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Magic item compendium part 2: Hands, Heads, Headbands and... things.

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Great Adventurer
Great Adventurer
Since apparently there's a post size limit, I'm continuing this here. Same system of Top o' the class Great Okay uninspiring.


Assisting Gloves - single use aid another attempt for yourself. Standard to activate, then a swift during the next minute. Possible for combat, but not fabulous, but it's not bad for other things. Bonus if you're a helpful halfling.

Gloves of Personal Purity - +2 insight vs contact based poison/disease/effects that happen when you touch someone. Awful in that it's very circumstantial, but at least it stacks with basically everything and is cheap.

Whispering Gloves - Auto-send complex secret messages as bluff (target automatically understands). I like these since they're so cheap.

Dissident's Gloves - Arcane mark in a deity's holy symbol. Sure. Right.

Claws of the Ice Bear - +2 climb, ignore slippery/icy climb penalties, 3/day swift spider climb 1 round. Can't hold anything else in your hands, but they count as spiked gauntlets. Very circumstantial.

Handstraps of roofjumping - I think this is +1 acrobatics and +1 reflex saves to stop falling? 3.5, but I'm not sure that's a thing any more, and it's just +1 acrobatics. Not that it mattes because it's utter garbage.

Gloves of Reconnaissance - see and hear through walls 1/day for a minute when you touch them. These are still really good, and needed to be errata'd (they were in round increments earlier). Only one pair per person, sadly.

Glowing Glove - Leave glowy handprints. Yup.

Apprentice's cheating gloves - At will mage hand/prestidigitation. Actually not that bad, considering how amazing prestidigitation is.

Challenger's Gloves - Duel time. Throw it at someone and get +1 attack against them and they take -1 to attack against you. Both 1 minute or until someone else attacks them. Circumstantial?

Gloves of Larceny - +5 sleight of hand. Niche, but solid.

Healer's Gloves - +5 Heal. Niche, but solid.

Quickfingers gloves - make sleight of hand checks as move action at -10 (as opposed to normal -20). Arguably better than the gloves of larceny above.

Touch of Avolition - Single use hold... monster? (7 rounds, F15 negates, new save each round). -6 wisdom penalty as from bestow curse afterwards. A very nice low level consumable (Also probably spoiler) and probably NPC item.

Inheritor's Gauntlet- Magic weapon 1/day (1 minute). Worship Iomedae for 1/day make your sword (specifically) evil-outsider bane 1 minute. Only partially circumstantial; it's likely to come up sooner or later.

Engineer's Workgloves - +5 craft and knowledge for any mechanical device, 1/day touch a device to know how it works and if it's at all broken/malfunctioning. Circumstantial, since it's fantasy any things are magical, not mechanical (usually).

Gloves of stolen unlife - 3/day swift action after hitting an undead with single target spell gain 10 + HD of undead temp hp. That's a lot of hp for 3k, and it's definitely going to come up sooner or later.

Kalistocrat's Gloves - 2/day move action sanctuary (DC11), 1/day ranged bullrush (+5 modifier). The move action sanctuary, and the price of this, makes this a not that bad caster's item briefly.

Gloves of Improvised Might - Enhance improvised weapons you pick up. Very niche, but exceptional for that niche.

Gauntlets of the Skilled Manoeuvre - +2 untyped on one CMB check. Situational, but good.

Ghostvision Gloves - 1/day for 1 minute, see all undead clearly, including those in walls, channel energy vs one target for d12s instead of d6s, blind to non-undead. Circumstantial, but cool.

Gloves of Arrow Snaring - 2/day snatch arrows. Cool.

Irongrip Gauntlets - reduce penalty for big/improvised weapons by 2 (min 0). Circumstantial, since you still can't necessarily wield things that are too big.

Trapspringer's gloves - +5 disarm traps, +1 luck on saves vs traps. If you've got traps...

First Aid Gloves - Charged; Breath of life and various cure spells at CL9th. It's actually quite reasonable for breath of life, and a very solid investment.

Impact Gauntlets - Get Rockcatching ability. or if you somehow have it already, you get it 2/round. It's fairly circumstantial, unfortunately.

Extractor's Gloves - 1/day "disarm" a magic weapon to put its enhancements on your fists for 1d4 rounds. Cool, but wish it lasted longer. And wasn't fairly niche.

Gauntlets of twisting vines - +2 disarm/grapples/steal, 1/day immediately tie up a pinned person. Quite acceptable.

Gloves of Arcane Striking - Needs arcane strike. Enemies next to target take damage bonus, aid another gives damage bonus or AC bonus equal to damage bonus. Nifty, if niche.

Poisoner's Gloves - Deliver poisons/potions/extracts with a touch/attack with hands. Not sure what I feel about these, but don't think they're that great.

Gloves of Bony Power - 1/day spectral hand and cure/inflict moderate wounds. Spectral hand is merely all right since there aren't that many great touch spells.

Masterful Gray Gloves - +10 sleight of hand to steal items; if spotted, 3/day immediately make the item invisible. Funny, but not really PC material.

Bonebreaker Gauntlets - 1/day as part of any melee attack, W14 or -6 Str or Dex or Con (your choice). Like bestow curse, but it heals over time. I like it, but it's only DC 14, but I suppose that's enough for a 6k item.

Gauntlets of Catching - Like the Impact gauntlets, but only large or large can wear them, can catch when unaware of the attack and reduce DC by 5. Does make them rather less useful. Also they're 1.5k more expensive.

Glove of Strength Stealing - Interesting. free action CL6 chill touch 1/day, but if you deal Str damage, you get an equal enhancement bonus to Strength for an hour. I don't know how useful this is, but if you can heal the damage easily that's a big strength bonus. Problem is it's still a low DC11 to negate the strength damage so it's kind of friends or nothing.

Magneticst's gloves - 3/day 30 ft. ranged disarm attempt if the weapon's mostly metal. Circumstantial.

Gloves of Swimming and Climbing - +5 swim and climb. Boring but functional.

Quicksilver Gloves - swift action 10/day make one handed or smaller metal weapon silver for DR, 1/day extra attack as haste with melee weapons. Fairly nifty, although I feel like there are better options for overcoming DR silver. Extra attack is nice though.

Gloves of Marking - when crit something with weapon finesse, rather than doing extra damage, all allies +2 morale attack and damage vs that target and scaling dex-based DC or become shaken for a minute. Many dex-based characters don't get a whole lot of benefit from crits, so this might be quite good. Debuffs work well.

Beast Wrestler's Gauntlets - +1 grapple, bane for grapple damage. Nifty, but have to decide on type when buying is a little bit of a shame.

Gloves of Elvenkind - Probably still the best caster item. +5 spellcraft/cast defensively.

Bloodstained Gloves - soak them in the blood of a recently killed creature for +1 attack and damage vs the same type for 1 round. Slayers equals studied target bonus instead. Often fight groups of the same creature in a row, although not really worth considering until you have a +3 weapon for this kind of price.

Deliquescent gloves - +1d6 acid damage on attacks and don't hurt yourself from punching oozes. Acid's a rare energy type, so this is likely to get through lots of things. Best if you have lots of oozes, but if you have a +2 weapon this is worth considering over an upgrade.

Demonic Smith's gloves - +4 craft, flaming on all attacks. Better in that potentially more attacks benefit, worse in that fire's a common energy resistance.

Form-fixing Gauntlets - +2 attack unarmed/natural attacks/CMB vs shapechanging creatures, they can't change shape while grappled (although you can push them into different forms and harder to cast transforming spells. Doesn't feel like this comes up much.

Iron Cobra Gauntlet - You get an [url=]iron cobra[/i] for 3 hours/day, can refill its poison easily. Unfortunately, these aren't that strong for 8k, but it's a nice distraction creature briefly, especially if you give it a nasty poison.

Rubble gloves - make up to 20 squares of rubble-filled difficult terrain by touching it. Not very useful in combat unless you can somehow walk on your hands.

Shadow Falconer's glove - 1/day ranged steal/disarm with +16 bonus; brings taken item to you. It's a fairly decent bonus for this kind of price.

Spellstrike gloves - 3/day Magus item. Use any ranged magus spell (not rays or created things) with spell strike, but only affects target.

Gloves of Feasting - Creepy. Grow mouths on your hands that function as... mouths. +2 enhancement to grapples with hands, free bite attack when you start your turn grappling. Fairly good if you're grappling, and love the creepy.

Gloves of spell-snaring - 2/day snatch arrows, and can also use them on friends. Also a mythic thing that's really good, but for the most part, better to use the base function.

Glyphbane Gloves - +5 disable magic traps; 1/day when you beat DC by more than 10, change trigger condition instead. Magic traps aren't that common, unfortunately, because this does have some fun implications.

Inescapable gloves - +4 grapple, and a really good mythic thing that's irrelevant. Nonetheless, that's a substantial grapple bonus.

Gloves of Pulverising Disruption - 3/day 3d4 damage to undead/construct/nonmagical object; after each use +2 dirty trick. The plain +2 dirty trick is better.

Glove of Storing - store/retrieve an item as a free action. Any item up to 20 lbs.. Surprisingly useful in a lot of ways.

Gloves of Shaping - Anything with hardness 8 or less is treated like it was soft clay (That's things like stone, wood, bone &c), and everything harder has half hardness. Practically obligatory for Sundering. I like some of the crafting implications for this, but it's also fairly practical for doing things like poking holes in dungeon walls/doors. Have to assume that it doesn't work on living creatures.

Gloves of Unfolding Wind - vs wind effects one size larger and thrown weapons are siege weapons. 1 ki to use gust of wind. Kind of a shame it's not for more ranged weapons, because it's only circumstantial as it is.

Hand Wraps of Blinding Ki - When you spend ki to make an extra attack, spend another point to use stunning fist (or equivalent) with it, even if you've already used it that round. When you need a stun, you need a stun.

Perilous Gloves - 1/day +2 confirm crit on unarmed attack, and 1d8 extra damage regardless. Seems awful for a 10k item, but there's a possibility it's actually 5k due to a printing error. Still not really worth it at the price. Noting the source (Dragonslayer's handbook), this seems fairly standard in that it's overpriced and not very good.

Pliant Gloves - Swift action 10/day 5 feet extra reach 1 round, but -2 attack or -4 with two handed weapons. +5 enhancement Escape artist and acrobatics to avoid falling damage regardless. It's quite rare to have an enhancement bonus to a skill, so these will stack with other things. The reach is nice, but the penalty hurts.

Gloves of Unexpected Violence - Catch off-guard for 10k. An extra 20k and it's Improvised Weapon Mastery too. Fairly circumstantial; people actually specialising in improvised weapons will want the Gloves of Improvised Might instead.

Stonefist Gloves - Unarmed strike treated as 1 size category larger and bypasses hardness 8 or lower. If you can afford it it's already a good monk item. There's also a terrible mythic section.

Gauntlet of Rust - 1/day rusting grasp, immune to rust monsters. The actual problem with rusting grasp is the way it can't work on magic metal, so this is unfortunately largely useless. Greater version is 3/day, but suffers the same problem.

Ratcheting Gauntlets - Grab hold of things strongly. Item is frustratingly vague about mechanics of how these might work.

Gauntlets of the Unchained - 7/day swift action bypass DR/Lawful. Destroy them as standard for 7 minutes anarchic. Awful.

Gloves of Dueling - It's hard to drop your weapon. If you have weapon training, boost it by 2. It's actually a very solid bonus and probably the fighter weapon. Heck, it's cheaper than upgrading from +1 to +3 weapons.

Saboteur's Gloves - +4 disable device magical traps only. 1/day can attempt to trap a magic item as blast mode glyph of warding for 1 day. Funny, but not really PC material.

Skullcrusher Gauntlets - +1 gauntlets, 1/day full round action 1 attack. Attack does +4d6 force and F15 or fall unconscious (stagger even if successful). Brawlers also increase knockout punch DC by 2. Unfortunately, you have to make the attack with the gauntlet, so it provokes if you don't have improved unarmed strike. Or you put spikes on it. These really ought to be weapons. As is, rather than its fairly solid great if it could be used with any held thing so it didn't provoke, it's just okay.

Raven Bracers - 3/day swift action returning and throwing to held weapons for 1 round. 1/week as silver raven figurine of wondrous power (I.e. animal messenger), but comes back to you when finished. Circumstantial.

Empty Hands - Invisibility at will, but only for a single item at a time, plus gives some bonuses for using an invisible weapon. It's cool, but the benefits are... not very useful. Unless you're a feint rogue or something? Tactical acumen?

Vampiric Gloves - 3/day CL5 vampiric touch, can use as a ranged touch attack vs dying target, one use to end bleeding. Unfortunately, at CL5 and 18k, this isn't especially useful since it's only 2d6 damage, and nasty bleed effects are thankfully rare.

Giant Fist Gauntlets - swift action for 20 rounds/day when you hit with unarmed strike/natural attack, free action bull rush. If you're clever you could probably do a lot with this, but you kind of want a good degree of mobility, perhaps from things like Jabbing dancer, but more often it's nice to just stop things full attacking you.

Gloves of Distant Action - Mage hand unless you're mythic, in which case it increases your unarmed/cmb as if you had +30 ft reach. For most of us, utter garbage.

Glove of Familiar's Touch - Familiar doesn't need to touch you to deliver your touch spells. Very circumstantial.

Hand of Hoarded Deaths - at will death knell (DC13), but you store the soul, up to 5 souls. Swift action consume souls for the benefits for 10 minutes, although only temp hp stacks. Great evil item.

Gloves of the shortened path - 1/day 10 rounds pick a square in sight, changeable as swift. You can touch things in that square. Yep, that's right. Anywhere in sight. Obviously this is the single best general purpose martial item here, although since your hands actually appear there, you could probably argue you can cast spells from there, which is also really good. Note: there's an unfixed price discrepancy, where it's 27k to buy and 8k to make (i.e. 16k to buy). Ask your GM which they'll use. 16k is more in line with the 1/day teleport the item's based off.

Gloves of the Commanding Conjurer - Creatures understand you if you Summoned/called them. 3/day control summoned creature (W16). Really, you should learn the language of things you summon or permanency tongues for 22.5k less.

Stormcrusher gauntlets - 3/day immediate action strength check to ignore electricity damage (10+1/10 damage), plus mythic stuff. Super cool, so it's a shame the mythic bit (which is also cool) bumps the price at. Also electricity isn't that common.

Mantis Embrace - attempt to decapitate round after you pin (coup de grace). Frankly, if you can spare three rounds to get to that point, you can spare another round to tie up and decapitate. Probably.

Gloves of Stolen Breath - Coup de grace a creature to give breath of life (CL9) to someone in 30 ft. that's died in the last 3 rounds, and works on people dead from death effects. Hopefully that's basically applicable to any deaths. Doesn't hurt to take chances.

Rust Monster Antenna Whip - At will ranged rusting grasp. Unfortunately, still suffers from the magical items problem, so kind of useless, especially at this price when anything worthwhile is magic.

Effigy of the Favoured Servant - 2/week for up to 6 hours, hill giant butler you can telepathically communicate with. 1/day trap a dying creature's soul in the effigy (W22 negates), and the butler gets its personality, but none of its abilities. Actually a really good method of questioning since they have to obey you.

Talons of Leng - +3 claws on each hand, crits (not specifically on the claws) require W20 or become insane. Immune to confuse, -2 wis. Sweet for any martial. Especially for Wild Rager Barbarian.

Ruby Circlet - Ah, fluff. And apparently a circlet for your hand. +6 wisdom and +3 all charisma checks. If you're the rightful ruler of Osirion, you can telepathically communicate with some random genie. Sure, the benefits are rare for a hand slot item, but it's way too expensive for what it's worth considering you could feasibly upgrade even a +6 Int item to +6 all mental for the same benefit and similar price.

Gauntlets of the Weaponmaster - Store up to 10 weapons in the gauntlets, retrieve as swift. 3/day greater heroism. You can get away with the 11x cheaper gloves of storing and ignore the (admittedly nice) greater heroism.


Gag of Silence - A gag where they can't even make muffled screaming. I'm sure there's a reason you'd pay 500gp for this.

Quick change mask - single use disguise self as move action. Vigilantes can use it to swap identities instead and make distractions while sneaking off. It's actually really cool for vigilantes, but anyone else should probably pay the extra 1150gp for a hat of disguise.

Cap of Human Guise - At will disguise self, but only to be ordinary small people, like halfling shopkeepers. It is less than half the price of a hat of disguise, making this actually probably slightly better if you're small.

Bridle of tricks - Give an animal some more tricks. Circumstantial, but it's really cheap for an animal companion.

Cap of Light - At will light. It's better in some ways than the ioun torch, but it's hard to argue with the 75gp of an ioun torch.

Plume of Panache - 1/day panache point. Swashbuckler item that's not bad.

Shawl of shadowy disguise - You're very anonymous in shadows. In some ways better than the hat of disguise because it's an unbeatable disguise.

Skinsaw Mask - +2 perception vs creatures not immune to fear, +1 profane damage vs living. Solid, if creepy, for martials.

Circlet of spell-eating - Spontaneous arcane (consider psychic/divine versions too) get flexible spell known, but bad things happen if you wear it too long because it's kind of cursed. Pages of spell knowledge are cheaper and rings of arcane knowledge are less cursed.

False Face - Disguise yourself as one specific person. Really, just pay an extra 200 and get the full hat of disguise.

Besmara's Bicorne - +2 acrobatics and climb. Worship besmara to automatically float in water. I think this isn't such a bad idea if you wear heavy armour on a ship.

Hat of disguise - at will disguise self. Classic and cheap. Greater version is alter self instead for 12k, so you can kind of consider this a potential free str/dex boost forever?

Buffering Cap - 1/day immediate action turn bonus crit damage into nonlethal. Makes the later healing twice as effective, and can easily stop you dying outright.

Caller's Feather - +2 HD for planar ally/binding/gate, and +2 insight to influence them. Single Use. This is actually a huge boost for those spells, and since they are likely expensive spells anyway, you might as well spend a little more for something better.

Glarecutter Goggles - +5 resistance vs sight based things. Circumstantial bonus, but huge, and completely worth buying at low levels if you're up against something nasty like a medusa or basilisk. Or blindness.

Plaguebringer's Mask - +2 resistance vs bad smells, immunity to one specific disease and detect as neutral. Seems very circumstantial.

Holy Mask of the Living God - Worship Razmir for +2 heal/intimidate and 1/day cause fear/cure light wounds.  The CLW is the only worthwhile thing here, and you're still better off with just a wand.

Keffiyeh of Cooling - Endure elements, warm only. Circumstantial, and for this price, you'd really like it to do all of them.

Gray Gambler's Hat - Disguise self at will to dwarf only, 3/day free action manipulate a rolled die (in game, not out of game) by 1 up or down. +1 compulsion DCs. it's the compulsion DCs that really make this.

Mask of the Cursed Eye - The "Nyah, I hate scrying" item, which blinds people who scry on you, lets you who did it and teleport to them. It's cheap enough to be very easily accessible.

Besmara's Tricorne - +2 sailor and swim. Worship Besmara to turn it into a small boat 1/day. Circumstantial, but cool.

Animal Mask- Swift action turn your head into an animal head, for up to 5 minutes/day in 1 minute bits. Can still talk &c, but gain low light, scent and a bite or gore. For a martial, this is amazing considering it's only 2.7k and it's an extra attack.

Hood of the Living - +2 resistance vs undead mind affecting, 3/day full round detect all nearby undead, automatically detect any nearby mind controlled living people under control of undead. Circumstantial.

Diabolical Masquerade Mask - At will disguise self, 1/day charm person/infernal healing. Cool flavour, but as is commonly the case, vanilla is better and a wand covers the healing, while charm person is garbage on an item.

Mask of Cutting Flesh - +2 resistance on fort. Worship Zon-Kuthon for 1/day CL3 magic missile. Niche.

Miser's Mask - Scent vs money only, +5 appraise for gems. Hilarious, but actually fairly nifty.

Ossuary Mask - +2 appraise/perception/sense motive/will saves. Unremarkable.

Explorer's Pith Helmet - Endure elements vs warm, +4 competence vs swarm distraction, 1/day unseen servant or floating disk. Nice flavour, but fairly circumstantial.

Shawl of the Lingering Phantom - Spiritualist item. Keep the skill focus up when phantom's out, or +4 to those skills when it's in. Depends on your skills, and largely useless after 10th level when they're always up anyway. It's relatively cheap for what it does though.

Veil of Veils - 1/day disguise self. Worship Sivanah for 1/day blur and +2 bluff. Blur's nice, but the hat of disguise is otherwise better.

Cap of Enervation - if your touch is attached to or grappling something, gain 5 temp hp and -1 strength penalty. This is useless for most, but if you can use it by being a grippli or something, it's great.

Maiden's Helm - +5 intimidate, 3/day command. Urgh, the DCs of items are so useless.

Mortuary mask - +3 intimidate, constant deathwatch, +2 insight attack vs heavily wounded creatures. As always, deathwatch is rubbish as written, so unless you houserule it (not unreasonable) to make it vaguely useful, this is a solid skip.

Stag's Helm - +2 perception, 1/day free action target is flat footed vs your next ranged attack. Worship Erastil for triple uses. About obligatory for ranged rogues.

Stalker's Mask - +5 stealth, 1/day disguise self as a creature similar to you; if it's a specific creature you get +1 attack and damage vs them.

Demon Mother's Mask - +2 handle animal/heal. Worship Lamashtu for 1/day summon monster II. Also some creepy sexual stuff. As expected for Lamashtu, NPC stuff.

Kybwa'ka War Mask - +1 armour, free action single target fear in 15 ft. (W14) Not bad for its price, but outdated quickly.

Lore Needle - 3/day use your knowledge bonus for one skill on another knowledge check. Skill optimisation!

Mask of Conflicting Energies - 3/day swap energy types, up to 3rd level spells: fire <-> cold, acid <-> electricity. Excellent for blasters.

Travelling Master's Turban - Constant Endure elements, 1/day rope trick, 1 ki swift for animate rope. Nifty.

Vagrant's Hood - +4 disguise, constant Vocal alteration. So you sound really evil! Muah ha ha. Funny but not that great.

Bastion Crown - Immune to extra effects on sneak attack, +4 insight vs death effects. CL5 Neutralise poison 1/day. Death effects resistance is actually pretty solid for a defensive thing.

Circlet of Persuasion - +3 all charisma based checks. The big ones are diplomacy, bluff and UMD, although occasional other ones are around. You are slightly better off getting the same bonus for the individual skills as far as money goes unless you use it for more than that first few.

Diadem of Inspiring Rule - +3 to leadership score. Only really worth it if you're an awful leader and have that feat.

Hat of the seven winds - No rain penalties, +4 vs wind, one size category for wind based things. Circumstantial.

Ushanka of the Northlands - +2 resist vs cold, +5 survival, +2 sonic, -2 hearing perception. Rubbish.

Grappler's Mask - No provoke for bull rush or grapples. The grapple particularly is nifty if you don't want to invest feats.

Helm of Fearsome Mein - Barbarians get Intimidating Glare power when raging. This is probably actually worthwhile if you vital strike or cleave?

Jungasa of the fortunate soldier - +1deflection, once ever immediate action negate crit or sneak attack. Receiver of an unfortunate weakening where it used to be a luck bonus. Now it's rather less useful from its previous great status.

Mask of Destruction and Creation - 1/day read/detect magic. Worship Nethys for 1/day disguise self/CL3 magic missile. Rubbish.

Helm of Comprehend Languages and Read Magic - Exactly what you'd expect. Both spells are constant.

Cyclops Helm - 1/day immediate action choose result of your die roll. Stupidly, stupidly good.

Crown of Swords - Immediate action make a spiritual weapon that attacks your attacker; can keep making them by expending uses. 1 use to keep it going. 10 uses/day. Since it uses your BAB, it's still kind of relevant, and it ends up being an awful lot of extra attacks.

Mask of the Mantis - 3 Flexible uses/day, one use for one of: darkvision 60, see invisibility, deathwatch, +5 perception. Lasts 30 mins, and can have multiple up. It's actually a shame this isn't an eye slot item because this is better than a lot of those. Flexibility is nice.

Beautiful War Paint - 3 use consumable. Put it on over 10 minutes. Swift action gain good hope 5 minutes and haste for 5 rounds. Actually fairly reasonable.

Crown of Blasting - 1/day 3d8 damage ray. Major version is 40 damage ray for about 2.5x the price. undead or other light-weak things take 6d6 and 60 respectively. Good as random loot, but not sure it's worth actually buying. Or if you have stacks of undead.

Aspect Mask - 3/day hunter's aspect class feature. doesn't give a duration though, or level of effect, so GM discretion. Assuming the worst, this is rubbish.

Lepidstadt Invetigator's Hat - +2 competence identify monsters. Investigators using inspiration to identify a creature can keep the roll and use it later on something regarding that creature. Actually very efficient.

Mask of the Kreshnar - 3/day pull back the skin on your skull to frighten or shaken anything in 100ft. for 1d4 rounds (W13). Feels like a great mass combat item, but otherwise garbage. Although it's really creepy.

Plague Mask - +4 resist vs disease, 1/day remove disease. The CL is rubbish, sadly.

Fog-cutting lenses - See through mists and fogs, -4 perception. You'd be surprised how good this is. However, the Goz Mask below is better for the same price (although more easily removed from access due to fluff)

Goz Mask - See through mists and fogs, +4 vs wind and one size category larger for that, 60 minutes of water breathing/day. The mist and fog is the huge draw here, but the other effects are sometimes worth it.

Mask of Stony Demeanor - +10 to lie, +5 feint, -5 pass secret message. On the one hand, this is a good bonus. On the other hand, people are going to be much more suspicious of you. Which can sometimes be a good thing.

Mouthpiece of Dominion - Permanent bite attack (or enhancement if you have one already), +1 DC for sonic effects, something unusual with Neh-Thalggus, whatever they are (spoilers). A potentially good upgrade to the Animal Mask if you're running out of uses, but you might prefer the helm of the mammoth lord for an extra 500 and a damage size increase.

Muzzle of Supression - It's like the gag of silence above, but much harder to remove. At least it has more of a purpose now, even if it's 16x more expensive.

Shadow Fletching - 3/day swift action deny target Dex to AC with ranged attack. It's like the stag's helm, but requires slightly more realistic conditions to use as much, even if it's not as good otherwise (more than twice the price, for a start!)

Helm of the Mammoth Lord - Constant magic gore attack, +5 handle animal/ride for elephants, detect/speak with animals so long as they're elephants and endure elements cold. The gore is better damage than the bites of earlier items and it's constant. The rest of it's less impressive. Still a good martial item. There's a Greathelm for an extra 16k that also turns you into a mastodon as beast shape III (Huge, +6 str, -4 dex, +6 nat armour, a gore, slam and trample) and increases base gore damage by 1 step, but this is less worthwhile mostly.

Shepsi-ak's funerary mask - Undead item, so not PC item at all. You can be affected by illusions and transmutations as if you were alive, constant gentle repose/sanctify corpse (oh the irony). Not sure this is very good even if you were undead.

Sniper's helmet - 1/day pick something you can see: +20 perception to find them again and ignore non-darkness concealment. 1/day see something from a range. I think this could get through the obnoxious mirror image, making this great, even with the standard to activate. Otherwise it's merely okay.

Veil of fleeting glances - 50% miss chance vs gazes (can avert eyes still for extra chance), +4 untyped vs vision things. Circumstantial, mostly.

War mask of Terror - +2 intimidate, +1 deflection AC, 1/day scare. Rubbish!

Bax's Mask - Make things next to you shaken automatically while they're next to you (W13, immune once saved). At 9,100, this is a little expensive for a poor DC like that.

Visage of the Broodlord - Immune to swarm distraction, 1/day vermin shape I. Circumstantial.

Dervish Sikke - +2 one knowledge/perform. Bards 5 levels higher for bardic knowledge, take 10 in any trained perform, inspire competence/courage bonuses increased by 1. Excellent bard item.

Earth Child Faceguard - Earth Child Style as bonus feat, if you don't have defence training race trait it's just a +2 dodge bonus vs giants. There's a certain AP this would be fabulous for, but it's not common enough to be relevant mostly.

Flame of Bakrakhan - While raging, spend 1 round as standard for 2d6 fire on ranged touch, 3 rounds for 60 ft line (R14 negates) 5d6 fire instead. Not only are the effects not remarkable, they use lots of valuable real resources and a turn you could be hitting something.

Hunter's nose ring - Scent and +4 to smell things. Solid.

Commander's Helm - Free teamwork feat, so long as you meet its pre-reqs. 3/day give it to all allies that meet pre-reqs for 1 minute. Dwarfs can use any teamwork feat when giving others. Various versions for different feats. Even casters can benefit well from this, although the setup can be a pain.

Mask of a thousand tomes - +10 all knowledge, but blind. Clearly not a combat thing, but still relatively useful. It's actually fairly unusual to have to make knowledge skills in a situation where being blind for a while isn't a hinderance.

Medusa Mask - +4 vs vision effects, 1/day flesh to stone (DC 15) 1 minute. It's not even permanent. Nyah. Get the veil of fleeting glances instead and save 1000.

Hyena Shawl - ignore sandstorms, 1/day enemies in 30 ft. frightened 1 round if fail W16, shaken 1d4 otherwise. Saves no good, but still does something. However. Its main purpose is not very useful for 11k.

Nose Ring of Unearthly Scent - Another nose ring? You can smell curses and cursed items, 1/day augury. Seems not very useful.

Cap of the Free Thinker - 1/day reroll vs mind affecting. Lifesaver.

Helm of the Fanged Crown - 1/day heroism for 3 hours, although backfires vs devils &c. Still, it's a nice effect.

Reaper's Mask - This is the skinsaw mask way up but also has 2/day confusion (DC 16). Okay, confusion's nice, but as always, item save DCs are rubbish. Just get the basic one for 1/8th the price.

Clasp of the Mind Scream - +1 untyped vs mind affecting, 1d3/day shout, but entirely mental. It backfires if you use it too much. The backfire also makes the effort in making this backfire.

Bitter Widow's Veil - when an ally goes down, gain a charge. Spend a charge to scream in 60 ft. cone: W16 negates shaken 4 minutes or dazed one round first if knocked out another creature in the last 12 hours. So long as has charge, see invisibility. Charges go after 1 hour. Not convinced this is worth it.

Horned Helm of the Wild Stag - +2 dodge vs AoOs, 1/day when charging or overrunning W16 for things you pass or charge nearest target on their turn. For 14,000gp the save is perhaps a touch low, and it's actually difficult to pull off for more than a few things.

Translator's Cap - 7 more known languages, can remove a language to cast tongues. Slightly cheaper for the effect than normal. Have to pick your languages carefully, unfortunately.

Crown of the kobold king - +2 enhancement to Cha, +2 actual natural armour, sorcerers get +1 CL. Since it's actual natural armour this is pretty impressive, and UMD can cover the Caster Level bit (it's only 20 and a check every hour to maintain). If you're pure martial and not using one of the excellent bite head items, this is worth picking up around the point you have your +2 ring of deflection/Amulet of natural armour, or sooner if you also need the Cha.

Tin Cap - +4 insight vs mind affecting and divinations, -2 all mental stats, make saves vs all effects. It's quite funny, but considering it's actually only +3 due to the wisdom penalty, consider looking elsewhere. Unless you're a dumb barbarian with superstitious and making saves anyway.

Death Mask - 3 questions per corpse with no save as speak with dead. Put it on to take the appearance of the last corpse you asked questions of, as alter self. Creepy, but feasible to have it used.

Halo of Inner Calm - Tiefling only (so UMD 25 for everyone else). +4 vs emotion spells. Good alignment also gives SR 13 vs evil spells and +2 sacred to saves (UMD 30 if not good). It's an excellent save booster if you can get it to work. Consider it around +4 cloak of resistance time. Not best in class only due to the UMD checks for most.

Helm of the Valkyrie - 1/day CL 14 phantom steed, and it lasts all day if you don't take it off. It's substantially more durable, and this CL gives it 100ft speed and fly. It's quite cool, and arguably better than most other flying items. And cheaper, for one person.

Frontovik's Gas Mask - Breathe anywhere, from underwater to a vacuum, immune to anything inhaled such as poison or cloud kill, can see through mist and fog if you're in it. -2 perception. It's an excellent upgrade to the Goz Mask, although slightly less good at seeing through mist, and actually the cheapest personal water breathing item around.

Mask of Stolen Mien - Pretend to be someone else very effectively for 24 hours. Very, very effectively. More of an NPC item unfortunately.

Cat's Eye Crown - Improves darkvision by 60 ft while a gem is attached to the crown. Give gem to someone or roll it around for 1/day clairaudience/voyance with creature or gem as the sensor respectively. Nifty, and the gem can make good loot combined with magic aura...

Maw of the Wyrm - +4 intimidate, +4 insight vs dragon's frightful presence, 1/day dragon breath (7d6, R16 half). Seems kind of disappointing.

Mitre of the Hierophant - Divine casters only. +5 Diplomacy/Religion. 1/day commune 1 question. 1/week atonement. Hopefully you never need to use the atonement. Quite efficient over an extended period, since commune is both an excellent and expensive spell.

Laurel Wreath - +4 morale vs mind affecting; succeed on a save vs harmful mind affecting to gain +2 morale  on attack, skills, weapon damage. If you fail, shaken instead. Also some awful mythic things. The backfire, curiously enough, can be somewhat beneficial in the case of nasty things like confusion, but given that heroism is largely better and likely to be on you if you are considering this item...

Amulet of Reverse Incantation - 3/day inverse effect of verbal spell. Things like affects evil -> affects good, inflict -> cure. Not sure how good this is.

Magician's Hat - Prepared casters can shuffle metamagics 3/day as a free action, so long as maximum spell slot isn't exceeded. I imagine this is probably okay for wizards and things, but I don't feel like metamagics are very good on wizards anyway.

Crown of Challenge - 1/day +2 morale melee attack/damage vs 1 target, target takes -2 to attack/damage/DCs that don't include you for same duration or until it hits you in melee. If you have challenge, you get the benefits of that without expending a use. Benefits are kind of nifty vs particularly a casting boss, since there's no save, but wouldn't go out of my way to get it.

Helm of Ooze - 1/day Control mindless oozes with DC 17 will save, like dominate monster. Max 20 HD. Fairly circumstantial, but cool, since oozes tend to have exceptionally bad will saves.

Circlet of Mindsight - Blindsense 30 vs sentient creatures not immune to mind affecting. Fairly nifty, although sight would be nicer.

Mask of the Skull - 1/day finger of death, DC 20, CL13. It's a fairly scary item, although it is 22k, so it's probably better in loot. Also fairly boring.

Vudran Ashak Helmet - +4 perception, immunity to flanking. Not bad.

Howling Helm - Speak with animals but only doggy things, and +2 diplomacy vs them. 3/day intimidate vs all nearby foes and summon 1d3 wolves for 5 rounds. At least it's reliable fear.

Visage of the bound - 1/day when using summon monster to summon an outsider, can use the summon's spell-likes as if they were your own. Depends a lot on the summons available, but I can imagine this is feasibly quite good. Particularly if you can't reliably talk to them.

Crystal Helm - It's a fish bowl for your head, and it's hilarious. However. For 7k less you can get the Frontovik's Gas Mask, which is strictly better.

Helm of Underwater Action - Breathe underwater and get 30 ft. swim speed. This is actually the underwater item you need.

Crown of Conquest - +4 intimidate, confirm a crit for CL5 prayer (That is, +1 luck to a lot of things and saveless penalty to a lot of things for your foes for 5 rounds. Also 40 ft. radius.), +1 leadership and cohorts/followers get +1 attack. It's quite an expensive critical effect and not that strong for the price. Guess if you're leading an army.

Hat of Infinite Disguises - At will Personal Veil. For those instances where being a core race just isn't enough. Cool, but at this point it's circumstantial since most disguises will be covered by alter self.

Mask of Anonymous Mien - It's kind of like the vigilante item for non-vigilantes: it's a generic anonymous identity that's treated like effectively a completely different person, so people can't scry on you while you wear it (unless they're looking for your generic anonymous identity). Vigilantes treat it as a separate vigilante identity. It's quite interesting, since villains work very well as vigilantes and this is a possible way of bypassing that one-level dip. Solid vigilante item regardless.

Mask of the Mesmerist - Mesmerist item, obviously. +10 ft of hypnotic stare, stared creatures take -2 attack vs you, 1/day mesmerist trick that doesn't count towards limit or usage. Haven't seen a mesmerist in action to judge, but seems fairly reasonable.

Batrachian Helm - Psychic frog's head. 3/day swift pull things towards you with CMB, or pull yourself towards them (No AoO) 20 ft. Happily, it ignores things like mirror image. It's unfortunately expensive at 26k, but if you consider it's kind of like pounce, that's quickly worth it. Bonus points if you have greater drag?

Helm of Telepathy - At will detect thoughts (W13). Send telepathic messages to people whose thoughts you're reading. 1/day suggestion (W14) with your telepathic messages. Despite how cool and useful this might seem, it's a 60 ft. cone, you have to concentrate, and it's 3 rounds before you can even begin talking. Assuming they don't just pass the feeble save. Actually non-functional for most of the reasons you might want it for.

Sensory Deprivation hood - Remove all your senses (after quite a while) for +5 using psychic skill unlocks or use of them even if you're not normally able to. 1/day contact other plane for a weak nearby spirit. Those psychic unlocks are nifty, but it's probably not worth the expense of this item for a mere +5, and the contact is rubbish.

Token of the eldest - 1/day commune with nature plus mythic stuff. Skip.

Imperial Army greathelm - +3 leadership, leadership people get +1 attack, tactician range increases to 60 ft. The Crown of Conquest is very similar and largely better for 4k less.

Crown of Ash - +4 cha checks vs fey, half that if only related (ie gnomes). Learn sylvan. If not fey, low-light, +4 untyped vs enchantment, DR 5/cold iron. It's quite cheap DR, although many humanoids by now will overcome it. Fairly potent vs the powerful enchantment school, too. Solid defence item.

Crown of False Rule - You count as a king for any magical effects. I think this is probably ridiculously circumstantial.

Iron Circlet of Guarded Souls - Immune to soul affecting spells and unbeatable nondetection. There are some fairly nasty soul affecting spells, and unbeatable nondetection is something certain paranoid people quite like.

Laurel of Command - Swift action anyone in 30 ft. +2 morale attack/saves/skills/ability checks 1 round. Once per creature per day. It's a swift action, and a nice bonus, but with that kind of duration and restriction this is useless.

Mask of Giants - Allows you to wildshape into various giants in a weaker form of Giant Form 1. Greater version for actual giant form 1, but it's a whopping 60k pricier (this is 30K). Greater version gives you regeneration, which none of the other polymorph effects manage (I think), which makes it potentially good. Wouldn't especially bother with the basic one though.

Nightgaunt Mask - +4 vs vision effects, doesn't breathe, can't talk, 1/day summon 1d4+1 nightgaunts for 11 rounds or just 1 for the whole day. Nightgaunts are fairly useless, although excellent grapplers for their CR. There are several better and cheaper items that let you avoid breathing.

Thremyr's Beard - +5 intimidate, +2 disguise as frost giant, 1/day immediately attempt to disarm with +23 bonus (or yours, if higher). Greater version 1/day immediate action force reroll on crit confirmation roll. I have no idea why either of these are quite so expensive, although +23 is a solid disarm chance.

Steel-mind cap - 5 rounds per day daze -> confused or stunned -> confused and staggered. Quite expensive, for not actually solving the problem.

Stormlord's Helm - 1/day control weather for thunderstorm; once arrived, CL 10 call lightning. sure, it's a nice combo, but it's still only 3d10 per round as a move and 35k.

Yithian Thought Ring - SPOILERS. Also useless for PCs.

Helm of Brilliance - Semi-consumable. Flaming to held weapons, fire resist 20 or 30 for greater version. Lesser has 10 fireballs (10d6, DC20), 20 CL5 flaming spheres, 30 CL5 scorching rays and 40 lights. Full version is 10 prismatic sprays (DC20), 20 CL13 walls of fire, 30 of the lesser's fireballs and 40 daylights. Glows if undead are nearby and deals 1d6 damage to them. Both explode if you take fire damage and fail a DC 15 will save, which is kind of bad. DCs are actually fairly practical, for a consumable. Neither are likely to be things you actually buy, but the lesser one has a certain appeal for its good energy resistance and damage boost.

Falcon Crown - +2 insight to AC, 3/day sacrifice spell as immediate for 1d4/level of spell untyped ray. You're better off with a lesser quicken rod, although the AC bonus is nice. Although doesn't really compare to the crown of the kobold king, 27k cheaper.

Frostwild Bridle - Mount item, naturally. Cold resist 20 and 3/day cone of cold. It's got action efficiency being on the mount, but that doesn't make it that much more useful.

Golden Helm of Xin-Shalast - 10 min/day free action iron body. It's quite a potent and readily accessible buff, although it's best defensively, despite the dex drop. Quite expensive though. Consider an Elemental Earth Belt for something similar.

Judge's Wig - +4 diplomacy/intimidate, At will single target discern lies. Okay, it's a useful spell, but I'm not sure doing it at will is worthwhile enough for 59k.

Khpresh of Refuge - +3 deflection, fire resist 10. 3 charges/day: 1 charge immediate negate crit/sneak attack, 1 charge immediate save reroll. At 63k, this is quite expensive for what it offers, but surprisingly there's little in the way of competition for save rerolls. Don't go out of your way.

Diadem of the interplanetary emissary - Lashunta only. Constant planetary adaption and kind of tongues. Seems kind of expensive for what it's doing, and the wording of the tongues is such that it's unlikely UMD will do it.

Helm of Teleportation - 3/day teleport. Arbitrarily more expensive than the boots of teleportation.

Helm of Reclaimation - Semi-Consumable. Constant flaming, detects nearby undead and deals 1d6 damage to them constantly. 10 CL15 sunbursts, 30 searing lights and 40 daylights. As with the helm of brilliance, this is great, but not the sort of thing you go out of the way to buy.

Circlet of Petty Discord - 1/day when casting charm, targets of the spell make DC20 will or don't treat allies as allies for next minute. This would be circumstantially useful at 1/10th of the price, but doesn't merit even a look at 82k.

Halo of Menace - Hostiles in 20ft. W20 or -2 attack/saves/AC or until it damages you. Chaotic creatures take -2 on the save. Only attempt to affect each target 1/day. Fairly nifty for the whole party and has a good save, but it's a good way to get things to focus on you. Which might be what you want. It's 84k though.

Blind Helm - Blind, but blindsense 60. Mythic stuff too. Seems too expensive to be worth it.

Cap of Darkest Dreams - Changeling item. Immune to nightmares. 1/day nightmare (DC17) and a major curse with it if he fails, but you give a condition for lifting the curse. Only keep one curse up at a time. 1/day cloak of dreams and victims also get nightmares. All fairly nifty, but the expense of these items are prohibitive.

Helm of the Serpent King - 3/day hypnotism, 3/day Summon nature's Ally 3 for constrictor snakes, 1/day beast shape 3 for snakes and 1/day poison. Also mythic stuff. This is a classic example for why expensive items aren't necessarily good items, and it's because there are a horrible lot of useless spells on the one item.

Hood of Privacy - +4 untyped vs mind affecting, immediately aware of scrying attempts. swift action falsify what scriers see, W26 negates. The Iron Circlet of Guarded Souls is immunity to scrying instead but 90k less, and the Mask of the Cursed eye at 2.5k lets you know who did it any maybe blind them. Seems unlikely a caster would fail that degree of will save by this time, but you never know, and more likely you'd prefer outright immunity or knowing who did it.

Helm of Electric Radiance - It's a helm of brilliance, but electric themed instead. 10 Chain Lightning, 20 lightning bolt, 30 agressive thundercloud. Attacks slightly better, defences slightly worse. Don't buy it; just loot it.

Hurricane Crown - +5 sailor/survival at sea, see through fogs and mists, 1/day control weather and seamantle or winds of vengeance. Nifty spells and abilities, but Goz Mask is largely better for about 15x cheaper.

Crown of Heaven - Speak Celestial, at will detect evil, +1 CL for good, +5 sacred knowledge vs evil or good outsiders. +1 Sacred AC/saves vs evil. Aura as the halo of menace. Hold an Orb and Sceptre of heaven for +1 CL under stam situations, Sacred AC/saves go to +2, full round increase as normal, Can concrentrate for Aura of Sanctity.  Final a great item at the end of heads, even if it's 150k.


Centring Jewel - Allows psychics to centre themselves as a swift action. There are some that might prefer this over the basic headband, and it certainly has its uses.

Headband of Social Competence - Lets you know if you're about to do something that other people wouldn't like. Seems not that useful, mostly.

Headband of Vermin Control - Put it on vermin to allow you to train them as if they were animals. Seems very circumstantial, and unfortunately not very useful for combat. You don't wear it yourself though, which is good.

Phylactery of Faithfulness - Lets you know if you're going to do something your deity wouldn't like. The sort of item that's good for people who have selected their deity poorly.

Deadman's Headband - +2 intimidate, +1 fear effect DCs, can't have your hat blown off and +5 cmd vs steal and sunder on your hat. I have yet to see anyone try to steal a hat or even think about it, and unless you're a martial with a fear effect somehow, it's better to pay the extra 400gp and get a cha/int/wis headband and have all your DCs increase.

Headband of Vast Intelligence/Alluring Charisma/Inspired Wisdom - Basic caster items, although other classes will get use out of them too.

Imperious Headband - +4 deflection vs treacherous servants, they need to make DC13 will save to attack at all, and if magically compelled, all attack rolls/SR penetration rolls need to be rolled twice and take lowest. Fun, but feels like an NPC item.

Shifter's headband - For a tiny bit more, it's a cha/int/wis headband that enhances your polymorph effects. Completely worth it if you're doing it, since it's at worst an extra 3k with the +6 stat boost.

Headband of Aerial Agility - Cha/Int/Wis headband that at +2/+4/+6 gives +1CL for flight spells/fly 3/day/Fly at will. These are relatively expensive after the +2 version, being 26k and 45k more expensive than the basic headbands, and notably the +4 version is more expensive than a standard +6. Fly is fairly useful though, so weigh your needs.

Circlet of Speaking - Put on an animal to let it speak. You're not wearing it, and animal companions are relatively common.

Headband of the Wolf - At will scent 10 ft. Hunters treat their level as 8 higher for wolf aspect. UMDable for 20 ft. Scent's quite useful, although this distance...

Headband of Ponderous Recollection - +2 int headband. Swift action 3/day pick a creature you can see. Gain knowledge as a 5 on the roll, next round as a 10, next round on a 15. By which time it's probably dead and irrelevant. Not bad though, for an extra 1.1k.

Headband of Ki focus - When you spend ki for an extra attack, +1 insight on the attack roll. Immune to things that block ki usage. Seems unremarkable.

Headband of Unshakable resolve - +2 wis headband, 3/day immediate reduce fear level by one step. Fear does happen, even if it's just shaken, and getting rid of a penalty immediately is always good. Particularly good for wis-based psychics. It's actually a worthwhile generic martial upgrade even. Only 1.6k more than the basic one.

Hollywreath Band - Goodberry 1/day, any plant affecting spell gains +1 CL and +1 DC. This isn't particularly good, unless you have lots of plant spells, in which case the +1CL probably just puts this over a standard headband.

Headband of Deathless Devotion - +2 morale stabilisation and saves vs ongoing effects. Samurai 2 levels higher for resolve (That is, an extra use). You're probably better off with the headband of unshakable resolve.

Headband of Intuition - 3/day augury, but always accurate. Certain GMs will make this never ever work, although it can still be useful for things like "Is it worth searching any of these rooms?".

Phylactery of the Shepherd - 3/day status. If you have lay on hands/Channel, can heal them as a swift action with it, ending the status. It may be worth considering over just a vanilla headband, but not after a +4 one is possible. And probably only for clerics.

Headband of Fortune's Favour - +1 luck on saves, luck boosting effects last 1 round longer. Consider a lucky horseshoe instead, which is slotless and cheaper, unless you have regular access to luck effects.

Headband of Havoc - Pick a rage power when you start raging: level is 4 higher for that power. 1/day when attacked or successfully make a save, immediately rage for a cost of 2 rage rounds. Fairly flexible in what it can give, and potentially better than the standard headband for barbarians. Except for the rage immediately bit.

Serpent's Band - +2 insight vs emotion, speak draconic, speak with snakey things and +4 handle animal vs snakes. Uninspiring.

Hunter's Band - +5 survival, constant tireless pursuit, increase attack bonus for favoured enemy by 1 for all types (including for your companions if you picked that). It's relatively expensive for just a +1 attack, even if it's for a buff.

Phylactery of Negative/Positive Channeling - Come in versions of each. Increase channel by 2d6. Iff this works on your lay on hands, which it probably does, it's quite reasonable for paladins. Possibly warpriests too.

Pull-ring of scent - For animals. Animal and rider have no scent, and gain or improve scent by 30 ft.. Scent's always useful, although animal only makes it a little circumstantial.

Veiled Eye - Alternative eye for if you get blinded. If it's your only vision source, -2 ranged attacks +2 insight vs gaze. Solid skip.

Band of the Stalwart Warrior - All fear is reduced to shaken, +2 competence vs fear, Bravery counts as 4 levels higher (i.e. +1). Okay, this is nice, but the question is, is it better than the headband of unshakable resolve? Sometimes.

Headband of Ninjitsu - +2 feint/reposition, 1/day feint/reposition as swift action. +2 insight attack on sneak attacks, can sneak attack creatures with total concealment. This is a surprisingly amazing rogue item. Wow.

Iron Band of Iron Mind - +4 vs enchantment. Giants immune to enchantments that target specifically humanoids (Hold person, etc.). Someone got fed up with hold person dealing with their giants. However, it is a fairly good item, and UMDable for great effect.

Guerrilla Bandana - +5 stealth in forest, give that to 10 friends nearby. +1 attack vs favoured enemies, and extend that to pals if you picked companions for your ranger thing. Consider the hunter's band for the same attack buff. Mass stealth is an awkward thing, too.

Kineticist's Diadem/Esoteric Diadem- One of few kineticist items. Grant between +1d6 and +3d6 extra damage (terms and conditions apply) to a blast element. Physical blasts do d8s instead. Considering this is kind of just flaming in various forms, it's surprising this is more than 4x the price of a +1 amulet of mighty fists for the cheap one. Still, there aren't a whole lot of other stunning kineticist items at all.

Headband of Arcane Energy - 3/day sacrifice a spell. 1d6 cold or electric or fire damage/spell level ray or +2+spell level deflection for 1 round. If it was a swift action or immediate, maybe. It's more than the fairly desirable +4 headband though, so this is a very easy skip.

Headband of counterspelling - +5 identify spell as cast. 1/day immediate counterspell. Alas, this useful item, one of few ways to make counterspelling worthwhile, is competing with the more useful +4 headband.

Moon Circlet - Darkvision 60 ft. Arcane casters gain between 2 and -2 caster levels depending on phase of the moon. Interesting, and there are times when it might be more worthwhile than a basic headband.

Efreeti Horns - +4 wisdom. 1 ki full round for 1 minute self only enlarge or reduce person, although can hit all creature types. For this kind of price you could buy a decent wand of either for better resource management (a CL 10 one is cheaper and lasts 10 minutes for all the uses you'll need). Use just the vanilla +4 headband.

Headband of Knucklebones - 3/day command undead for zombies only, 1/day animate a medium zombie. Creepy, but acceptable since command undead gives nonsentients no save.

Soulbound Eye - You stab it into someone else's head to let you communicate with them telepathically and use their senses. Not using it yourself is practical, but it feels like it's probably too obvious to really do its job.

Winter Wolf Headband - resist cold 10, 1/day transform into large wolf for 11 minutes, 1/day 7d6 cold (R16) in 30 ft. cone. The wolf and resist cold are okay; damage spells are always disappointing.

Headband of controlling illusions - 1/day attempt to take control of non-permanent illusion. Elves have 1/day mirror image for up to 6 friends and can move images with a move action. Leaving aside the question of why this isn't a gnome item, this is pretty nice in a martial-heavy group. Mirror image is one of the best defensive spells around. However, since it's more than a +6 headband and the same cost as a +4/+4 headband, it's unlikely to be a priority. Especially when wands of mirror image are available. Another cool item foiled by not being a nice headband!

Headband of Seduction - +2 cha checks vs your own type (or +5 your own subtype). 1/day unnatural lust with 10 minute duration. That's a really, really long duration for this, so it probably lives up to its name. However, with a DC of a measly 13 on a 40k item, this isn't ever going to work on anyone who isn't a commoner. Also fairly creepy.

Headband of Mental Resilience - +2 Int+Cha+Wis. Ignore first 5 points of mental stat damage per day or block 5 points of mental stat drain ever. I think you can probably afford the at worst 5 castings of restoration rather than spending an extra 48k over the basic +2 all mental. Stat drain is unusual, but not that unusual.

Headband of Sealed Thoughts - +4 int headband, immunity to divinations as Mind Blank. Some mythic things. For 104k less and a head slot, you can get an iron circlet of guarded souls, which does basically the same thing you'd get this for, and the replacement +4 int. Easy skip.

Because as it turns out there are a lot of head items, this is the end of part 2! It continues with Neck slot items in part 3

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