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Victor, the Fetchling Summoner

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1 Victor, the Fetchling Summoner on Fri Jun 24, 2016 3:41 pm


Fetchling, the main humanoid race living in the shadow plane, has been doing business with races in different planes for a long time. Several families have settled down to live near the natural portals and those families are responsible for the inter-planar business between the shadow plane and others, especially the material plane. One of those families, the Exuperys - where Victor was born - is fading because the person in charge passed away two years ago.

“Mother, I should get going…”a young man said. He looked at the woman in front of him with his green-blue eyes.

“I know, I know… my dear little Victor…”said the woman. She ruffled Victor’s hair with tenderness. “Your hair is just like your father’s…”

“As grey as mercury. Mother, you said that like a thousand times…”

The woman chuckled. “But it’s true. You always remind me of your father.”

“Hey…don’t be sad, I’ve got something for you.” Victor took a round blue-green object out of his pocket. “I want to give you this. I found it in our storehouse and I think it’s a magic item. Don’t know why it was left there. But the point is its color. It’s similar to the color of our eyes…”

“Indeed. It’s beautiful. Thank you, child. That’s sweet of you.”

The mother’s voice became serious. “Now it’s your turn for the trial, Victor. The Exuperys are merchants. We trade for valuables. We hunt for opportunities. But the fortune is not always about the money. Sometimes the most valuable fortune is the relationship between people. Remember this and, experience the world!”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Victor hugged his mother. “I heard a new kingdom is being built in the Stolen Lands to the south of the nation of Brevoy. I think there’s a chance for new business.” he bowed and turned. “Good-bye mother.”

“Wish you luck, son. Travel safe. Contact us whenever you need. You know how to shadow walk back home.”

“You don’t need to worry, ma’am. I will help him!” said a black snake, coming out from nowhere.

“Ahh! Igor, Victor’s faithful friend. Please guide him as a mentor. He likes to read at home rather than to venture out and therefore unsophisticated, even a little naïve. ”

The snake nodded.

“Igor!” Victor yelled.


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