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Seance o' Slaughter

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1Seance o' Slaughter Empty Seance o' Slaughter on Thu Jan 08, 2015 6:23 pm

Mister Dicey

Mister Dicey
Yellow Wizard
Been looking through the Occult Adventures Playtest For PathFinder, and it's looking pretty good. Mostly well balanced. But, it'd be cool to see how they actually play. And what better way to do that than with a BATTLE TO THE DEATH!!! Ahem.

Character Creation Rules

  1. Create a level 5 character using only the classes in the Occult Adventures Playtest
  2. Only core races are permitted
  3. Only use oFFicial PathFinder things other than the classes mentioned above
  4. Characters have a +1 weapon, a +1 suit oF armour, 2 potions oF cure serious wounds, an item to increase a stat oF their choice by 2, and 100 gp worth oF generic other gear (Or something with a similar eFFect, subject to DM approval)
  5. Take maximum HP at level 1, and average HP aFterwards (so 5d8 is 24 = 8 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4)

Combat Rules

  1. Combat will be en masse in an arena
  2. Last player standing wins
  3. Players will have a move action to prepare beFore combat begins
  4. Characters begin combat with Full HP and all abilities completely reFreshed and prepared, as iF Fully rested.
  5. Spiritualists have their Phantom already summoned in a Form oF their choice

Class Descriptions
For those who just want an overview

Kineticist - Raw Psychic Power. They can do a lot oF damage in exchange For injuring themselves.
Medium - Quite versatile, with some spells. Can potentially go crazy From spiritual inFluence.
Mesmerist - It does Funky stuFF to your mind, man. Makes you see things that aren't there and makes you act wierd.
Occultist - Highly speciallised in a particular aspect oF magic, but only in a small number at a time.
Psychic - Conventional Full Spellcaster. Gets lots oF spells.
Spiritualist - Someone else lives in your body with you and helps you out. You get to bring them out in a strange and gooey Form so they can hit things.

Please post a time when you'd like to do this.
Feel Free to post suggestions or alterations here in the meantime, and send me your character when you're done with it.

Nooooo! Mister Dicey killed yellow!

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