless, but potentially useful.

Unerring Compass - Locate nearest flying city. Yup, that's flavour for you.

Vishkanya Periapt - Use vishkanya racial poison 1/day, or if you're a vishkanya, use it 2/day more and increase DC by 1. As a scaling DC poison, this is pretty nifty, and it's a swift action. It's just a shame it's merely dex poison unless you pick up the excellent vishkanya feat.

Beguiling Bangles - +5 to lie, +2 vs effects that force truthtelling. Circumstantial.

Amulet of Channeled Life - Basically a dhampir item. Gain half the hp from channeled positive to heal as temp hp for 10 mins. Relatively circumstantial.

Amulet of Euphoric Healing - Things get addicted to your healing spells and become easier to manipulate magically. It's quite funny, but not very useful.

Crest of the fallen - 1/day when knocked out, heraldric animal jumps out to defend you. It's fairly weak though.

Crystal of healing hands - Store a use of Lay on Hands, usable on the wearer on command. It's very expensive for what it does.

Guardian Gorget - +2 armour, light fortification, can scribe glyphs of warding on it and trigger as immediate when something hits you. Spell-storing armour is strictly better, but much harder to make, so this can make a potential substitute. Regardless, this is very slightly cheaper than bracers of armour for the ame thing.

Indomitable jewel - Immune magical sleep. If dazed/nauseated/paralysed/stunned from mind affecting, can take 2 ability damage to all mental stats for a standard action on your turn. Can't heal or negate the damage magically. Primarily that's protecting from hold person, which admittedly is nasty, or psychics. I don't think there are actually enough effects to make this worthwhile.

Medallion of thoughts - At will detect thoughts. Usable.

Monkey's Paw - 1/day reroll, shaken briefly if fail. Amulet of the blooded (Destined) is cheaper and slightly better.

Periapt of Protection from curses - 3/day immediate reroll saves vs curses. There's something about amulets and curses. I think the hand of the honest man somehow still wins this competition, since you can buy 4 of them for one of these.

Scarab of Mummy Defense - +4 vs fear, detect nearby mummies, negate next 12 diseases/curses but crumbles afterwards. Less reusable than the hand of the honest man, but more thorough protection and workable in more situations.

Talisman of Orc Mother's Fury - Orc Ferocity half-orc ability. Orc blood gives you diehard instead. Orc blood and diehard gives normal actions after being reduced below 0. Breaks if you die. Semi-uninspiring.

Forge fist amulet - +1d6 fire and bypass DR/adamantine with natural attacks/unarmed. Not hardness though. Of course, an actual adamantine weapon is 10k cheaper, even a +1 flaming one. Circumstantial.

Collar of Unliving Servitude - Bind with an undead; positive harming undead heals you instead, negative energy harming you heals undead instead. Not a PC item obviously. Relatively uncommon to see this used in either sense, but does make a great way of remotely healing undead minions by hurting yourself.

Fangwood Clasp - Hide in plain sight in forests if you have woodland stride. More circumstantial, but potentially a decent stealth item. Most people will need to UMD this, but works great for fey sorcerers.

Amulet of the Abyss - Keyed to a demon lord, variety of spell-likes (at your DCs), lets you know when the demon it's keyed to would disapprove of you actions. Very dependant on the spells you get, but they're typically 1/day each of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd level spell. Usually skipable.

Amulet of undead persuasion - make bland undead "food". Dhampirs gain +4 diplomacy and +2 DCs vs undead that eat the food and 1/day command undead on them. Feel like it's more a fix for unintentional vampirism or Dhampirs; capturing undead is tricky, and it's tough to trick things into eating stuff.

Gorget of living whispers - 1/day summon venomous snake 1 minute that has suggestion poison. This has really cool flavour, but it's really, really bad.

Periapt of Wound Closure - Auto-stabilise, double natural healing rate and heal normally unhealable wounds, immune hp bleed. Rubbish.

Necklace of ki serenity - +4 effective level for ki pool. That is, +2 ki and effectively beat next level of DR. You'll often prefer amulet of mighty fists, and amulet of hidden strength does the ki thing better.

Saffron slave collar - don't wear this yourself, but put it on prisoners. Eventually suppress emotions of prisoner for sure so long as mostly uninjured, 1/day suggestion with save if they don't have emotions suppressed yet or no save if they do. Interesting, but of debatable usefulness considering it's 16k.

Serpentine Choker - Put on someone else for 11 day geas, begins suffocating instead of regular penalties if you try to break the geas or don't obey it. Interesting, but like above, it's uncertain how useful this is in practice.

Eye of Brokerage - +5 appraise/vs lies, 1/day decern lies 7 rounds.  An easy skip.

Brooch of Amber Sparks - Absorb 20 electricity damage per attack, up to 50/day. Can release stored energy for "shocking grasp", dealing 1d6 per 5 damage absorbed. Electricity isn't especially common, but this is pretty cool.

Roc Rider Badge - Plot device. +2 handle animal/ride vs flying mounts, wild empathy with them or +5 wild empathy if already have it. Can also use it as a chest slot item? Yup, that's a plot device, and that's it.

Symbol of Sanguine Protection - Your blood is holy water, extractable, and hurts undead/evil outsiders that drink it. I like it, but think it's rubbish.

Gallows Rope - DR10/- and fast healing 5 when below 0. Mythic stuff mostly we don't care about. Technically works with diehard/ferocity. This is great for mythic, but I'm not sure how useful it is outside of that, but I'd be inclined to do talismans of life's breath instead.

Beast Talisman - When transform into an animal or while transformed as standard, expend up to 4th level spell to get double spell level enhancement on all natural attacks for 5 minutes (although only bypasses DR/magic. This is insanely good for druids or anyone doing this. +8 attack and damage, yes please!

Ampoule of False Blood - If you have a sorcerer bloodline, use another specific bloodline's powers instead of your own (but not arcana). Drink it to permanently swap. Niche.

Amulet of Magecraft - Universalist Wizard bonded object. Each day select a school of magic; you can spontaneously swap spells in that school to any other spell in that school you know of the same level or lower. Which is actually incredibly good, and drops a bit of goodness back into universalist wizard, which needs it, relatively speaking. Can probably UMD it and make it amazing, which it definitely is.

Charm of Aluum Control - Control the construct guards of Katapesh (which are pretty scary, actually). However, the chances of this being relevant are remote.

Dragonfoe Amulet - Ignore dragon's DR, reroll take best vs dragon's SR, evasion vs dragon breath weapon. Circumstantial.

Halflight Charm - Plot device. Darkvision 60 ft., +2 initiative underground, 1/year summon a duskwarden, whatever they are.

Noose of Terminal Embrace - Difficult to remove once on, 1/day immediately attempt to reverse a grapple when grappled, making their attempt auto-fail. Great for grapplers, less so for anyone else.

Hand of Abendego - 1/day immediate grapple attempt using your CMB, attempts to strangle any thieves near it (including its wearer). Very slightly better than above in that it's more usable, at the cost of being 258gp more expensive.

Amulet of Grasping Souls - 1/day swift ectoplasmic spell on next spell. Incorporeal creatures can pick up items and walk through walls with them. This is an excellent spiritualist item, although everyone else will find this boring.

Amulet of Spell Mastery - As a wizard bonded object, prepare 6 levels more spells per day. This is a Mega Budget Pearl of Power, nearly 40% cheaper! Not sure if you can UMD these, but worth it if you can.

Eye of Horus Amulet - +2 resistance, 1/day dispel evil, destroy to negate a blind effect. Dispel evil is pretty sweet, so it's actually kind of a shame the other two effects are there to bump its price up. Consider if you aren't getting a cloak of resistance.

Cartouche of distinctive warding - +1 deflection, 2/day CL11 shield, 1/day write someone's name in Ancient Osiriani to remove other effects but +2 vs basically all of the other person's stuff for an hour (then powerless for the rest of the day). This is fairly good, but only if you know the person's name. Still, shield at that caster level is pretty nifty for fighterous types.

Cloud Engineer Badge - 1/day life bubble/reduce person, +2 alchemy/engineering. Life bubble 1/day is just expensive, but it's quite reasonable. I'll assume this makes sense on theme since it's from a module and gives no flavour. The rest of the stuff is fairly blah. Also apparently for most PCs it's a chest item instead.

Amulet of Primal Mastery - Resist Primal Magic better. Yep, that's an optional ruleset that I know little about.

Slave Collar - To go on your slave, obviously. The owner can communicate telepathically, overcomes their SR and gains +5 to DCs against them. Tough to break open, and nigh impossible for the creature to do itself. Interesting for your pet dragons? Cirumstantial but useful. Useful in different ways to the saffron one, and works much better if you slip it on.

Hand of Stone - Tremorsense 30 ft. while you concentrate. This is really expensive for concentration, and I'm pretty sure there are boots that do the same thing, but better.

Periapt of Proof against poison - Immune to poison. Consider the Deathbalm amulet or choker of the siphoning scorpion for cheaper alternatives, but this is quite solid.

Amulet of Quaking Strikes - 2/day Attack the ground to attack all creatures in a 20ft. radius 100 ft. from you. Works with vital strike, power attack &c. but not magical attack boosts. This is super cool, particularly if you crit, and is probably a necessity for a vital strike build.

Mothman Memento - Semi-cursed? 3/day modify memory, nightmare on self if sleeping wearing it at which point needs remove curse to remove it. If nightmare kills you, turn into a mothman. Modify memory is one of my favourite spells, and this is frankly a really cheap and reusable way of doing this.

Medallion of Demonic Disruption - Make it harder for demons to summon, and always less effective. Of rare use.

Master's Call - 1/day dominate person (W18), modify memory (W17) on them to make them forget what happened while dominated or the attempt. Pleasantly subtle.

Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location - Constant CL8 nondetection, as if cast on yourself (although listed DC is wrong). Cheaper than it ought to be, but this is one of the things you're better off casting yourself if you're paranoid enough to want it.

Necklace of Spectral Strikes - +1 ghost touch Amulet of mighty fists, spend 1 ki as swift to make an attack an incorporeal touch attack. Some mythic stuff. You're paying about 20k over the +1 ghost touch, probably thanks to mythic boosting it, but it's pretty nifty for those important to land stunning fists. Consider that for an extra 500gp you're reaching Mighty Fists +3 though.

Necklace of Lovelies - Box o' 6 pixies. Immediate action ignore all damage from a single attack and explode a pixie. Can release a pixie for an immediate reroll and take best at some stage within next 7 days. There's a lot to be said for instantly negating a really big, nasty hit, like a finger of death or raging barbarian scythe crit, even as a consumable.

Scarab of Protection - SR 20. Immune to next 12 energy drains/death effects/negative energy effects, at which point it is destroyed. This really is incredibly good; as cheap as SR gets for a semi-reasonable value and outright immunity to instant death effects is excellent, even if it makes it a consumable.

Rimeheart Amulet - You get really cold. Fatigued while you wear it, protected from cold weather, cold resist 10, immune bleed, +4 resistance vs emotion, 1/day frigid touch. A flavourful array of abilities, but really not worth the 40k this costs.

Necklace of Netted Stars - 1/day dancing lights/wandering star motes, 7x pearl of power 1, 1/day no action counterspell up to 7th level spell with huge extra bonus and immediate action recall spell of that level or lower. A potentially budget pearl of power 7 (at 7k cheaper) and defensive item all in one, and definite must for casters.

Amulet of Radiation Absorption - Immune Radiation. Gains charges when exposed to radiation, which can be used for a variety of ray effects, none of which especially stand out. Circumstantial, although the effects are weak enough that it wouldn't be particularly breaking if you made the technically correct but unintended ruling that generic light charged it, too.

Iron Collar of the Unbound Coven - Can form a coven without hags, 3/day quickened hold person, 1/day transformation. Unlikely to ever see use by PCs, but it's maybe okay as an NPC item. Maybe reincarnation sellers...

Iron Road - Gate to 2 specific places in Hell. Probably a unique item. Cool though.

Star Cinder - 1/day supress nearby element resistance/immunity of one type for 12 rounds and attempt to dismiss all nearby outsiders each round for same duration; they're sickened regardless. Elementals are immune to supression effect. Absolute must for any blaster, although the AoE dismissal is really good too.

Zoic of the Primeval - +1 insight AC vs non-humanoids, +2 vs animals and outsiders, 1/day dominate animal/outsider (W23). Save's pretty solid, which is most of the price I image. That's mostly what you'd get it for anyway.

Agent's Clasp - Come in pairs. At will command word sending, although only one can initiate. Stores messages for later response if not immediately received. Expensive, but useful. And time saving.

Torc of Truespeech - Constant Tongues. Gets better with mythic. Super expensive, and 33% more so than base permanent tongues item. Try also permanency with tongues.

Sanguine Talisman of Sheel Leroung - +3 profane AC, Telepathic bond with a Barbazu (bearded) Devil bound in the amulet and 1/day summon him 8 rounds. That is, summon monster 5. Solid defence item for those rare profane bonuses, if expensive, but the bound devil could be interesting.

Whispering Amulet - Constant undetectable alignment, 1/day sending as standard (although bound to a specific glabrezu demon who hears this), once ever wish from the glabrezu, but this will probably backfire. Skip.

Shrunken Head - 1/day immediate absorb mind affecting spell of up to 5th level, standard to release this as enervation for negative levels equal to absorbed spell level. Increase fear DCs by 1. At 90k, there's a good chance that you won't be hit by many 5th level or lower mind affecting spells, so skip.

Phlegmatic Talisman - Binds a particular devil to a set location, and it always follows your orders while there. You can't hurt each other when nearby. Breaks if the devil's destroyed. Plot device!

Choker of the Rough Beast - +2 profane on saves, increase touch of corruption to d8s, nearby good creatures -2 perception and possibly shaken. Break to imprison yourself and summon fiendish carnivorous blob. Saves for the truly dedicated, but more likely used by antipaladins. Or people who are plot devices. Makes a cool boss though so you don't need to give the PCs a 100k item.

Amulet of the planes - At will plane shift, but requires DC15 int check to work properly. More expensive than it ought to be, really. Also, who needs plane shift at will, seriously?

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