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Orophin Arkanthamz

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1 Orophin Arkanthamz on Tue Jul 22, 2014 7:59 pm

The Black Vegetable

Great Adventurer
Great Adventurer
Age: 131
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 108lb

Orophin was born to a grey elven mother and high elven father taking refuge amongst a tribe of wood elves after hobgoblins stormed their homes during a territorial dispute. His ancestral home was a small forested plateau believed to be of religious significance to the nearby tribes of goblins. Despite the strength of their rangers, the hobgoblin offensive was too strong scattering its inhabitants.

Orophin grew slowly, even for an elf, amongst his peers but was quickly approached by the Sylvan encampment leader for training as the future military commander. He was trained in the high arts of tactics and diplomacy, which he took to quickly if clumsily, duelling and traditional swordplay along with training in marksmanship with the longbow, in which he excelled. Orophin took great joy in the art of the sword but had inherited very little of the natural swordplay skill of his forebears. He was deemed useless to the plight of the Sylvan elves and ceased his studies of warfare.

Orophin did not take this denial well and stole the longbow allotted to him for training along with an outfit of the traditional blue-grey garb of his people and a sizeable part of the encampment archives in the attempt to draw sorcerous from his body. Travelling for a decade Orophin failed in his attempts and found refuge amongst a band of travelling gnomes at the age of 125. There he learned of the power of wizardry from a master gnome illusionist and began lessons. By the age of 129 he had gained sufficient ability with the arcane to rival his skill with the bow. After his coming of age at 130 he decided to break from the gnomes in order to take back his home.

2 Re: Orophin Arkanthamz on Tue Jul 22, 2014 9:54 pm

Mister Dicey

Yellow Wizard
Wonderful background! Love the detail you've put in. Makes it easy to give background rewards =3

Tactics sounds as if it wants a teamwork feat, so you a single teamwork feat that you qualify for. With a month of training of 2 hours a day, you can teach this feat to up to 5 other people at once. To do so, you need to succeed on a DC 10 Diplomacy check (for lack of any other appropriate skill), and your pupils need to succeed on a DC 10 Intelligence check. You can teach other teamwork feats you may learn in the same manner.

Your training gives you +2 on Diplomacy and Spellcraft checks, and the residual hatred of goblinoids gives you +1 to hit and damage goblinoids.
You have the Masterwork Longbow that you stole and some Silken Ceremonial Armour.

In addition, your choice of:
The longbow is composite for STR 14
A Combat Trained Light Horse with all relevant riding gear, saddlebags and 5 days worth of feed.
1 2nd level scroll and 2 1st level scrolls of your choice
250 XP and 100gp

Nooooo! Mister Dicey killed yellow!

3 Re: Orophin Arkanthamz on Sat Sep 27, 2014 5:16 pm

Mister Dicey

Yellow Wizard
So I don't forget, I adjusted your teamwork thing so it functions as the Cavalier Tactician ability.

Also, considering what I've given the rest of your party, I'm actually going to adjust it further and it will be usable with any teamwork feat you might learn.

In fact, just for the hell of it, you can have Solo Tactics (as the Inquisitor ability).

Nooooo! Mister Dicey killed yellow!

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