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Magic item compendium part 6: Magic Weapons

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Great Adventurer
Great Adventurer
Welp, still going with this apparently. Usual system still going for magic weapons. Because it's more relevant than other forms of magical items, I'm including the caster level for all magic weapons and the price.

Special Qualities

Adaptive - 1,000 - CL1 - Composite bows only - Strength rating adapts to your strength. The main reason you'd get this is because you have variable strength, either because you're a barbarian or there's a lot of strength damage flying around. Extremely strong characters might like it because it's cheaper than a +11 strength rating bow. Or you might nab it because it's cheaper than selling your bow for a brand new one at the appropriate rating.

Shrinking - 1,000 - CL5 - On command turns into a dagger. Yup. If you really need to smuggle in your big sword and for whatever reason you can't do it any other way.

Dry Load - +1,500 - CL3 - Firearms only - Can use guns underwater. Fairly circumstantial but cheap enough to add as necessary.

Sniping (Sneaky) - +1,875 - Ranged only - +5 stealth when sniping only. Nice if you want it.

+1 weapon is here for reference (although you still need it to get anything above here)

Phantom Ammunition - +2,000 - CL7 - Ammunition only - Leaves no injury or other traces of its existence (price is for 50). Fairly circumstantial, but useful.

Prehensile - +2,500 - CL7 - Whip only - Swift action used as grappling hook, spend panache for 1 attack extra 5 ft. reach and precise strike. I really like the grappling hook thing for flavour, but it's fairly unremarkable.

Lesser Concealed - +3,000 - CL5 - Light/1H melee only - Physically transforms weapon into a specific non-weapon object of about same size and shape, including containers. Registers as nonmagical while transformed. Cheapest of this kind of effect, but not having any degree of variability might not work well.

Impervious - +3,000 - CL7 - +4 hardness and +20 hp per enhancement rather than +2 and +10. Double enhancement to break DC and CMD vs sunder. The likelihood of this being relevant is low. Still, it's relatively cheap if you become concerned later.

Glamered - +4,000 - CL10 - Looks like something else about the same size and nonmagical, breaks illusion if you attack. Cheapest flexible thing of this type.

Exclusionary - +3,750 - CL1 - Damage a creature to ignore it when you channel within a minute. I guess it's a flat bonus, but seems fairly circumstantial.

Resizing - +4,000 - CL5 - Changes size to suit its wielder. Feel like this is what you add when you find a weapon you like but it's too big/small. Usually because you're a halfling or something.

Sacrosanct - +5,000 - CL8 - Functions as un/holy symbol, 1/day channel radius is 40ft., spend mythic power to use that instead. Blah.

Sneaky - +5,000 - CL7 - Melee only - 1/day sneak attack on next attack or use hunter's surprise 1 extra time/day. Super cheap, in the scheme of things, so go for it.

Concealed - +7,500 - CL10 - Light/1H melee only - Physically transforms weapon into a non-weapon object of about same size and shape or smaller, including containers. Registers as nonmagical while transformed. Usually glamered will do, but this has a few extra advantages.

Improved Sniping (sneaky) - +7,500 - Ranged only - +10 stealth when sniping. You've reduced the penalty from -20 to just 10, which is impressive.

Agile - +1 - CL7 - Melee only - Dex to damage with weapon finesse. Doesn't let you do 2H damage with 2H finesse weapons. Classy.

Allying - +1 - CL5 - Start of your turn transfer enhancement bonus from your weapon to a friend you can see's. Doesn't stack. Main use I can see here is not using the weapon at all because you're a caster and pushing it to your fighter's weapon so they can get special stuff.

Answering - +1 - CL7 - Melee only - For opportune parry and riposte, it's a +5 weapon (or +4 if somehow you're avoiding a +1 bonus). Well, this is an obvious choice for swashbucklers, at least until your weapon starts being big enough that the increase no longer matters.

Bane - +1 - CL8 - Against a certain creature type (or subtype for humanoids and outsiders), increase enhancement bonus by 2 and +2d6 damage. These are amazing if you're fighting the same type of creature repeatedly.

Beaming - +1 - CL10 - 1/day swift make # of searing light orbs equal to enchantment, fire off 1/round when attacking for free, and they last until used or you sleep. It's not many, but it's still a 5d8 as a free action, basically.

Benevolent - +1 - CL5 - When aiding another for attack rolls, increase benefit by enhancement bonus. Fairly niche.

Bewildering - +1 - CL7 - 3/day on hit, Confuse 1d6 rounds (w17 each round to end). Very briefly okay, but the save falls off quickly after you're likely able to afford it.

Blood-hunting - +1 - CL8 - As bane above, but vs creatures with the bloodline class feature (i.e. sorcerers/bloodragers). As expected from my least-favourite book, it heavily implies you have to pick a specific bloodline, but then goes on to list "all" as a possible option, so I suppose that answers that question. Regardless, this is frankly awful.

Bloodsong - +1 - CL6 - Melee S or P only - While affected by raging song, double crit range and gain temporary hp on crit. Excellent if it's UMDable (can see it either way) or you're a skald, just okay if you're not the one making it tick.

Brawling - +1 - CL7 - Melee light B only - enhancement bonus to CMB. Very niche; you need to be using not the weapon for your CMB otherwise it applies anyway.

Breaking - +1 - CL5 - +2d6 damage vs inanimate objects and crystalline creatures, ignore hardness 5 or lower. Sunderers will love the extra damage, even if the hardness bit pops when adamantine comes in. The only real people who'll use this though.

Called - +1 - CL9 - Teleports to hand as a swift action from up to 100 ft. away. Main use is drawing as a swift rather than move, although not bad for disarms. Vital strike throws? Not completely niche.

Catalytic - +1 - CL12 - Requires Corrosive or Corrosive burst - F15 or 1d6 acid for 1d4 rounds, extra failed saves increase duration only. Pro: Good energy type. Con: On a minimum +3 equivalent weapon, appropriate monsters aren't going to fail especially often. Get shocking or something instead.

Clustershot - +1 - CL5 - Ammunition only - When firing multiple of these arrows (such as manyshot), can still crit/sneak attack at half damage. Expensive for something that might not happen for the crit, but I suppose it's decent for sneak attacks.

Compassionate- +1 - CL7 - Weapon stabilises things below 0. More useful than you might expect, although you might still kill things if you do enough damage. Try Merciful as a usually better alternative, keeping in mind it won't work on undead or constructs.

Conductive - +1 - CL8 - 1/round use 2 uses of a spell-like or supernatural ability that requires touch on successful hit. This is about the only way to make certain abilities remotely usable, such as the 1st elemental bloodline power. Does interesting things for kineticists.

Confounding - +1 - CL5 - Crit to spend 1 panache for immediate disarm/trip/reposition/sunder w. no AoO. You tend to want to keep both of those for parry and riposte.

Conserving - +1 - CL7 - Firearms only - If you miss, don't use the ammo. Thing is, it's a firearm. Miss?

Corrosive - +1 - CL10 - +1d6 acid. The best of this style of ability, although will be shut down by any resistance whatsoever

Countering - +1 - CL5 - Melee only -  +2 CMD vs sunder/disarm, respond in kind as immediate if that's relevant (no AoOs). Blah.

Courageous - +1 - CL3 - Melee only - Morale bonus vs fear equal to enhancement, increases any other similar bonus by half enhancement. More blah.

Cruel - +1 - CL5 - Hit scared creature to sicken 1 round, 5 temp hp for 10 minutes when defeat a creature. Cornugon Smash is a super good feat power attackers should pick up, because intimidate is very easy to do, and lets you use this excellent thing as well.

Cunning - +1 - CL6 - +4 confirmation with 5 ranks in creature's knowledge type or +6 with 15. Doesn't look like much, but it's a huge boon for any decent crit range weapon.

Dazzling Radiance - +1 - CL7 - Melee only - When using dazzling display, in 15 ft. W17 or blind 2 rounds and dazzle 1d4 rounds, dazzle 1d4 rounds even on save. Relatively useless feat, relatively useless enchantment. Save's not especially relevant.

Deadly - +1 - CL5 - Nonlethal melee weapons only - Deal lethal damage instead. So just use a real weapon?

Debilitating - +1 - CL7 - hit Flat footed, -1 attack or AC one round, stacks with unchained rogue's debilitating injury. Come on, at least make flanking work.

Deceptive - +1 - CL9 - Bonus to feint equal to enhancement, immediate feint on crit. Not sure I've seen this used to properly judge, but it seems decent for feinters or even not awful for just anyone who might not otherwise use swift actions.

Defending - +1 - CL8 - Make your enhancement bonus an untyped AC bonus instead. Combat Expertise, the weapon enhancement! Just kind of worse because it hits damage too.

Disjoining - +1 - CL7 - Melee only - Target can't use mythic power 1d4 rounds, and you can't while using this. Mythic, so who cares.

Dispelling - +1 - CL10 - Melee only - Cast dispel magic in and trigger it on hit, with bonus equal to enhancement. Same bonus applies if weapon smashes spells and stuff. Expect this will be used lots. 2CL lower than spell-storing, the other way to do this, which may be relevant. See also Dispelling burst as a direct upgrade.

Distance - +1 - CL6 - Ranged Only - Double range incriment. Only really useful on fairly short range weapons or you have many fights at extremely long distances.

Distracting - +1 - CL5 - Increase target's next concentration check in 1 minute by 5. Only affects each creature 1/day. Wow, this is kind of nasty. I like it. Well, except for the 1/creature/day bit. See greater distracting further down.

Driving - +1 - CL10 - Ranged only - Bull rush or trip with ranged attack. Obviously trip is... not the best for a full attack. Early, anyway. Bull rush can be nice though.

Drowscourge - +1 - CL8 - +1 better vs drow and driders, 1/day detect drow & 1/day darkvision. Urgh. Just get bane if you care that much.

Dueling (I) - +1 - CL7 - When doing a combat manoeuvre using the weapon only, gain luck bonus double the enhancement bonus, also to CMD. Well, this is pretty amazing. Works even better for amulets of mighty fists so it hits everything...

Fate-stealing - +1 - CL5 - Melee only - Steal a point of grit or panache as a swift action on hit. Obviously only works on gunslingers/Swashbucklers. Blah.

Fervent - +1 - CL8 - Tuned to deity. Worship deity for +4 bluff/disguise/hide weapon from other religions, hit FF other religion for W13 or shaken, +2 crit confirm vs other religion. Well, it's a weird way of getting some skill bonuses, although become fairly funny if you say "No particular religion" counts as another religion. Wouldn't bother even with that though.

Flamboyant - +1 - CL8 - 1H/light P melee only - 1 panache point, usable as normal, refreshes each day. Spend panache to reroll nat 1 on attack roll. Obviously a swashbuckler item, but there's still some usage left for others.

Flaming - +1 - CL10 - +1d6 fire. Easily the worst element to pick due to how common it is and therefore resistances to. Corrosive is usually the best pick since it typically stops regeneration like fire does but is much more unusual to have defences against.

Fortuitous - +1 - CL8 - Melee only - 1/round on AoO hit, get another AoO at -5. Wow, this is pretty brutal. I like it.

Frost - +1 - CL8 - +1d6 cold. Better than fire in that it's not as common. Worse in that it doesn't stop regeneration often. Corrosive is the best choice of this variety, but shock's also better (cold's 2nd most common)

Furious - +1 - CL8 - Melee only - While raging, +2 better. Gives skill bonus if you have any rage powers that give skill bonuses. Barbarians and similar classes should never use anything else. Probably UMDable to make it the best

Ghost touch - +1 - CL9 - Full damage vs incorporeal. Fairly circumstantial, but potent when it works.

Grayflame - +1 - CL6 - Melee only - Expend channel as swift for bonus increase by +1 and +1d6 damage that only affects relevant alignments for rounds equal to channel dice. Only really imagine this being used to  get clerics/paladins over the +5 cap, although I suppose if you've got the resources to spare it's better than a straight increase.

Grounding - +1 - CL5 - Melee only - Touch electric surfaces safely with weapon, +1d6 vs air subtype, +2 competence vs air/electricity. Saves are interesting? Not especially useful though and air outsider bane usually does this better.

Growing - +1 - CL6 - Melee only - 1/day 10 minutes weapon is one size larger, but you can still wield it normally. Obviously some weapons *cough butchering axe cough* benefit from this more than others, but I expect this is an unusual way of stacking lead blades/enlarge person with an extra effect. Also this is hilarious with amulet of mighty fists.

Guardian - +1 - CL8 - Melee only - Each round, can choose to transfer enhancement to saves (doesn't stack with defending). Well, this at least has some merit if you find you're not regularly getting into the fight first round. Still wouldn't bother though.

Guided - +1 - CL7 - Wis to attack and damage, no adjustments for off-hand or 2H weapons for damage. This is niche but a very definite thing to keep in mind, particularly for later game starts. If nothing else, it's not a bad investment for your backup melee/ranged weapon when your usual stuff isn't working and you haven't got the stats for effective use of something else.

Healer's Sorrow - +1 - CL5 - Ammunition only - Halves magical healing until removed (which takes at least 10 minutes and a hard heal check). Obviously this is only of any use vs PCs, or not at all if they're using a wand of infernal healing.

Heartseeker +1 - CL7 - Melee only. Ignore concealment vs living, although still need to target right square. Not total concealment though, making this of more limited use.

Huntsman - +1 - CL7 - Enhancement to survival, +1d6 to things you've tracked. Quite circumstantial.

Injecting - +1 - CL5 - Blades only - Stores up to 3 poisons, swift action to use. It's normally a standard or the best I've seen to make it better is a move.

Inspired - +1 - CL7 - Investigator weapons only - Reduce inspiration required for attacks to 1, or add double roll to damage if you can already do that (ie +2d6 damage). I'm not sure this is the best use of inspiration, but better to be efficient about it if you're doing it.

Jurist - +1 - CL4 - Slowly increasing perception/CMD bonus when using judgement (max +3). Blah.

Keen - +1 - CL10 - p/s melee only - Doubles crit range. The alternative is Improved Critical. You'll want on or the other, definitely, unless you're largely using on-hit effects.

Ki Focus - +1 - CL8 - Melee only - Use ki through the weapon as if it was an unarmed strike. It's often cheaper to use ascetic style if it's a concern, and frankly you probably have that if you're looking at this.

Kinslayer - +1 - CL8 - +2 better and +2d6 damage vs things in your family. Super situational.

Leveraging - +1 - CL6 - Melee only - enhancement vs bullrush/trip/drag/reposition, double that to same CMB. Dueling (I) is strictly better, but it does stack with this.

Limning - +1 - CL5 - Faerie fire on hit 1 round, so long as has magical concealment. Tends to only really be relevant if you can see them anyway... which makes it pointless. Except for your friends, I suppose. It tends not to be a fighter's job to deal with this.

Lucky - +1 - CL8 - Firearms only - Stores 1 grit, can spend it (even for non-grit users) to reroll misfired shot. Advantage of this over reliable is it would have missed anyway, so the reroll's nice. On the other hand, it's much less frequent use.

Menacing - +1 - CL10 - Melee only - Threaten a flanked creature to increase flanking bonus by 2 for all allies, even if you're not flanking. Only thing better than an attack increase that's easy to get to work is the same thing for everyone. The only reason you wouldn't have this is because someone else already has this (won't stack because same source)

Merciful - +1 - CL5 - +1d6 damage, but all damage is nonlethal (can turn on and off as standard for these). Taking people alive is often useful, and it's more damage than you'd otherwise get, not to mention much better to hit if you were doing nonlethal anyway. Does make some things immune to you though, until you turn it off.

Mighty Cleaving - +1 - CL8 - Melee only - When cleaving, one extra attack if the first hits, so long as adjacent to the first, and can't hit the first. Oddly, it lets you hit the second target twice though. Worthwhile if you're cleaving.

Mimetic - +1 - CL5 - Melee only - Damage a creature with a resistance/immunity to get stacking resistance 10 (max 30) to one of those for 1 round. Convenient in that often creatures with resistance have energy attacks to match it.

Miserable - +1 - CL8 - Keyed to creature type (or subtype for humanoids/outsiders). Halves natural energy resistances 1 round every hit. Like bane, super circumstantial.

Mythic Bane - +1 - CL8 - Bane, but for mythic, and stacks with it. You will never use this, almost certainly. Good in the right situation though.

Neutralising - +1 - CL5 - Melee only - turns nonmagical acid into water, +1d6 damage vs Earth subtype, +2 saves vs earth/acid. Fairly circumstantial.

Ominous - +1 - CL5 - Melee only - Enhancement to intimidate, W13 on crit on shaken 1 minute. Blah.

Patriotic - +1 - CL10 - Tuned to country/ethnicity. Belong to country for +4 bluff/disguise/hide weapon from other nationalities, hit FF other nationality for W13 or shaken, +2 crit confirm vs other Nationality. Well, it's a weird way of getting some skill bonuses. Adventurers often come from literally anywhere but where they are, so will usually work. Not that useful though.

Pitfall - +1 - CL5 - Melee only - Enhancement to initiative, Reflex/AC vs traps. Why isn't this an armour bonus? Wouldn't particularly bother though.

Planar - +1 - CL9 - Ignore 5 DR vs outsiders. Often outsiders have obnoxious alignment DRs, so this can work quite well (although holy usually does the trick better).

Quenching - +1 - CL5 - Melee only - extinguishes medium nonmagical fires, +1d6 damage vs fire subtype, +2 saves vs fire. For the same reason flaming weapons are bad, this is okay. Relatively common save.

Reliable - +1 - CL8 - Firearms only - reduces misfire chance by 1 (min 0). That's 0 for a pistol and 1 for muskets and blunderbusses, so it's quite pleasant.

Rusting - +1 - CL7 - Rusting grasp on crit by not doing extra damage. But rusting grasp doesn't work on magic armour and metal creatures are rare. Also can't attack unattended objects, which is funny. Avoid.

Sacred - +1 - CL16 - When using channel, spend a minor blessing to use it on someone hit by the channel. Well, this is arbitrarily high level, so guess you won't be making this one. I'm not especially impressed.

Sapping - +1 - CL5 - Nonlethal damage weapons only - +2d6 nonlethal on hit, fatigue 5 rounds on crit.  Reasonable on unarmed strikes since it doesn't stop you doing regular lethal with it, but also good for, well, your basic sap.

Seaborne - +1 - CL7 - Melee only - Attack normally underwater, double enhancement to swim. This is a surprisingly rare effect, although the Free Swim spell does this. Still, cheaper for a new weapon with this than a wand of that.

Shadow Shooting - +1 - CL8 - Ranged only - Don't need to reload, but Will DC 15+enhancement causes minimum damage. Obviously better on things like crossbows and firearms where reloading is a significant barrier, although the save is low enough and the damage dice large enough for 2H firearms/heavy crossbows that it's a somewhat mixed blessing. Crossbows should consider shadow shooting as an upgrade.

Shock - +1 - CL8 - +1d6 electric damage. Not as good as acid for general use, but it'll do. Rarer energy than cold or fire, anyway, so less likely to be shut down (which is good, because it only takes 5)

Skewering - +1 - CL5 - Light/1H P melee only - Spend 1 panache to confirm crit (don't regain it due to crit though). Always reasonable.

Slithering - +1 - CL11 - Melee only - Halve cover/squeezing attack penalties, enhancement to CMD vs disarm/sunder. Circumstantial.

Smashing - +1 - CL10 - B Melee only - +2d6 vs animimate objects including sunder. Breaking is strictly better (although they do stack)

Sparkfly crystal arrow - +1 - CL3 - Ammunition only - -1 attacks and "checks" 1 minute, reduce concealment 1 step. There's a certain edge this has over limning, mostly the duration. Who knows what it means by "checks" because it could be just skills or literally every d20 roll, which would make it actually great.

Spell Hurling - +1 - CL8 - Thrown weapons only - Magus can use spellstrike with thrown weapon. Technically, this is UMDable for anyone to use this.

Spell Storing - +1 - CL12 - Melee only - Cast preprepared 3rd level spell on hit as free action. You should always have this eventually! Vampiric touch for healing or Force Punch to get rid of something nasty, there are lots of excellent choices.

Spirit-hunting - +1 - CL8 - Like bane but vs Mystery/spirit class feature only, and tuned to specific mystery/spirit. Good grief, at least the sorcerer equivalent let you pick all of them and you could argue some monsters might have it.  Avoid.

Sticky - +1 - CL8 - Reach or P weapons or flails - Steal at +2 instead of extra crit damage. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah sorry my keyboard got stuck.

Summon-bane - +1 - CL8 - Bane, but for summoned/called/eidolons. Noteworthy in that this can feasibly be all outsiders you'll encounter. Or none of them, depending on GM.

Thawing - +1 - CL5 - Melee only - Melts ice, +1d6 damage vs cold subtype, +2 saves vs cold. Fairly circumstantial.

Throwing - +1 - CL5 - Melee only - Throw weapon without penalty, 10ft. range increment. Blah.

Thundering - +1 - CL5 - +1d8 sonic (scaling with multiplier) on crit, F14 or permanently deaf. Probably the best critical effect around.

Training - +1 - CL3 - Fixed combat feat so long as you meet prereqs. There's always something you'll want.

Underwater - +1 - CL5 - B/S melee only - ignore underwater combat penalties. Seabourne is strictly better.

Valiant - +1 - CL5 - Melee only - Challenge a foe for +1d6 damage vs them, +2 disarm/sunder and +4 vs disarm/sunder. Well, I guess damage is damage, even if it's not that stunning.

Vampiric - +1 - CL5 - P/S Melee only - Hit living to heal 1/2 damage dealt, up to HD, 1/round. max healing/day is 2/HD. Just get spell storing and vampiric touch. Nice addition to that though.

Viscious - +1 - CL9 - Melee only - +2d6 to target, 1d6 to you. This is the best damage increase of a +1 weapon (and a lot of +2 weapons) that doesn't have some kind of restriction. The damaging yourself though... Well, I guess Unchained barbarians get temporary hp. If you have some kind of fast healing or maybe DR?

Virulent - +1 - CL5 - Poison DC and duration increase by enhancement. I actually quite like this on an amulet of mighty fists for monsters...

Veering - +1 - CL5 - ranged only - reduce cover penalty by 2. Allies have a habit of getting in the way, and although there are feats for that, they're somewhat intensive (notably requires BAB +11).

+2 weapons fit in here for reference

Transformative - +10,000 - CL10 - Melee only - Turns into any other melee weapon of similar shape and handedness. Not going to turn reach into non-reach, mores the pity. Much like resizing, it's what you add when it's a really cool weapon and it's just not quite the weapon you want. Particularly for specific weapons which are sometimes... yes.

Dueling (II) - +14,000 - CL5 - Finesse melee only - +4 initiative if drawn, +2 disarm/feint, +2 vs disarm/feint. Obviously this is great on natural attacks/unarmed strikes. You should definitely grab this at some stage.

Greater transformative - +15,000 - CL15 - Turns into any other weapon. This is actually very difficult to add, and it's because it kind of negates the need for a backup weapon (as in, a bow for melee). Other than that it's much quicker to draw a new weapon than activate this.

Advancing - +2 - CL5 - Melee only - 1/round swift 5-foot after damaging opponent, -2 attack afterwards. Can't combine with similar effects. Has a certain degree of utility, although it's expensive. Enables flanking fairly well, and is actually absurd with reach weapons (ironically making this really a retreating weapon)

+3 weapons fit in here for reference. Keep in mind that a straight +3 weapon bypasses DR cold iron and silver.

Anarchic - +2 - CL7 - +2d6 vs lawful, bypass DR/Chaos. Relatively circumstantial; lawful creatures aren't especially common in the grand scheme of things.

Anchoring - +2 - CL10 - Melee or thrown only - Swift action lock in place as an immoveable rod, stopping things moving (can't attack while it's like this). Obviously you'll be wanting another weapon to go with this, or else do it on your last attack. Funny on an amulet of mighty fists, but does work particularly effectively. Consider also tripping or combining with spells like wall of fire.

Axiomatic - +2 - CL7 - +2d6 vs chaotic creatures, bypass DR/Law. While not as good as, say, holy, this kind of covers a decent chunk of things you'll fight as well.

Burning - +2 - CL12 - Automatically set fire to unattended flammable objects (magic items get F13) briefly. 3/day on command tiny explosion to spread it. Yeesh this is awful and bad at a +1. So get flaming instead!

Corrosive burst - +2 - CL12 - +1d6 acid, +1d10 on crit (adjusted for multiplier). See corrosive. I'd personally go for thundering for something that's basically guaranteed to do the damage, but acid'll do. Probably worth the upgrade if you're nabbing corrosive anyway.

Culling - +2 - CL8 - S Melee only - +2d6 on cleaves, including cleaving finish. Obviously if you're using cleave, you should get this. For that matter, it makes it worth using cleaves on those times you can't actually full attack anyway.

Cyclonic - +2 - CL12 - Ranged or ammunition only - Ignore environmental conditions such as wind or being underwater. Wind particularly can really mess up archers, so if nothing else, you should have a few cyclonic arrows.

Defiant - +2 - CL10 - Melee only - Don't drop it. Enhancement on stabilise & vs ongoing conditions, extra uses of various 1/day defence feats. Has an interesting niche, but wouldn't go out of my way considering the price.

Lesser Designating - +2 - CL7 - ranged or ammunition only - Allies gain +2 morale attack/damage 1 round on melee attacks vs target (don't stack in any way). Attack won't stack with heroism, but damage is pretty unusual.

Dispelling Burst - +2 - CL12 - Melee only - Can store (greater) dispel magic and use it on hit, or swift if you crit and have it ready, with a enhancement or crit multiplier as a bonus (whichever's higher). You should always pick this up eventually.

Disruption - +2 - CL14 - B Melee only - Undead must make Will 14 or be destroyed. Hit 'em enough and they'll fail eventually, despite the awful save.

Greater Distraction - +2 - CL8 - Next concentration check made in 1 minute takes -10 penalty, then immune 1 day. Basically, you more or less guarantee they fail their next spell.

Endless Ammunition - +2 - CL9 - Bows and crossbows only - Don't need to reload. Specifically doesn't work for firearms. Only really some use for crossbows.

Flaming burst - +2 - CL12 - +1d6 fire, +1d10 on crit (adjusted for multiplier). See flaming. I would seriously get thundering instead. This will be absorbed by every man and his hell hound, unless maybe you're using a x4 crit weapon.

Furyborn - +2 - CL7 - Melee only - Enhancement increases by 1 every successful hit, max +5, until you attack something else or target dies. It's easier to hit +5 potentially, and cheaper, but frankly I'd rather have the +3 weapon and consistency. Which is better on average unless you're reliably hitting at least 4 times.

Glitterwake - +2 - CL12 - Ranged only - 3/day swift basically glitterdust. Nothing's making that save of course, but it does make stuff visible.

Glorious - +2 - CL5 - Melee only - Dazzle on hit 1 round and constant daylight. Blind 1 round on crit (w14) or more with big multipliers. If you really need that hard-to-supress light source. A kind of odd way of getting reliable +1 AC?

Harvesting - +2 - CL9 - MYTHIC Melee only - Steal 1 mythic power on crit. Could be useful; mythic power does a lot of nice stuff.

Heretical - +2 - CL9 - Like bane, but against specific religion. And +2. This should really be +1 as well, but even then it's niche. Still, people tend to worship the same old crazies repeatedly, so it's not too bad.

Holy - +2 - CL7 - +2d6 vs evil, bypass DR/Good. This is only nearly everything you'll ever fight. Even when evil.

Icy Burst - +2 - CL9 - +1d6 cold, +1d10 on crit (increasing with multiplier). See Frost. Well, it's better than fire, marginally. Seriously, don't pick a common energy like this a lot of things are going to resist. Get thundering instead, and frost if you're really married to cold.

Igniting - +2 - CL12 - +1d6 fire damage, crit to set on fire no save (1d6 each round, r15 after 1st). I can't believe it's worse than flaming burst.

Impact - +2 - CL9 - Non-light melee only - weapon damage +1 step, enhancement to bull rush. Wow, this is expensive for this effect. Look at growing for short duration. Considering on average this is just +2 damage, it's not actually that hot, compared to the alternative of a +3 weapon. Unless you're vital striking, I guess.

Invigorating - +2 - CL5 - Melee only - beat someone to recover from fatigue/exhausted, or +2 morale attack and +10 movement until end of next turn. Problem is, this doesn't stack with buffs like heroism or haste, both of which you're likely to have. Therefore, skip.

Ki intensifying - +2 - CL12 - Actual weapon Melee only - Use ki through the weapon as if it was an unarmed strike, increase DCs by half enhancement bonus (min 1), spend 1 ki as swift for combat manoeuvre. It's not the cheapest way for a DC increase, and ascetic style kind of covers this. Still, it does mean you can use another style feat instead.

Legbreaker - +2 - CL7 - B Melee only - Reduce land speed 10 ft. 1d4 rounds on hit. Free trip on crit. There are no bludgeoning weapons with a huge crit rate to take advantage of this with (I hadn't noticed until now that any unusual critical at all is unusual on a bludgeoning weapon). This doesn't stand out as especially useful.

Liberating - +2 - CL12 - Melee only - enhancement to sense motive, doubled to ID enchantments. Does nonlethal damage vs things under direct mental control and gives them a new save with Morale bonus equal to enhancement, can't work again if they fail. Has some nice stuff, but not sure I'm willing to pay a +2 for it.

Lifesurge - +2 - CL8 - Melee only - Enhancement to saves vs necromancy, enhancement to temp hp, double crit range vs undead, +1d8 on crit (adjusted for multiplier), can heal half that instead. It's got a small boost over the combination of thundering and keen, but at the expense of undead only. Usable, but bane is probably a suitable substitute.

Negating - +2 - CL5 - Melee only - reduce DR/alignment by 5 for 1 round (doesn't stack). While this has some benefit for your party, for the most part you should just get holy or something similar and just bypass that segment completely.

Oblivating - +2 - CL10 - B melee only - Crit or sneak attack forces F16 or lose 1d6 minutes of memory and flat footed until next turn. Interesting. Good enough to sometimes see used, despite the awful save.

Peaceful - +2 - CL8 - Creatures that take nonlethal from this weapon are shaken 1 round if they deal lethal damage (duration stacks, condition does not). Well, that's an easy debuff. Add cruel to this, maybe?

Penetrating - +2 - CL9 - Ammunition only - F17 or also hits creature behind it. Well, it's cool, and because it's ammo, it's cheap. Fort save is less fun though, especially since it's now consumable.

Phase Locking - +2 - CL7 - Dimensional anchor 1 round. There is nothing quite as annoying as a caster just teleporting away when the going gets rough.

Potent - +2 - CL12 - Not ammunition - swift spend mythic power to increase enhancement bonus by half tier (min 1, max total +6). You need at least tier 6 to be worthwhile over just a plain +2, making this somewhat... limiting. Still, I guess if you just want special qualities?

Quaking - +2 - CL6 - B melee only - attack ground as standard to trip things, as your normal trip attempt. The only real reason you'd consider this is because it lets you trip big things.

Runeforged - +2 - CL13 - Keyed to a specific virtue/vice and school of magic, with various effects. With all of them, +2 morale vs that school, and if personality suits the weapon, +2 initiative and +1 dodge AC.
- Covetous/Charitable (Evocation) - Bane vs evokers and fire subtype, fire resist 5.
- Dominant/Commanding (Transmutation) - Bane vs transmuters and shapechangers, 3/day immune harmful transmutations.
- Jealous/Trusting (Necromancy) - Bane necromancers and created undead, absorb 3 neg levels/day
- Miserly/Generous (Illusion) - Bane illusionists and shadow plane creatures, 3/day auto dispel magic vs illusions.
- Parasitic/symbiotic (Enchantment) - Bane enchanters and creatures under magic control, 1/day auto dispel magic vs enchantment and heal 6d6.
- Sadistic/Compassionate (Abjuration) - Bane abjurers and anything with an abjuration spell. 1/day immune dispel magic
- Tyrannical/liberal (Conjuration) - Bane conjurers and summons, 3/day dismissal on crit.
As with everything, the morale bonus is largely redundant because of heroism. The initiative and AC are great though, if you're appropriate. Of everything else, Jealous/Dominant merit note for defensives (Jealous is actually somewhat unusual to trigger since many undead are more naturally formed), Miserly for particularly mirror image removal (it actually specifically triggers on images and not real people), and of course, Abjuration for just being awesome on both offence and defence.

Sharding - +2 - CL10 - Melee or thrown only - Throw weapon without throwing it (10 ft. range increment). Range isn't fabulous, but it can save drawing a ranged weapon (although it's cheaper to get a ranged weapon). Arguably better than returning.

Shattering - +2 - CL8 - +2d6 damage vs inanimate objects and crystalline creatures, +1d10 on crit same targets (adjusted for multiplier), ignore hardness 10 or lower. I'd just stick with breaking and get thundering if you want a crit effect. Besides, Adamantine is just better.

Shocking Burst - +2 - CL10 - +1d6 electricity, +1d10 on crit (adjusted for multiplier). Has the decency at least to have a good element type and is therefore feasably usable.

Silencing - +2 - CL8 - DC to hear the fight is 10 rather than -10, so long as everything's got one of these/hit by one of these. Crit to silence rounds equal to multiplier, W13 + 2x(multiplier -2). Wow, a weapon that's actually just better with x4 crits. Things might even fail that save (if they survive). It's enough to make this okay

Sniping (Range) - +2 - CL7 - Ranged only - sneak range increase to 45 ft. Recommend sniper's goggles instead for 4k more than adding sniping for no range limit and bonuses when you're close. Also, urgh, ranged sneak.

Stalking - +2 - CL10 - Study nearby creature for enhancement rounds, deal +1d6/round studied on first hit. Definitely the highest damage potential, even if it's only one hit. But it's one hit.

Toxic - +2 - CL7 - Poison DC +2, 25% chance can reuse poison once. While the same price and DC adjustment as a +2 virulent weapon, the poison reuse is potentially worth this instead. Although if you can, get both, since they stack.

Treasonous - +2 - CL12 - Same as patriotic, but also bane against that nationality. This will often hit a huge number of creatures.

Truthful - +2 - CL11 - Melee only - Ignore miss chance from illusion concealment, including mirror image. Stores dispel magic and uses it automatically when strikes an illusion. Oh, mirror image, the bane of all martials, how useful it is to be able to ignore you.

Unseen - +2 - CL7 - Melee only - It's invisible. That's basically it. Things are often flat footed against your first attack. Interesting, but permanency does this cheaper.

Greater Vampiric - +2 - CL8 - P/S Melee only - Hit living to heal 1/2 damage dealt, up to HD, 1/round. max healing/day is 5/HD. Okay, crunch. It's about 2hp/level on vampiric touch, so this is flat a better healer. But vampiric does more damage. Still, this is adequate.

Unholy - +2 - CL7 - +2d6 vs good, bypass DR/evil. Usually a poor choice for PCs, but has merit as an NPC weapon. Occasionally *grumble neutral characters who don't go with the plot grumble*

Wounding - +2 - CL10 - Melee only - 1 stacking bleed damage on hit. Niche use for monks or two weapon fighting.

+4 weapons go here for reference. You can overcome Cold Iron, Silver and Adamantine DR

Greater Sniping - +16,875 - CL15 - Ranged only - +15 stealth when sniping. Penalty's only -5 now, so you're probably completely safe now.

Exhausting - +3 - CL12 - Melee only - Exhaust on crit. That is, a -6 penalty to strength and dex (penalties can't knock you out), half speed and can't run or charge. It's a fairly nasty debuff with no save and more importantly, it will drop many even average strength characters to heavy encumbrance, making their speed and AC even lower. Less useful vs casters, unless you weaken them to the extent they're actually over heavy encumbrance and can't move.

Greater Flamboyant- +3 - CL5 - 1H/light P melee only - 3 panache points, usable as normal, refreshes each day. Spend panache to reroll nat 1 on attack roll. I note with some amusement that this is lower caster level than the original, classic ACG. For the most part, nice as panache is, you don't really want to spend a +3 to get 3 more points when +1 gets you 1.

Gory - +3 - CL15 - Melee only. Stacking 1d2 bleed on hit, crit gives free intimidate with +level bonus. The nice thing is that's an easy check to make with even a small investment, and wounding's pretty nice anyway.

Greater Lucky - +3 - CL12 - Firearms only - stores 3 grit, can use it to reroll misfires. Although there's something to be said for rerolls, just get Greater reliable and avoid misfires completely for the same price.

Nullifying - +3 - CL12 - Melee only - reduce SR by 1 for 1 minute, stacks, crits reduce it by multiplier. Niche use; more likely your magical pals will push it on you if you get multiple attacks. Not bad for Magi though.

Redeemed - +3 - CL12 - +2d6 vs evil, enhancement to saves vs evil outsiders, +5 ID evil outsiders. It's okay, but I'd stick with holy unless you have hordes of evil outsiders.

Greater Reliable - +3 - CL12 - Firearms only - Reduces misfire chance by 4 (min 0). That's 0 for everything, even with alchemical cartridges. Even gnomish experimental gunsmiths are fine.

Repositioning - +3 - CL10 - Melee only - +2 enhancement to reposition, crits give free reposition. Trouble is, you can already reposition with a weapon, so by having the +4 weapon instead...

Sonic Boom - +3 - CL8 - Firearms and firearm ammunition only - +1d6 sonic to target and things near bullet's path, things that take that damage F16 or deafened 1 minute. With the number of attacks you can get, things are likely to be deaf. Also you might want to invest in some sonic resistance for your party, or else line up well.

Speed - +3 - CL7 - Extra full BAB attack/round, doesn't stack with haste. Considering haste is a spell that will often be put on you and you can get two boots of haste and a +2 weapon for this, I'd skip.

Spellstealing - +3 - CL13 - Melee only. On crit, attempt to dispel and steal the effect for 1 minute (high crits give more spells). Potential to remove more effects than even greater dispel magic

Tailwind - +3 - CL12 - Ranged only - Gust of wind through path of weapon, extra 60ft. of range (not increments though). Seems not that useful beyond thrown weapons (which is a huge boon to them)

Umbral - +3 - CL9 - Melee with hilt/handle only - It's kind of invisible, darkvision 30 ft., constant darkness. very blah.

+5 Weapons for reference here, which bypass basically all DR

Brilliant Energy - +4 - CL16 - Ignore armour and shield, can't hurt undead/constructs/objects. It's still quite potent vs humanoids, which brings it to okay at least. Also, ranged weapons can fire through walls, which is amazingly cool.

Dancing - +4 - CL15 - Melee only - Standard activate, attacks from your square on its own for 4 rounds. Presumably using your STR/DEX/Power attack/feats &c., but it doesn't say. The only actual problem with this is the way it means you need another weapon.

Greater Designating - +4 - CL12 - Ranged only - Melee attacks gain +4 morale attack and +6 morale damage vs target 1 round (nothing stacks). This is cool; this beats heroism and is a substantial boost for... not you. Still, definitely look at this.

Nimble Shot - +4 - CL11 - Ranged only - Don't provoke AoOs from firing weapon. Although you can pick up point blank master, it does require at least 4 fighter levels (or 6 ranger levels), which can be fairly restrictive. While you can often avoid it being in a situation where you provoke, you can't always.

Second chance - +4 - CL11 - Bows only - Reroll missed attack 1/round. With so many attacks, you're likely to miss at least once a round, but it's also nice to just negate a nat 1.

Flying - +5 - CL16 - Melee only - Standard activate, attacks on its own for 4 rounds, moving up to 30 ft. away. Swift action to recall it to you. As the direct upgrade to dancing, this has a couple of advantages, so it might be worth considering.

Heart-Piercing - +5 - CL10 - P ranged only - Crit from nat 20 pierces the heart, usually killing instantly. This is stunningly easy to make for this kind of effect, so you might like to take that in mind if you have a crafty friend...

Interfering - +5 - CL18 - Ranged only - Can make AoOs at 30ft. or weapon's range increment, whichever's shorter. Typically better range than even snap shot (although the prereqs are fairly light for regular reach and only BAB 9 for 15). You should probably actually pick up combat reflexes if you're considering this though.

Spell Siphon - +5 - CL15 - Melee only - This is a mostly worse spell stealing, with the exception of letting you use your own caster level. Definitely not worth a +2 price increase though.

Vorpal - +5 - CL18 - S Melee only - Confirm a crit on nat 20 to cut off something's head, which usually immediately kills it. Can't argue with that (even if it's not hugely likely).

Specific Weapons
There are actually so many of these they can't fit in one post. Here's from the start to +1 weapons.


Darkness arrow - +1 arrow - CL3 - Creature treats light level as darkness 1 round. F13 or lose darkvision 1 round. Well, this is only like a no save blind, and at 80gp each, it's a steal. So good I think these should quite rightly be banned.

Vine Arrow - +1 arrow - CL3 - entangle in 5ft. radius (r13) 1 round. To my surprise, you're better off with a tanglefoot bag unless you really want the damage.

Tracer Bullet- +1 firearm bullet - CL2 - No damage, faerie fire target only, target takes -2 AC vs range, 1d4 rounds all effects. Actually super good for the AC penalty, even if it's a bullet and it's easy to hit.

Sleep arrow - +1 arrow - CL5 - Nonlethal damage, W11 or sleep. I might use them as semi-budget merciful arrows. I'd personally pay an extra 34 for merciful and +1d6 damage instead of sleep, but at low levels the sleep might be attractive enough to be worthwhile. Even later, if you have money to burn, things'll roll 1s eventually against an archer.

Dwindling Bullet - +1 sling bullet - CL3 - F11 or reduce person. Comic but useless.

Mage shot - +1 alchemical cartridge - CL6 - Changes damage to energy and gives extra effect if they take damage. Vulnerabilities are rare for switch hitting; it's more likely you'd use these to bypass DR. Only acid merits any kind of sustained use, but there's always the chance of stuff getting unlikely.
- Acid - +2d4 acid next 2 rounds (doesn't stack)
- Cold - F14 or stagger 1d4 rounds
- Electric - F14 or dazed 1 round
- Fire - R14 or catch on fire.

Dustburst Bullet - +1 sling bullet - CL5 - 5ft. cube cloud that follows target 1d6 rounds, end turn in cloud for F13 or sickened/blinded. Pro: Maybe sick and blinded (but unlikely). Con: 20% concealment miss chance. Skip.

Dart of Recovery - +1 featherweight dart - CL3 - no damage, just delivers poison, swift to recall it (single use regardless). Used for assassinations, for which it is good.

Tangle bolt - +1 seeking bolt - CL12 - Tanglefoot bag on hit. Something to consider is that as a big chunk of gluey stuff, it probably functions kind of like faerie fire and makes things visible, and with the decent save, that's quite feasible.

Unerring grenade - +1 seeking fuse grenade - CL9 - Slightly higher DC than normal at 16. Problem with this is still it explodes after 1d3 rounds, so the seeking is useless.

Screaming Bolt - +2 bolt - CL5 - 20ft. of the path W14 or shaken 1 round. Ends up being potentially huge area, but the save still sucks. Although as always, for a consumable, it's adequate if you use them quickly.

Snakebiter Arrow - +1 seeking arrow/bolt - CL12 - It's actually a snake, and you have to make it behave with DC10 handle animal, which makes it work for 1 minute (it attacks you if you mess up). 1d2 con poison, F20, 6 rounds, 1 save. This is hilarious, especially the idea of a nest of these as loot. The effort required to use them is fairly prohibitive though.

Grave marker arrow - +1 arrow - CL5 - mindless undead nearby attack target, if they're controlled DC11 CL check negates. 1 minute duration. I do like this, but the problem really is that mindless undead are by themselves (so it's useless) or controlled (meaning at least CL5, so the check is fairly trivial). Suppose it works for friends of necromancers if the necromancer goes down?

Alchemist's Bullet - +1 sling bullet - CL3 - Add splash weapon which triggers on hit. 50% reuse chance on miss. Expensive consumable, with 50 at nearly the price of a +3 weapon, but it's a fairly hefty and flexible damage boost.

Splitting bolt - +1 bolt - CL5 - can attack up to 2 other targets within 30ft. of primary, using same attack roll, but extra attacks don't benefit from special abilities from crossbow or wielder. Presumably that's including things like deadly aim and sneak attack, so this is only really useful as a mirror image popper and not for actual damage (although makes a nice crit?)

Earthfire Shuriken - +1 flaming burst shuriken - CL12 - DC15 reflex or catch fire. Bleh, expensive and bad save.

Dizzying Bullet - +1 sling bullet - CL5 - DC13 fort or stunned 1 round. Now this is expensive enough to be unattractive at low levels to actually buy, and the DC is awful. Might use them if they're in loot, but avoid elsewise.

Vulnerability bolt - +1 bolt - CL5 - if you poison this, poison damage/ability damage/ability drain increases by 1. While I'm fairly certain it doesn't, it sounds like it might stack, so +6 after 6 rounds. Still, depending on your poison, an extra +1 damage is pretty nifty, and if you'r paying a stack for poison might as well pay a little more.

Hushing Arrow - +1 arrow/bolt - CL5 - W13 silence 5 rounds. Nyeh, low save and expensive consumable.

Mute Dart - +1 blowgun dart - CL5 - W13 20ft. silence 5 rounds. Nicer than above in that for 19gp more it hits an area, but still has a garbage save.

Reporting Cartridge - +1 paper alchemical cartridge - CL5 - transfer hearing to where bullet hit until dismissed as move. Not sure how useful this is, but it's a fairly decent effect if you're prepared for an area in advance.

Scouting Cartridge - +1 paper alchemical cartridge - CL5 - Transfer sight to where bullet hit until dismissed as move. Like above, it's actually a very good spy effect if you can be prepared. You'll just need to take someone to lead you back.

Prying star - +1 Shuriken - CL9 - Does no damage, becomes undetectable on hit, concentrate during next 9 minutes to see what the shuriken sees. Duration is obnoxious, but still nifty.

Lesser Boulder Bullet - +1 sling bullet - CL10 - Counts as siege weapon. Base damage is 4d6. This is awesome for ranged vital strike. Price slightly higher than +3 bullet, but completely worth it.

Phase Arrow - +2 arrow - CL5 - Ignores cover, including total cover. Hah, this is awesome. Kind of like brilliant energy, except slightly better and cheaper.

Greater Hushing Arrow - +1 arrow/bolt - CL5 - W16 silence 5 rounds. Nyeh, low save and expensive consumable.

Dimensional Grenade - Splash Weapon - CL7 - Teleports to destination, ignoring all cover including total cover, 3d6 force in 15 ft. (r15 half), anything damaged also W16 or dazed 1 round. Cool, but 1 round detonation is annoying.

Venomous Whisper Dart - +2 Blowgun Dart - CL5 - DC14 suggestion. Urgh, expensive and bad save.

Javalin of Lightning - Javalin (single use) - CL5 - It's a 5d6 lightning bolt (r14). You could, in principle, full attack with a huge bunch of these using rapid shot/two weapon fighting/quick draw. With haste at level 6, it's 6 attacks which is... disgusting (30d6 r15 half). Of course, that's also 9k, so it's an expensive gimmick.

Searing Arrow - +1 flaming arrow - CL9 - 1d6 fire 3 rounds, can be stopped with DC 10 (or 15 personally) heal check. I can't help but feel this is fairly overpriced at more than a +6 arrow.

Sizzling Arrow - +1 corrosive Arrow - CL9 - 1d6 Acid 3 rounds, can be stopped with DC 10 (or 15 personally) heal check. I can't help but feel this is fairly overpriced at more than a +6 arrow.

Burrowing Bullet - +1 firearm bullet - CL3 - stagger 1d3 rounds or until removed as standard w. DC 15 heal check. Yeesh, no save, on something basically guaranteed to hit? That's nasty. Keep a few on you for special occasions. Consider paying double price for a greater one which is 1d3+2 rounds and DC20 to remove if you're concerned about your luck.

Dust bolt - +1 water outsider bane bolt - Cup of dust W14. Water outsiders take -4 on save, also sickened and staggered on fail. It's okay at what it's good at, which makes it okay. It's still a garbage save.

Sacrificial Spear - mwk shortspear - CL5 - move action fireball, centred on self and destroying the weapon, or full round throw to centre fireball elsewhere. Ew, full round or hit yourself? Action economy I guess, but it's basically a glorified club.

Boulder Bullet - +2 sling bullet - CL14 - Counts as siege weapon. Base damage is 6d6. This is awesome for ranged vital strike. Price slightly higher than +7 bullet, so unlike its lesser sibling, even at higher levels you're not going to be using this regularly.

Detecting Dart - Dart - CL7 - Know where target is for 1 day or until removed (14 perception to notice it), so long as you're within a mile. Seems awful.

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