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[Lunatis] Part 3 - Major Cultures II

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Great Adventurer
Great Adventurer
This post continues the theme I built on last time of major cultures.

Gwawl - Lord of Growth and Fertility
Faction - Tophats
Favoured Weapon - Mattock
Moon - The Arbour
Orbit - Circular and even, 1 year orbit.
Domains - Animal, Artifice, Plant, Community, Charm

Gwawl is another of the old members of the council. Traditionally his domain covered the growth and fertility of plants and animals, but with a rising economy and value of money, he is increasingly associated with financial growth as well. While his moon, the Arbour, is visible, living creatures can reproduce and grow. His Kyrd are highly valued among farmers, enabling them to have multiple crops or breeding seasons a year, or by lovers who desire children but are unable to conceive (or are unwilling to travel to where the Arbour is visible or wait). Giants prize these Kyrd as well, and indeed rely on having them in order to achieve their enormous size.

Gwawl is a staunch supporter of the Tophat philosophy. In the natural world, the best suited to the task or the strongest get what they want, be it the food they need, the mates they desire or the strength to out compete their opposition. In finance too, the bloodthirsty and the brilliant rise to the top, and are inherently powerful leaders. He appreciates letting things take their natural course, rather than forcing ideologies on others.

The city of Dunbara remains perpetually under the Arbour, and is thus a hub of trade for raw foodstuffs. City is a misleading word in this case, since being perpetually under the Arbour makes it ideal farming country. The natives are invariably giants with enormous families, so the number of people moving in are tightly regulated in order to save precious space. A good portion of trade occurs with the city of Ben Haseth in order to accommodate their relentless desire for culinary extravagance, but ultimately Dunbara still provides a large proportion of the universe's food.

Dunbarans are giants with libidos nearly as big as they are. They are not necessarily affectionate, but they are well known as excellent lovers. They tend to be farmers, but there's some push towards becoming merchants. Competition is in their nature, and there is always a drive to be better than their neighbours so they can take their valuable land and make themselves richer and more powerful. They have little love of aesthetics or art, not when they could be making money.

+2 Strength, -4 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom Dunbarans are strong and hardy as befits their size, but are fairly clumsy. They have canny insight into all manner of things.
GiantDunbarans are humanoids with the Giant and Dunbaran subtypes
Large Dunbarans are large creatures, and so take up 10 ft squares, have a 10 ft natural reach, receive a -1 size penalty to attack rolls and armour class, a -2 penalty to fly checks and a -4 penalty to stealth checks, in addition to a +1 size bonus to CMB and CMD.
Normal speed Dunbarans have a 30 ft. base land speed
Libido Growing up under the presence of the Arbour gives Dunbarans well-known characteristic desires that they know how to exploit to their advantage. They receive a +4 racial bonus on diplomacy and bluff checks against creatures that are attracted to them, but also take a -2 penalty on Will saves while in the presence of a creature they are attracted to.
Bond with the Land Dunbarans receive a +2 racial bonus to Survival, Profession(Farmer) and Handle Animal checks, and one of these is a class skill for them.

Alternate Racial Traits
Experienced Trader Some Dunbarans spend more time gaining wealth through trade than producing food. Dunbarans with this trait gain a +2 racial bonus to Appraise, Profession(merchant) and Diplomacy checks, and one of these skills is a class skill for them. This trait replaces Bond with the Land.

Racial Feat
Controlled Lust
Requires: Libido racial trait
Benefit: You no longer take a -2 penalty to will saves while in the presence of a creature you are attracted to.


Homebrew traits, all. They aren't very good traits, but you take what you can get when your main thing is being LARGE. Large is good.
They'd make exceptional melee fighters, although the dexterity penalty might hurt.

Due to the slow orbit of the Arbour, there is no quick way to get to Dunbara. It is, however, fairly close to Ben Hasath, as the two cities benefit greatly by being close to each other.

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