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Simeon, the Half-elf Paladin

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1 Simeon, the Half-elf Paladin on Thu Feb 05, 2015 4:06 am


Name: Simeon
Race: Half-elf
Class: Paladin

“So he still can’t remember a thing?” a young elf asked as she serves dinner.

“No advances at all since he remembered his name” said the old elf sitting on a chair next to the bed.

Simeon was kneeling next to the bed in a silent prayer, with his fingers crossed and elbows on the bed.
As Simeon finished his prayer, the young elf handed him his dinner.
A low sigh came from Simeon as he detected faint smell of burnt vegetable in the stew.

“You should have let me cook dinner, Misha. You know I wouldn’t min…” he said.

“But you know I will!” Interrupted the young elf.

This was supposed to be his last meal with Mishail and Monduil, when Simeon learned about the bandit threat at the South, the call of duty burned at the bottom of his heart. He thought: “If I can’t remember my past I can still make my own future, and as a paladin, my immediate future is to protect people from harm!”
But still he couldn’t help forcing his memory while he ate his dinner; he has been trying to remember his past for the last few weeks.

He was found unconscious at the west side of Sellen River. They found him when they went on their weekly hunting. They saved him and took care of him until he recovered. When Simeon woke up he couldn’t even recall his own name. As his condition stabilized, he started to remember his past bit-by-bit, most of the memories came back to him in the form of silent dreams. From these dreams he remembered he was a paladin: visions of countless hours of prayer, training on how to protect someone and oneself with a shield, how to call upon the favor of God, and some other things a paladin should know… but what kept bothering him about these dreams was there were no memories of him training with weapons. The two elves told Simeon they found him lying on the ground; they found nothing but the horse standing by his side, the armor he was wearing, the shield strapped on his arm and that silver holy symbol firmly held in his hand. On the night two days before his departure, he had a dream with completely new scenes: he was still a child, walking on a stone paved road with trees along the way. Someone was holding his hand; he looked up, and a beautiful female elf smiled at him. Then the vision changed, the elf lady was crying on her knees in front of the infant Simeon, she put a necklace around his neck, she hold him in her arms as she said: “always remember who you are, Simeon.” Then a man took Simeon in his arms and left the elf crying on the floor. Simeon woke up breathing heavily, tears all over his face, when he settled down he said to himself “Simeon”.

“Maybe he is right,” said Monduil, as he put down his empty bowl. “You should have let him cooked.”

The time with his saviors was indeed meaningful: old Monduil not only tried very hard to help him on his memory, he also told him how to handle animals, to heal wounds, and to cook, even though the old elf insisted that Simeon knew how to cook way before he taught him. Young Mishail also ‘tried’ to teach him a couple of tricks and skill like climbing trees, tracking animals and hiding before the hunting, but from all the things Mishail taught Simeon, only swimming work out for the young half-elf.

On the day of his departure, the elves are nowhere to be seen, they left him a note, and it was written in Elven: “Farewell! Our friend, may the gods guide you on your journey, and may them aid you on the task of recovering your past!”

2 Re: Simeon, the Half-elf Paladin on Thu Feb 05, 2015 5:22 am


Golden Cat Lord
Golden Cat Lord
Cool story. And another cook? What a tasty skill to have. Are you going to be able to join one of our groups?

3 Re: Simeon, the Half-elf Paladin on Thu Feb 05, 2015 7:09 am


Thanks! I love cooking! In any games that includes cooking it's a must-take-feature for me (even in real life it should be)

4 Re: Simeon, the Half-elf Paladin on Thu Feb 05, 2015 1:52 pm

Mister Dicey

Yellow Wizard
Yep, he'll be joining the purely online group. Which is half elf or half-elf now. Makes it nice and handy for creatures with bane weapons.

Well then. You can have a +2 trait bonus on profession(cook) checks, swim checks and knowledge(Religion) checks.
You can also have your choice of:
An Amulet of Natural Armour +1
An Aegis of Recovery
A +1 bonus to your armour or defensive part of your shield

...Out of curiosity, what deity does Simeon worship? That might end up being important.

Nooooo! Mister Dicey killed yellow!

5 Re: Simeon, the Half-elf Paladin on Thu Feb 05, 2015 6:47 pm



That's great. I love your avatar, looks so funny serious XD

Isn't it strange? Seems almost all of our group enjoy cooking in their real life.
Maybe there is a neuronal link in the brain between the area responsible for cooking and the area responsible for RPG?

6 Re: Simeon, the Half-elf Paladin on Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:01 pm


Great Adventurer
Great Adventurer
Cool idea, a brain network responsible for both cooking and RPG,
maybe these two things have their commons but no one has found it yet!

7 Re: Simeon, the Half-elf Paladin on Mon Feb 09, 2015 5:48 am


Golden Cat Lord
Golden Cat Lord
Maybe we are going about this the wrong way, maybe there is a link between cooking and our party!
    Look at these guys, this fish meal was so big they had to form a party just to cook it.. expert chefs from across the lands.


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