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Character Concepts

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1 Character Concepts on Fri Apr 10, 2015 9:43 pm

Mister Dicey

Mister Dicey
Yellow Wizard
I can't hold back; I've got some character concepts that I've been wanting to put down somewhere for a little while and this seems like as good a place as any to start. feel free to add your own as they come to mind. Mine are a mix of builds and personalities, although some I've left out elements since I'd prefer some aspects of their character to remain hidden.

The Strangler
Oread Rogue/Monk specialising in unarmed non-lethal combat. It's a complete munchkin build, frankly. Major feats are Sap Adept, Sap Master, Strangler and Knockout Artist. Plus Deflect arrows and the handy Oread racial trait to deflect rays too.
I've got a personality for this one, but I'm not able to reveal it. Spoilers.

Samsaran Medium
Luckily medium is a new class, otherwise this would be stupidly cliche. Samsarans are a race that are reincarnated when they die automatically. Not like the spell, the normal way. Medium is a class that basically gives hitchhiking spirits a ride. This character is probably unimaginative in that all of her spirits are herself. She spends a whole lot of time talking to herself and letting herself take over herself so she can help herself.

Space Rat
According to the various campaign setting thingies for Golarion, there's a whole planet where there's a large population of ratfolk. A pretty high-tech planet, too. Tell me that intergalactic space rats won't be fun, even in a high fantasy setting.
Personality and build I haven't got much in plan, but the concept is so amusing I couldn't resist.

Munchy Scribbleface
The attrociously poor combination of Barbarian/Oracle/Rage Prophet on a goblin. Most of the major stats get penalties, and damage is pretty low. Still, there's a reason for it.
Take a look at the feral Gnasher Goblin Barbarian Archetype. Its main thing is that it bites people and holds on tight. Combine this with the Deaf Oracle curse. Importantly, this means you can cast spells without being able to speak, all the time. So Munchy just bites people, latches on, and then casts spells madly.
This mostly came around because I wanted to get a build that would work for Rage Prophet, but this combination lept out at me and seemed too much fun to pass up.
It's got a nice personality that leaps out as well. Goblins hate words and writting, and what other way does a deaf goblin have of comunicating? Munchy Scribbleface got kicked out of his goblin tribe because of that. He doesn't like other goblins much because of it, and he's learnt the benefits of cooperating with the bigger people, so he's not evil anymore. Still, some of his goblin heritage still remains, including his hatred of words. Even though he needs the words written down to understand what people are saying, he flies into a rage when people write in his presence (There's actually a feat that does this), although he calms himself pretty easily.

Paladins support slavery!
Technically slavery's just lawful. Taking starving people and giving them money, employment and free bread and board. If they don't know how to do something, education's provided too. That sounds pretty philanthropic, doesn't it?
So basically, a character that's very pro-slavery but also quite good. They can make sure that people are well looked after. I like this character concept because it challenges the popular (and unfounded, in my opinion) view that slavery is inherently evil.
This will probably be one of the "Slaver races" like the Gnoll or Hobgoblin, or maybe even a "Slave race" like a halfling or a gnome.

The Gnoll Crew
Gnolls are one of my favourite races. I like most of the bestial races really, but gnolls have a special place.
Black Spot, the Pirate Queen - a Gnoll Inquisitor of Besmara. Rooting out the enemies of piracy, by means of piracy. In a similar vein, Katie Cruel is her human counterpart, mostly because I've got a nifty theme song for that particular name. They'll have very similar personalities regardless; cool, black hearted beauties with a taste for gold. A hard captain, but has a soft spot to those who survive getting close to her.
Hagga Bouda - a Gnoll Witch, possibly Harrower. As much because I want to play a witch at some stage as anything else. A little tricky and fond of games of chance. She has a lazy eye and tends to laugh uncontrolably at awkward moments.

A tiefling of Rakshasa decent. Probably the most evil character in my to play list. A Sorceress with the Rakshasa Bloodline, moving into the Veiled Illusionist prestige class. She specialises in Illusions and Enchantments. Her primary aims are to have wealth, power and freedom to indulge in her vices. Her many, many dark and sinister vices...

Raven the Beautiful
Initially she was one of my Duel characters, but she seems to have grown a littlelot. A terminally putrid, ugly and shy Dwarf, specialising in the ancient Thassilonian schools of magic. Probably either Lust, Gluttony or Envy, depending on the needs of the party and/or how I feel like developing her. Lust and Gluttony will take her down the path of the bloat mage, while Envy will make her a Hellknight. Her choice in specialisation will greatly define how she reacts to anything. Regardless of how it turns out, I have several plans for her...

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