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[Lunatis] Part 2 - Major Cultures I

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Great Adventurer
Great Adventurer
Last time in the Lunatis setting, I did an overview. This time I'll start a mini-series on some cultures and their geography.

Solon - Lord of Heat and Light
Faction - Goldcapes
Favoured Weapon - Flamberge (Functions as a Greatsword)
Moon - The Sun
Orbit - Semi-erratic, Elliptical
Domains - Law, Fire, Sun, Nobility

Solon is one of the oldest and most influential of the Lunar Council. A popular lord with many Kryd in common circulation due to the utility of heat and light. He is not especially patient and easily bored, save with those rare things that truly ignite his passions, which he pursues whole-heartedly. Solon is, like most of the Lunar Council, obsessed with politics, and is one of the more likely members to make risky political moves against his rivals.
Lots of Solon's plans require following instructions to the letter: the risks can be colossal with the slightest error, and he is intolerant of failure. Failure, unfortunately, is commonplace, but the strength of his victories are easily enough to counteract those failures. Regardless, his irritation at his bumbling assistants has drawn him close to the Goldcape philosophy: A good, strong leader is the main thing the universe needs. And that leader should be him.

The city of Ben Haseth is the major Goldcape hub, flourishing under the leadership of Solon. Ben Haseth has very little shade and is permanently hot, as the Sun is always directly overhead at any point within the sprawling city. Many of the residents choose to live there from the utility of having readily available heat and light without the need of Kyrd. Cooking and cuisine flourishes here, for in no other place in the universe is fire available at any time of the day for every person. Most of the trade comes from the import of fine ingredients and the export of recipes and cooked foods. There's some degree of tourism, where people wander the streets, searching for the next big culinary craze or little out-of-the-way food stalls, exploring the growing underground 'cool pits' that experiment with colder foods and viewing the golden, shining roofs of the major buildings and monuments.
Hespeth Hill is the location of the local 'Branch Offices' of the Lunar Council, where most major and minor Council Members have Offices. They tend to be drab, but at the very top of the hill, encrusted with glittering gold and rubies, is Solon's office. As this is his main office, he makes special effort to impress mortals, and he has been seen in more than 40 incarnations simultaneously while entertaining some important guests

Travellers can get to Ben Haseth can be found by looking directly at the sun at midday, where they will find themselves in Tireth Square in the centre of the city once their eyes recover. Or they can take traditional methods such as walking/flying/swimming/sailing &c. Map coming later!

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