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Marion Arboshate - Half-Elf Bard

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1 Marion Arboshate - Half-Elf Bard on Tue Jul 22, 2014 6:06 pm


I apologise in advance for any bad grammar.

Marion Arborshate is a Half-Elf bard. He is well-groomed and well educated child of a Grey elf and of a Human Scholar. Marion's father(a noble among the Silvan elves) was a naïve of  and had an irrational hatred toward Dwarves, often participating in a Silvan Sport know as "Dwarf Tossing". Dwarf Tossing is a Silvan elf  celebration of racial purity, an activity that Marion despised and was exiled from his home, branded a traitor to the local elves. His mother brought him up to be a gentleman, teaching him the fundamentals of grammar and etiquette of the human race and his father taught him the arts of the Elves such as music and dance.

Marion was raised exclusively in the elven forests, and had no knowledge of the outside world. He knew very little about any race other than his parents, he was unaware that he was neither accepted by either Elf or Man. He desperately tried to earn his keep, going between cities, towns and villages.

He worked in a mercenary for his early adulthood, earning a name for himself. When he felt he had exhausted his use to the mercenaries. He departed, learning a variety of languages and how to wield Crossbow and Rapier.

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Mister Dicey

Mister Dicey
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Dwarf tossing XD

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