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Professor Quibbler; Mystic Theurge - Designer of Eccentricities

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Mister Dicey

Mister Dicey
Yellow Wizard
About the Professor

As you have no doubt seen in the various creation threads, there are a number of spells and items credited to Quibbler. Since there will shortly be a campaign featuring him shortly, you now get to find out about him for the first time...

Quibbler's History

Born on fireday the 13th of Lamashan, 3935 A.R. in the City of Cities, Absolom. Quibbler had the questionable good fortune of being born a gnome and having both of his parents living together, with another child to boot. According to his mother, Luna, the Arcanamirum, the leading university of magic in the Inner Sea Region, gave them a grant to see how long they could stand to stick together. His father, Delidio, says that's true, but also that he got his contacts to arrange the thing because it's the only way that he could get Luna to stay with him.

Both of his parents being well educated sorts and employed by the Arcanamirum, Quibbler grew up surrounded by magic, and learnt about it from an early age. He spent countless hours wandering Absolom, examining the many displays of magic in that wonderous city, and spent weeks at a time with his small band of school cronies designing new spells and items. Most of which didn't work. He did, however, have a great deal of fun doing so.

Quibbler naturally topped most of his classes in his schooling days, and then graduated from the Arcanamirum with flying colours. Well, mostly. He went through that highly experimental stage that so many do in that time of their life, and spent some time in a secret cult of Lamashtu. Surprisingly, it was as long as three years before the Arcanamirum came down heavily on the cult. The slowly growing population of three-eyed, eight-legged cats with tenticles around the grounds was disturbing too many people. Quibbler was caught in the act, much to his dismay, and was severely punished in such a way that he has been reluctant to speak of the matter ever since.

After graduation, he stayed in the family workplace to do his Doctorates of Thaumaturgy and Theology before heading full time into spell development, employed by the Arcanamirum. These spells were much more successful, in their way, than those developed during his youth, even if they had a tendency to do things like make teeth fall out to be replaced by fingers or giving people migranes. Nothing that minor healing magic and/or surgery couldn't fix.

However, concerned that there may be some lasting influence from his days in the Lamshatan cult, the Arcanamirum gave him an honourary Professorship and promptly kicked him out at the tender age of 76, telling him to "Get out in the real world and get some practical experience". They apparently didn't see the immensely practical use of a spell to make clothes form a conga line and dance to the local laundry. It was hardly his fault that the clothes had people in them at the time.

Quibbler's Motivations

Ever since he was young, Quibbler has been searching for the true source of magic. "Why limit yourself to just Divine or Arcane magic? There has to be a common source somewhere." Quibbler took the path of the Mystic Theurge to better find the source of magic, and this has been a large motivation for his spell design. He is still attempting to find the One True Spell from which all others are derived.

Quibbler's older sister, Kat, has been something of a sore point for him. Born before him, more attractive than him, better at magic than him, more popular than him, smarter and wiser than him, the list just goes on. She was always the favourite, and better in every way. Quibbler is stuck in her shadow, and can't get out. He himself acknowledges this, and he's been trying to break out and do something risky and edgy or so fabulous that he can be looked at as more than "Kat's little brother". He still loves her fiercely though, in that way gnomes do.

While Lamashtu is an unfortuate and unsavoury part of Quibbler's life that he'd rather not dwell on, he still keeps his old unholy symbol of her with him. He uses it as a reminder that while creativity is fun, it's best not to go too far.

Picture of Quibbler (Until/unless I find/make a better one)

Maybe thematic music for Quibbler (Hoping this is what I think it is since my internet can't cope with stuff over 10 kb that easily... Also Until/unless I find/make a better one)

Nooooo! Mister Dicey killed yellow!


Golden Cat Lord
Golden Cat Lord
Conga line of clothes going to the laundry mat? With Humans still in them? And nobody could see the usefulness of that!?! Cool story and welcome to Professor Quibbler!

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